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Make it Special...

When you are really on your game coupon shopping, you can look at your pantry and say: "Those are FREE Rice Krispies...those are FREE Marshmallows...That butter is only $.33 a stick. I think it is time to make Rice Krispie Treats! It will create snacks for the week for just a litte over a quarter..." We all know the recipe- it is on every box of puffed rice cereal! Try to switch it up a bit by either using flavored marshmallows or, like I did - adding sprinkles to the warm and sticky goodness! Think back to's a journey farther back for some of us than others, LOL! Didn't sprinkles make everything "magic"? You can call these "fairy treats" if your little one is like mine and HUGE into Tinkerbell...or Toy Story Treats, etc. Shake it up a little - dare to be different than the norm and make some magic in your families kitchen today. =)

Surviving the Holidays - Financially

We are in year three of this recession and for a lot of people, things are kind of tight. This leads them to dread the holidays - which have become so commercialized that they make everyone think that they need to spends thousands of dollars to get the perfect Norman Rockwell experience. Guess what? You don't! My mother was a very poor child and remembers getting excited at an orange in her stocking on Christmas morning. (Keep in mind that she was a small child when dinosaurs ruled the earth and you couldn't pick up an orange at the local grocery in the middle of winter!) I remember simple things too - (Still not wealthy, but the dinosaurs were gone...) like the sounds of holiday records on the big console player, sweet smells of cookies and candies that were often made as gifts, decorating the tree, watching the dog try to drink the water out of the tree stand, getting three gifts because that was the same amount that Jesus had gotten, and visiting good friends. Over the

Today's Grocery Run

This was a fun day as I had gotten $20 from my in-laws to buy the turkey for next week's big family dinner. I KNEW I could get a turkey for a lot less than that and that they wouldn't let me give them the change back -- I had actually talked them down from $40! Copp's had Jennie-O turkeys for $.48 if you spent $25+ on your transaction. Cub Foods had the same brand bird for nine cents less if you spent $20+. I had blogged earlier about the price match and had my little flier with me at the store =) There is also a Kellogg's Deal (buy 6, get $10 off instantly and free milk coupon for a future visit). We are more than good with cereal right now (28 boxes in stock) but dear hubby said he would like some pop tarts for his break at work. The 12 count boxes were in this sale - he loves the unfrosted ones (ewwwww)! We are also pretty well stocked so here is what we got today: Turkey Bag (the ONLY way to cook a bird!) $1.66 (you get 2 in the box) 6 boxes poptarts @ $3.15 Clu

****CLOSED****WARNING: It's in the bag - and a giveaway!

WHY people buy things from China still blows my mind...there is yet another item on the list of things that they made for us that is toxic! Bags. You try to "go green" and buy a reusable bag for $1-2 at the check out of anywhere from Walgreen's to your local Sentry store and they contain lead. Yup. Lead. The problem isn't in the bag, but the painting on the outside of the bag - THAT has the lead in it and, they have proven that it leaches through the bag and into the food that it carries... Yippee! (said in my best sarcastic voice). In case you have missed this story on your local news, or on the internet, or in the paper, you can see it here --> This takes me to the giveaway! Tupperware has GREAT bags that are not the cheapie - cloth with lead paint kind, they will hold up to 25 pounds and even have loops to hold a

Cookie Exchange Parties...and a recipe!

Do you get overwhelmed by the holiday stress? Do you LOVE holiday cookies? Do you HATE making 7-8-10-12 different kinds during the holiday season because you are so busy? Trying to keep all the balls in the air can be a tough juggling job while working, taking care of little ones, maintaining a budget, decorating, visiting friends and family...the list could go on and on. This is where a holiday cookie party comes in to help save some of your sanity! You get a bunch of friends together. You each make ONE kind of cookie. You package them in either 6 cookie lots or 12 cookie lots. You meet, sort and visit a little. You end up with a variety of baked goods to use for host plates, gifts and/or surprise guests. How awesome is that?! This makes great financial sense. We already talked about the increasing prices of items like Oscar Meyer bacon topping $6 a pound, butter over $4 a pound...simply insane! If you are making only ONE kind of cookie - you can watch the sales and get ONLY t

Don't be a Turkey, get a price match!

