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Target Deals This Week

You can find them here -- at Totally Target. Make sure you thank Kerry for her great work! :) Happy Shopping!

Walgreens Deals This Week....

**Thanks To "Coupon Genius" for this weeks list :) RR deals: Almay Intense I-Color products - $6.99 get $4 RR $2/1 Almay cosmetic product 01-20-13 SS Chloraseptic Warming Spray 6oz at $3.99, Use (1) $1/1 Chloraseptic Product ~ SS 1/6 AND Use (1) $2/1 Chloraseptic Spray (1 or 6 oz) ~ Wags Coupon Book (Feb).  Pay 99¢ OOP and get back $3 in RR. Final Cost? $2.01 MONEY MAKER Listerine Whitening Rinse at $3.99, Use (1) $2/1 Listerine Rinse IP: here (Use zip: 33033) Pay $1.99 OOP and Get back $2 in RR . Final cost is FREE Mitchum products – 2/$6 – Buy 2 get $4 RR $1.00/1 Mq in Sunday 1/6 paper - expires 2/10 ---Use (2) coupons, buy the Mitchum for $4, get the $4 RR for FREE DEODORANT Loyalty Point offers: Buy participating Aleve, Centrum, Caltrate, Osteo Bi-Flex, Nature’s Bounty, Sundown, Ester-C, Glucerna, Ensure, Depends or Poise products – Buy $20 get 5,000 or Buy $30 get 10,000 points (monthly deals) Aleve (50 ct) caps or tabs - $5.99 on 1/27 Aleve liquid ge

Welcome MSCR Coupon Class!

Welcome to my site! I LOVE helping people save money at the stores so they can put it to a more effective use for their families! I saved $40,000 in less than one year from just making a few simple changes in our family budget - you can too! Couponing and Meal Planning are just the tip of the iceberg - but account for about 50% of my savings! You will find where to get coupons , printable coupon links , SavingStar info, Swagbucks info and All You deals , along with the local stores' coupon policies and Ad Match Ups . I also have a lot of recipes posted, information about Coupons For The Military and online deal shopping sites info posted. I am on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook too (under Operation 40K) if you want to schedule a class or have any questions, please just shoot me an email at . Blessings, Dannelle

CVS Deals This Week

Thanks to Didie for this week's list! FREE ~ Colgate MaxClean, MaxWhite or MaxFresh toothpaste 6oz $3 $0.50/1 Colgate 4oz+ toothpaste (SS 2/3) $0.50/1 Colgate 4oz+ (SS 2/10) $2.50 scanner coupon advertised in ad FREE after both coupons ~ Advil Congestion Relief 10ct or Cold & Sinus 20ct $4.95 $3/1 Advil Congestion Relief, Allergy & Congestion Relief, Cold & Sinus or Allergy Sinus product (RP 2/10) $1/1 Advil Congestion Relief Product, 10ct or 20ct (ibotta offer) $6 MIR wyb three (3) qualifying Pfizer products (RP 1/27) **Must Be On One Receipt** $0.15 MM wyb (3) after coupons/rebate or $1.15 MM wyb (3) with coupons/ibotta/rebate ~ Nature made vitamins (excludes gummies) BOGO Nature Made Mini Vitamins 60 ct $14.99 NM Super B Energy Complex Full Strength Minis $9.89 $3/1 IP: HERE $2/1 Nature Made full strength MINIs product (SS 1/6) $2/1 Nature Made Full Strength MINIs IP: HERE $10/1 Nature Made Mini Vitamins IP: HERE 2 x Free after coupons CHEAP ~ G

How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day without Spending a Fortune

It’s frustrating if you’d like to spend more money on a loved one for Valentine’s Day than what’s allotted from your current budget. After all, it’s easy to get caught up on wanting to buy your significant other everything he or she desires, from chocolates, a movie and an expensive dinner. Instead of getting caught up in material items that will supposedly woo over your loved one, try wooing them with inexpensive and mostly free items such as a picnic dinner, a shopping expenditure that fits within your budget, or taking them on a hike. Be creative and you can come up with frugal ways to enjoy your Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank. An Unexpected Shopping Trip – Just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman had fun on her shopping spree, you can take your girlfriend or wife on a shopping spree too, but without breaking the bank. Take them to somewhere you can afford and that you know they will love, such as Express, H&M, Forever 21, or somewhere similar. Give them a se

Want FRESH Pecans?

