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My Walgreen's Plan: Get paid to take home 27 items.

Here is what I am planning on  --  27 items, and a $1.50 profit (if all goes right!) FIRST get Zarbee's cough syrup 4.99 - $1/1 printable Renu contact solution 6.99 - $2/2 printable Vicks Vapodrops @$.99 - $1/1 Vicks " Vicks " Vicks " ($16 subtotal) Use - $7RR, $7 in Q Get $5 from Zarbees and $5 for Renu THEN get Card @$4 Razors 8.99 - $5/1 printable Vicks @$.99 - $1/1 Vicks " Vicks " Vicks " W Maxi pads $2- $.50 from Wags Sept coupon booklet 1 Balance Bar $1.59 ($20.50) Use $10 RR from Transaction #1 and $9.50 in Q Get $5 for razor, $2 for pads, $1.59 for Balance THEN get Vicks @$.99 - $1/1 Vicks Renu contact solution 6.99 - $2/2 printable Filler items - 2 cans $.50 chicken broth ($10) Use $5 RR, 4 in Q Get $5 RR for Renu THEN get W Maxi pads $2- $.50 from Wags Sept coupon booklet Remington king of shaves Azor 5 Blade Razor System $4.99 Can of Broth @$.50 ($7.49) Use $6.59 RR Get $2RR for pads, $4.99RR for Raz

Britta Water Filter Bottle MONEY MAKER

Here is how this works: Print this coupon -- HERE for $5 off** Buy the bottle at Walmart for just $2.88 Fill out the rebate and get $5 back -- HERE That means you get $10 to buy a $2.88 water bottle, making a PROFIT of $7.12 !! **The coupon says ANY of the filtration systems. The bottles are filtration systems. =) I am thinking that four of these would make GREAT holiday presents!!!

Joy Ice Cream Cone Coupon

The $.55/1 coupon that you can get HERE should make for a FREE box or two on the summer clearance!

Arm & Hammer Coupons - lots of them!

You have to enter your name, email and zip code -- $13.50 in offers showed up under my zip: 53590 Get them here 

Free Healthy Recipe Booklet

You can sign up for a FREE newsletter with recipes - Bon Appetit!

Organic and Natural Coupons And Deals

Zip over to Money Saving Mom to see her collection of deals -- go here

Avacado Coupon!

We love coupons -- even more so when they are for produce! =) 2 Avocados are all you need to make my guacamole -- and this coupon will make sure you have enough for two batches! Buy 3 Avocados from Mexico, get one FREE (up to $1.50 value)! (Thanks WUC!)

A Stockpile Swap?

Did you really stock up on something and now, realize that you aren't going through it as fast as you thought you would? Things you won't use like tooth paste, shampoo, lotions, cereal, canned goods, cake mixes etc? Join our swap out! Bring 10 items that have at least two months before expiring, are un-opened and regular sized (no trial sized items). We will put everything on a table and each person will get to pick an item until they are all gone (all leftovers to be donated to the local food pantry). Saturday, October 1st, in Sun Prairie --- after my coupon class, at the Sun Prairie Public Library. Noon - or shortly after! ;) Please let me know if you plan to come... just shoot an email to . Thanks!

Theraflu Coupons --

for the deal coming out at Walgreen's this week: Theraflu Products, Buy 2 for $10 and get $5RR -$2/1 Theraflu Warming Relief Syrup or Caplets -$3/2 Theraflu Products -$2/1 Theraflu Multi-Symptom Severe Cold with Lipton Green Tea & Honey Lemon Flavors

100 Days of Homemade Christmas Gifts

Yes -- there are less than 100 days until Christmas!!! (sorry...) If you are looking for some fun yet frugal ideas that you can do this year - you want to zip over to The Happy Housewife and follow her series! Every day she adds another idea that you can be inspired by. Personally, I LOVE the things that took a little thought, care - and even better if it's something yummy! Home made jams, jellies, fudge -- even plates of cookies from those cookie exchange parties!

Logli Ad Match Up (9/21)

They double coupons every day, up to $.55 - how fun! This doesn't cover everything in their add, just the bargains. Just remember that everything in their ad is FOR sale, not ON sale...  Keep in mind my price points for produce ($1/# or less) and meat ($2/# or less) There is a Nestle Deal - buy $20 and get $5 back for your next store visit! (All items that are included are listed below) Produce Deals Iceberg Lettuce $1 -- weigh them and get a heavier one (that's it, sorry)   Meat Deals Schnuck's Natural Fresh Bone In Split Breasts $.99/# - limit 3 packs Pride of the Farm Pork Spare Ribs $1.99/# Gorton Breaded Fish $2.99 - use the $.50/1 from the 9/11 SS #2 Dairy Case Deals Edy's Shakes or Smoothies $1 Grocery Deals General Mills Cereals $1.97 (Cocoa Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Nut Cheerios, Brownie Crunch or Reese's Puffs only) -use the $1/2 from the 8/14 SS   Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.97 -$.50/2 from the 9/11 GM   32oz Powerade $.70 -look f

