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The water heater...

Just when you think things are going along perfectly, you can be surprised. We are a little smarter now than before (sigh). When you wash your hands and the water "spits" when it comes out of the faucet occasionally, it's easy to think that maybe, they have done some water utility work in the area. When it happens on day two, you begin to wonder... When you take a shower and realize it's pretty darn cold, you get the idea. UGH! Yup, we are the proud new owners of a water heater. Considering that the old one was installed in 1981 and warranty expired in 1986, we did pretty well with our old friend. We had a lot of stuff going on with the family (to the point of insanity) and had to make a call and get a plumber. Ouch. The grand total was short of $800 and included the same water heater we could have bought ourselves and figured out for about 1/4 the cost. (double sigh). Sometimes, you just do what you have to do... I just wanted to show you a picture so I can get at le

Roundy's Jingle Bucks Promo...

There is a new rewards program in town...and it runs along WITH Fuelperks! (Double Dip time!) I just got the flier on this and have read it through. No self respecting couponer will ever see any money off of this promotion! Two months to spend at least $500 in their stores so you can get $5 back. No way. My LAST store visit cost me $1...I will NEVER hit $500, which is the minimum to cash in on the rewards. Spend: $500-599.99 and get $5 600-699.99 and get $6 700-799.99 and get $7 800-899.99 and get $8 Your coupon will print out at the bottom of your receipt and you HAVE TO TAKE IT TO THE CUSTOMER SERVICE DESK to get your store gift card before January 5th. It is not a Checkout Values Coupon. This is from October 24th and December 18th...a little less than 60 days. That would put me $300 over budget, and probably put you over budget too!

Alternative Options...

Bread can be expensive... $2-4 a loaf, depending on what kind you buy can really add up for a family of sandwich eatters...which, let's face it - is a great way to use up left over chicken, pork or beef! Getting the ingredients to make it yourself is expensive too if you don't get it on sale or with coupons, and then, there is the time factor involved... Let's talk about the bread outlet stores! In my area, we are lucky enough to have three different stores here: Gardiner, Butternut and Village Hearth. They offer bread and buns for a fraction of the store cost AND have fun things like punch cards or half price day! Wednesday is half price day for the Village Hearth outlet in my town...a short drive to Madison will let us visit the other two. Cinnamon Raisin bread tastes SOOOO much sweeter in the morning when it was only $.75 for a loaf! Chili dogs taste better on buns that were $.30 a package! French Toast is "frenchier" when it was from a $.50 loaf of wheat bread

Today's DOUBLE DOUBLE day run...

I looked thru my coupons and DID find a few things to bring home - IF the store had them in stock. One thing that I have been dying to try was the new Nature Valley Granola Thins - peanut butter or dark chocolate. Nature Valley hasn't been doing the greatest job keeping up with the demand for this as the stores seem to only get in 1-2 cases at a time. Last week, they were OUT when the big 2/$4 sale was on so I got a rain check. They had them today (yipee!) Transaction #1 11 boxes Nature Valley Granola Thins ($3.35) 1 bag Baby Ruth fun size $3.08 Coupons used: Rain check for NV thins - took off $14.85, ten $1 NV thins coupons (doubled), $.75 off NV thins, $1 off transaction catalina, $3 off Nestle fun size check out value coupon. $40.04 for $.33 - a $39.71 savings (99.2%) Yes, I was jumping for joy over that one -- Ms Sarah and I would have a lot of fun treats this winter as the boxes are good thru 4/1/2011. They are now safely downstairs by my juice and cereal! Transaction #2 was

Random Purchases...

I did hit Walgreen's last Saturday and got two cans (all they had left) of the mandarain oranges for $.50 each and then, had to go to the store for garlic bread to complimet a spaghetti and meatball dinner for the family! SOOOO.... $100.00 -8.07 (week 1) -------- $91.93 -$45.00 (HyVee meat deal) -------- $46.93 (week 2) -$12.28 (week 3) ------- $34.65 - .52 (week 4) ------ $34.13 - $2.79 ------ $31.34 to go Seeing as it is the 26th -- and I WILL hit the store for double double day (I need milk so why not...), I think I am going to ROCK this month's budget goal! How are you doing on YOUR goal?

Black Friday

WHAT is Black Friday? The day after Thanksgiving where all the retail stores have a ton of sales specials and kick off their holiday shopping season. They plan to sell so much that they are "in the black" after the day is over. A lot of us frugalistas LOVE Black Friday for several reasons; --the thrill of the hunt --the door buster specials --the fun you have with "the girls" If you plan it right, you are not just shopping for the holiday, you are shopping for the following year! Think Birthdays, wedding showers, household items for your family! I have a "birthday shelf" where I put things for specific people and a stash for those "last minute" affairs that we get an invite too. This stockpile is now getting an addition for the little parties that Ms Sarah will soon be invited too. Ms Sarah has a birthday in June - so it is easy to tuck a game or two, video or two away and know she will enjoy it. Then there are the household items: I have a frien

DOUBLE Double coupon days...

OK - there is ANOTHER Wednesday where they will double TEN coupons for us! Here is the thing making me sad: I have no room. My freezer is full. My fridge is full. My pantry is full. My shelves are ALMOST full. IF they have the Nature Valley thins in stock, I will use my rain check to get those...and I will get some Bush's Grillin' Beans. That is it. I really don't need anything else for a little while...except butter but I am waiting for November's "holiday baking" sales to stock up on that. Milk, Eggs, and Bread are about all that I can see buying, if I don't make it to the store on Wednesday. I guess I don't REALLY feel too bad about it as the sales specials are really not that fantastic. Do you see anything in the flier that you plan to stock up on?

The Great Sock Match Up Game

Ok, kind of lame but I created a "game" out of this... We have a large Tupperware container on the dryer - all socks that come out missing a friend go into it. When the box is full - we play this game: We dump it out and start trying to make matches, the one with the most matches wins! Sarah DID win today -- and proudly carried her socks to her dresser drawer. Keep in mind that it is the simple things we can do every day to make "ordinary" life fun. :)