From our friend Audrey -- who always does the coupon exchanges:   I was in Arkansas last week and picked and shelled a LOT of pecans. IF you or anyone you know would like some please contact me. They are 10.00 a lb or $5.00 for half a pound. I know they are on sale at Farm and fleet this week but those are not fresh. I picked them last Sat....   You can contact her at :

New Coupons Today

From Coupon Network... SmartSource

It's one of those kind of days.......

All I can think about today is going to bed early, LOL!

Hormel Compleats for just $.29!

Hot new coupon here that can help you out tomorrow for Double Double Daze at Copps/PnS. These normally run $2.29 -- so, doubled, this means you can pick it up for just $.29 !! It's a GREAT donation item! { I'm just sayin'.......}

Some GREAT Deals At Sentry Sun Prairie

Today is the 100th day of school. I found out LAST NIGHT that the kids had to bring 100 mini marshmallows and 100 toothpicks for a project. {sigh} There is NO way that I was going back out last night so I too Miss Sarah to school and then hit Sentry Foods in Sun Prairie to pick up the marshmallows. While I was there, I thought I would pick up the cod loins that are on sale this week -- that is the kind of fish we used for the fish fry at our restaurant. Nice, white, non-fishy cod. I DID buy some of that and saw a few other bargains to share with you! I found BACON at $2.50/#. It is getting close to it's expiration date (2/23 I think) so you would want to either cook it or freeze it. Still, a GREAT price! Like Braunschweiger? The lite version is just $1.00, in the same meat case. Then there was the Hungry Jack confetti pancake mix! $.89 each with a coupon right there that gives you one FREE when you buy 2 (B2G1). That makes them about $.66 each. Not bad for a fun

Food Solutions for the College Student!

Skipping meals or eating unbalanced meals results in a 25% drop in productivity. Plus it causes sleep deprivation leaving a college student operating at half-capacity. Using fast food as an alternative is not a brilliant idea. Even though it is cheap, tastes good, accessible and fast, it is unhealthy. Since college is never easy do not compromise your health and try Wise Food Storage products! These are tastier, cheaper, healthier foods than anything bought at fast food chains, plus are easier and faster to prepare. Below are some tips for creating a small dorm-room “pantry” of fast and healthy meals. These don’t require refrigeration, won’t add to the dreaded Freshman Fifteen, and will beat a diet of noodles any day: Wise freeze dried entrees Small pop-top cans of fruit, or our freeze-dried fruit packages Cans of 100% vegetable juice such as V8 or fruit juices Walnuts for critical Omega-3 Apples for antioxidants 75% dark chocolate cacao bars Small coffee maker

My Double Double Daze Shopping Plan

I am less than excited about the new ad. I hate the $1.98 WYB8 stuff and see things that were LESS expensive, just last week....... That being said, I am STILL hitting my Copps tomorrow for a few things. Transaction 1: 10 Bear Creek Pasta @$2.39 -(10) $1.00/1 coupons (doubled) butter @$1.99 Final price? 5.89 Transaction 2: 10 Bear Creek Pasta @$2.39 -(10) $1.00/1 coupons (doubled) butter @$1.99 Final price? 5.89 Transaction 3: 10 Bear Creek Pasta @$2.39 -(10) $1.00/1 coupons (doubled) butter @1.99 Final price? 5.89 Transaction 4: 10 Bear Creek Pasta @$2.39 -(10) $1.00/1 coupons (doubled) butter @$1.99 Final price? 5.89 Transaction 5: Cereal Deal, buy 6, get $9 off instantly and a coupon for FREE milk (6) $1.00/1 coupons (doubled) 4 Activia yogurt at $2.00 (4) $1.00/1 (doubled) Final price? If the cereal is $4 a box, I should pay $3 but get the $4 voucher back - to make $1 profit. If the cereal is less, I make a larger profit. Transaction 6: 10 Be

Current Catalina Offers

Here is a list of the current offers -- they are simply rewards you get, after you buy a product or combination of products. It comes in the form a coupon with a cash value for your next shopping experience. **This may be a sponsored post. My "affiliate" income helps me support my church's food pantry and Homeless Mission Blessing Bag program. Thank you for your support**