Walgreen's Big Bargains This Week (9/25)

I zipped over to and scoped out the upcoming ad - here are the best deals of the week. Not a lot of FREE offers, but some nearly FREE =) Balance Bar Cookie Dough/Yogurt Honey peanut butter 1.59 get a $1.59RR -Use the $.55/1 from the 9/11 SS Final Price: $.55 MONEY MAKER! Zarbees Nighttime Cough/Sleep Drink Grape $5.99 get a $5.99RR If you printed off the coupon I mentioned last week, this is a money making deal. Sadly, the $1/1 coupon is out of prints Final Price: $1 MONEY MAKER (if you have that coupon) Remington KOS Azor 5Blade Razor System $4.99 get a $4.99RR Final Price = FREE W Maxi reg unscented 24's W Maxi overnight w/wings 14's $2.00 get a $2RR Final Price = FREE Schick Quattro Razor Systems and 4 count cartridges for Men/Women $8.99 get a $5RR -use the $5/1 from here OR $2 or $4 that will be in the 9/25 SS Final Price = $ MONEY MAKER B&L Renu Sensitive Multipurpose Solution 12oz 6.99 get a $5RR $2 off 1 Renu Printa

Cat Food Coupons

CouponNetwork Grocery Coupons $1.00 off when you buy ONE Purina ONE® brand Dry Cat Food Buy THREE get one FREE Purina® ONE® SmartBlend® Wet Cat Food

Schick MONEYMAKER Coupon Still There!

If you haven't printed this yet - you are still in luck! Use this coupon at Walmart - buy two (10-12 count) packs for $1.97 each and make $2.06 OVERAGE -- that is EXTRA money to be taken off other items in your shopping cart! $6.00 off two Schick Disposable Razors

This Week's Target Deals (9/25)

You can find them here -- at Totally Target. A few things to add: If you have the Cascade $1/1 coupons - look for the trial packs = they will be FREE! Some are 3 count and some are 4 count, I would pick the 4 over the 3. Hurry - those coupons expire 9/30! =) Back to School supplies are 75% off - stock up on drawing paper for the kiddos - less than $.50 a pack Back Packs and Lunch Boxes are 50% off - some have a $6 coupon booklet in them, make sure it's inside if you buy one! Bear Naked granola is $1.29 with price cut + $1 Target coupon + $1 manufacturer coupon. Happy Shopping!

Hormel Fully Cooked Entree Coupon

These are YUMMY! When I had a business trip - and was leaving Mr Andy home alone with Miss Sarah - I had a few of these on hand and he was able to make a REAL meal instead of a frozen pizza or canned soup. $1.50 off HORMEL Entree & Country Crock

$1 Dove Chocolate Coupon

Here is a hot new coupon today: for DOVE CHOCOLATE!  This one should go quickly.... grab it while you can. =) $1.00 off one (1) DOVE PROMISES Chocolate

FREE Baby Items !!

Would you like to receive some great free samples, offers, and coupons for your new bundle of joy? If you are a new Parent, Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle or friend, register with Planning Family for some great stuff for the baby! At Planning Family you will find free baby samples, free baby magazines, baby formula coupons and more. WHY do we love samples? They usually come with high value coupons! =)

Fun Thing To Do This Weekend!

Come and experience Sun Prairie's Award Winning 4th annual Park Crawl event on Sunday, September 25 from 1:00 - 5:00 PM. Park Crawl was created for the community to come out and explore Sun Prairie's parks while enjoying fun, family-oriented activities! Raffle Tickets Earn Raffle Tickets at each location which can be turned in at the festival for some big prizes! Bring a canned food donation to one of the parks listed to earn additional raffle tickets . (Goes to the Sun Prairie Food Pantry). Concessions Concessions will be available for purchase at the festival. Proceeds will benefit the Sun Prairie Parks and Recreation department. Schedule of Events 1:00 - 3:30 PM - Family events at the following parks: Carriage Hills Park hosted by Sun Prairie Area School District &  the Colonial Club , Stoneridge Estates Park hosted by Prairie Athletic Club &  Sun Prairie Library , and Renstone Park hosted by the YMCA &  the Boy Scouts . Meet at one of these location

**Possible Deal Alert -- Cheap TP At Home Depot!

It looks like they are clearancing out the 4 packs of Charmin toilet paper (red pack)  - most stores have it for $.53  (Normally $2.00) Some HDs take coupons, some don't -- you might be able to use the $.25/1 from the 8/28 SS to get even a better deal! That would be only $.07 a roll !!! Keep in mind, you get a bonus 10% discount if you use your HD credit card... Good luck! Let us know if you find any -- If I were in the market, for that price, I would buy at least 40 packs ($11 worth, after coupons) !