Turkey Day is drawing are starting to see the war of the dropping prices in the papers. Copp's is your best bet- they will NOT be undersold! They had a price of $.48 a pound on a nice Jennie-O turkey (when you spend $25) but Cubb's had a price almost ten cents lower ($.39/#) and you only had to spend $20. TAKE YOUR CUB FOODS AD TO COPPs/Pick N Save this week! You will get the SAME turkey for 20% less, at $5 lower minimum purchase and it will bump you to your $25 so you can double your coupons on Wednesday or Saturday! A 20# Turkey should just under $8. --->Who can beat meat that is $.40 a pound??!! I am picking up a few things for my in laws this week and they wanted to pay for the turkey...this should make for a GREAT shopping adventure on Wednesday as I have $20 of theirs to spend and a box full of coupons, LOL! Now...if you have already pitched that Sunday newspaper...go dig it out of the trash! Don't be too proud to do it -- it will save you over

Meal Plan Monday

It's STILL all about Freezer Fishing this week...I have several things on month four that need to come out and get used before they get "old" - we are so well stocked that we can have really nice meals for pennies! I am re listing some of what we didn't use last week - I spaced the fact that I was gone for a weekend of scrapbooking with my gal pals! =) Here is the list: Breakfast will include: -Ego sweet rolls -Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls -French Toast -Breakfast Egg Bake Lunches as normal (sandwiches, soup, left overs, tappas plates) and for dinner... Monday - Lasagna with garlic toast Tuesday - Brats & Baked Beans Wednesday - teriyaki pork tenderloin, potatoes and green beans (we didn't make it last week) Thursday - chicken enchiladas with corn and the last of my guacamole Friday - Fridge Clean Out! Saturday - crock pot baked potato soup Sunday - Packer Party At Church -- hot dogs and more! What are you going to feed YOUR family this week?

Peanut Butter Fudge

Creamy and delicious - fudge always seems to be something that comes to my "to do" list as the holidays draw near... This one is a little healthier than most as it uses a great source of protein: peanut butter! SOOO easy to make and super yummy to eat! You can make two pounds for less than $4 -- a bargain compared to the $30 that stores charge for the same amount. Try it - you will LOVE it too! Dannelle's Easy Peanut Butter Fudge 1 jar of peanut butter (16-18oz) 1 can of frosting (vanilla) Put them both in a microwavable dish and zap on high for 2 minutes. Stir. Zap for one minute more. Stir. Pour into wax paper lined 8x8 pan and chill for a few hours. Remove and cut into squares. Use creamy PB if you like it smooth.. half creamy and half chunky if you want "nuts" in it.

I spent money...and it was worth it!

I had a GREAT weekend with my gal pals - we get together a few weekends a year and channel our inner crafty Goddess. We work, we play, we recharge our souls so we can go back to our families as happier Wives and Mommies... It has now become a Saturday Night ritual to walk over to TGI Friday's and have dinner...this time, we had a few rounds of the nightly special --> June Bugs. I know what you are thinking - WHAT is a June Bug. It is a tall iced glass of yumminess and only $3. (LOL) Here is the recipe: Junebug 1 oz Midori® melon liqueur 3/4 oz Malibu® coconut rum 3/4 oz banana liqueur 1 oz sweet and sour mix 1 oz pineapple juice Put all items in your shaker to mix and pour over ice. I wonder if I can create a Tupperware theme party out of that recipe.... =) OK. Remember me saying "it all adds up"? Dinner for one becomes a $20.11 guest check when you add three of them to it. Let's account for it as I didn't use a gift card: Here is the monthly total

It Adds Up

A friend of mine was complaining about a credit card bill for the previous month (she shall remain nameless...) and was shocked to see how much she spent at just McDonald's the previous month. Occasionally she would hit the drive thru after dropping the kids at school and get her soda and egg McMuffin. Grand total $4. Not so bad - right? Unless you do it 18 times in a month. On your credit card where you can't help but see that $76 just went to McDonald's and you are going to pay interest on it if you don't pay it off quickly. $76 is almost what I spend for the entire month on groceries. Their family did hit other places too over the month, for a grand total of $285 over the four weeks. That is over $3,700 a year with nothing to show for it. Talk about a wake up call! Have you been tracking where your money goes? Try it and you might be surprised. It's the fastest way to see what isn't happening to your savings plans.