Welcome Watertown Meal Planning Class!

Thank you for coming to visit my site! I LOVE helping people save money at the stores so they can put it to a more effective use for their families! I saved $40,000 in less than one year from just making a few simple changes in our family budget - you can too! Couponing is just the tip of the iceberg - but accounts for over 25% of my savings! You will find my class schedule , recipes and most importantly, printable coupon links all on their own pages, at the top of my blog...along with tabs for the different stores and the local stores' coupon policies . I am on Twitter and Facebook too (under Operation 40K) if you want to schedule a class or have any questions, please just shoot me an email at . I hope you can put your new knowledge to good use quickly! Blessings, Dannelle

Are You a Scrapbooker?

We have some spots open for our November crop in Madison -- November 11-13th! It's $35 for the weekend, you get your own table, TONS of tools are there for you to use and more! You can join our facebook page here  or even check out our website here  that has all the details about what we have at our crops, when we get together, and more!

REMINDER: Meal Planning Class Tonight in Watertown

You can still register!! If you have ever clipped a coupon or started to build a stockpile -- the next step is making sure that you USE it! This is where my Meal Planning 101 class comes in. =) Come learn how to save time and money by simple meal planning! We will talk about using your stockpile, how to get creative with leftovers and work the grocery store meat cycles to your advantage! This class is just over an hour long and has a mini cookbook to take home. I am excited to partner with UW Health's Watertown's Wellness Works program again for another fundraiser on September 22nd! This is a two part series, first is my meal planning class - and then, one week later, is a healthy back to school lunches class! This school year, change up your old meal and snack routine. Our wellness experts will teach you how to please even the pickiest child while providing healthy meals and saving money. Samples and recipes will be included. The cost of the class is $10 -- again, t

Sentry Ad Match Up (9/22 - 9/28)

Sentry Coupon Policy is here Check to see if your store takes IPs (Internet Printable Coupons) before printing some of the matched up deals...not all do. Not everything in the ad is a good bargain, it's not all ON sale but is all FOR sale :) **I do NOT put "Final price" on these as some stores double up to $.50 -- some up to $1 -- some not at all They have a 10 for $10 sale this week - remember, you can get ONE item for just $1! There are also A LOT of IN AD Manu Qs that do not have their logo on - you can use them at other stores this week! In flier Manufacturer Coupons $1/5 Hunt's Tomatoes $1/5 Hunt's Pasta Sauce $1/5 Chef Boyardee Microwave Cups or Canned Pasta $1/3 Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popping Corn 3 packs $1/2 Chips Ahoy Cookies $1/2 Kraft Shredded or Chunk Cheese $1/1 Kraft American Singles $1/2 Kraft Salad Dressing $1/2 Planter's Peanuts $1/1 Kraft Velveeta Cheese $1/2 Lunchables Fun Packs $1 Ritz or Premium Crackers W

A Few Possible Hot Menard's Deals

OFF bug spray seems to be down to $1 Glade Summer Spa Collection 4oz glade candles for $.99 (normally 2.99). You can use the $1/2 (expires on 9/24)  or this one $1.00 off any TWO Glade 4-oz. Jar Candles Let us know if you have any luck at your stores!

9/25 RedPlum Coupon Preview

You can always see them on this site: Sunday Coupon Preview ! Here is the list: Sunday coupon preview Regional coupon inserts and value differences are to be expected! (x) before coupon = multiple of same coupon ETS = excludes trial sizes RedPlum Coupon Insert C&H Save $.75/1 bottle of Light or Amber Organic Agave Nectar (11/30) California Pizza Kitchen Save $1/1 product (11/30) Carnation Save $.50/1 instant nonfat dry milk (12/31) Carnation Save $.50/2 12oz can evaporated milk (12/31) Centrum Save $3/1 ProNutrients supplement (10/15) Centrum Save $3/1 ProNutrients supplement or Specialist multivitamin (10/15) Crest Save $1/1 3D White oral care item ets Target coupon (10/31) Crest Save $7/1 3D White Whitestrips 20ct Professional Effects or 4ct 2-hour express Target coupons (10/31) Garnier Nutrisse Save $2/1 shade or multi-lights kit (11/5) Kettle Save $1/1 4oz bag baked potato chips (11/26) Kettle Save $1/1 5oz+ bag potato chips (11/26) Kibbles ‘n Bits Save $

This Week's Smartsource Coupons (9/25)

You can always see them on this site: Sunday Coupon Preview ! Here is the list: 9-25 Smartsource coupon preview Regional coupon inserts and value differences are to be expected! (/X) after coupon = expiration date () before coupon = multiple of same coupon ETS = excludes trial sizes DND5 = coupon states Do Not Double, but barcode starts w/a 5 Smartsource coupon insert Birds Eye Save $.50/1 Steamfresh Chef’s Favorites variety (11/5) Bissell Save $1/1 carpet cleaning powder or carpet cleaning foam (10/31) Blink Save $1/1 Tears or GelTears lubricating eye drops (10/31) Brawny Save $.50/1 paper towels (12/31) Clearasil Save $1/1 product (11/6) COMPLETE Save $1/1 12oz+ multi-purpose solution (10/31) COMPLETE/Blink Save $1/1 COMPLETE Blink-N-Clean lens drops or Blink contacts lubricant eye drops (10/31) Edge Save $.55/1 7oz+ shave gel (11/6) Extra Save $1/2 packs of 15 -stick hum dnd (12/31) General Mills Save $1/2 Basic 4, Chex, Fiber One, Honey Nut Clusters, Oatmeal C

Print them before they are gone...

It's almost that time of the month - the end! Print the ones you want, before they are gone. =) $1.00 off one Pup-Peroni dog snacks $2.00 off Any Aleve 80ct or larger $1.50 off ON ONE (1) BOTTLE OF EMETROL FOR NAUSEA Up To 75% Off On Prescription Medication Up To 75% Off On Prescription Medication $100 Visa Gift Card for Joining ADT $2.00 off any Percogesic product $1.00 off Healthy Gums Rinse FREE Collage & EXTRA 20% OFF! NO SESSION FEE $1.00 off Reser's American Classics 3 lb Salad $1.00 off one BOTTLE OF GREASED LIGHTNING $2.00 off Florastor probiotic $1.00 off any 12oz. bag of Seattle's Best Coffee $0.40 off THREE (3) KLEENEX On-the-Go Tissue Pack $5.00 off Your $25.00 Order at Vistaprint $10.00 off any Comfort Zone diffuser or spray $0.55 off on any Bagel-fuls (4ct) $30.00 off ON ONE (1) PHILIPS NORELCO SENSOTOUCH $5.00 off 1 PHILIPS NORELCO BG2020, BG2030, BG2040 $5.00 off 1 PHILIPS NORELCO REPLACEMENT SHAVER $10.00 off ON

Friendly Reminder - Please Vote!

I am in a contest for a SERIOUS blogger position ($100,000 a year) and need to be one of the top 5 Wisconsin applicant's with votes over the next two months. This could help us afford to add to our family - you can vote every day. It would be SUPER if you would share it with your friends and family - Thank you for taking a minute to help us =) Just go here:

Aldi List (9/21-27)

They have a focus on Italian this week -- those of us who coupon know that we can get FREE pasta and super cheap sauce -- much better deals than their flier this week, LOL! Here are this weeks produce specials: Green Peppers (3 pack) $.99 Mushrooms (8oz pack)  $.49 each  - STEAL price~!!! Roma Tomatoes $.99/# Bagged Salad Mix (10oz bag) $.99 They are now saying that Wednesday is "Meat Special Buy Day" - each Wednesday, they will have a featured item. Check out your store's Wednesday deals!

Walmart: MONEY MAKER Razor Deal!

Walmart has the Schick 10 ct Razors for just $1.97. Use this $6/2 Schick Razor (excludes 2 ct) to get them FREE + a $2.06 moneymaker!! ***Keep in mind that the coupon specifically says “no cash back if coupon exceeds retail price” – so you will need to apply that overage to other items...DARN! Do it a few times and you have a LOT of razors to donate as you score that AWESOME overage on your groceries! =) (Thanks The Cents Able Shoppin!)

HOT!! High Value Coupons!

Some GREAT new coupons added last night: $5.00 off one Quattro for Women Razor or Refill $5.00 off one Quattro for Men Razor $4.00 off Playtex Gentle Glide 360°™ $4.00 off Hawaiian Tropic suncare product $1.00 off (2) Wet Ones Wipes $1.00 off any one Schick Hydro™ or shave gel $5.00 off any one Schick Intuition Refill 6 ct. $6.00 off two Schick Disposable Razors  ***Take to WALMART and get a HUGE Overage - new post coming! $0.75 off one Edge or Skintimate shave gel $5.00 off one Schick Hydro™ Razor