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Double Double Days!

Copp's has DOUBLE double coupons next Wednesday...that means you can score HUGE with up to $20 off your $25 minimum purchase! I know you are smarter than the average shopper who will put everything in their cart and hand over only 10 will be like me and break things down into 2-3 or 4! Last time around there ware some pretty poor sales specials - this time there are some GREAT things on sale! Here is my plan of attack: transaction 1 $7 in Deli -- I get $3 off instantly and LOVE their rotisserie chicken salad! 2 packs deli deluxe slices $2/4 and I have $1 off coupons 2 Betty crocker cake mix @ $.88 and I have $.75 coupons ---Kellogg's deal - $10 off instantly and get Free milk on your next purchase...I like to work this backwards start with $10 and then add the double coupons in for the 6 items and that gives you the target price for all items. $10+10 in coupons means I can hit $20 and be FREE!(plus get a free milk) -2 cheeze its crackers ($1 off 2) -2 cinnamon


I am not a big fan of their store -- the prices are close to Copps and they don't have a double coupon day. The one time they score big is with their "one day only" sales or their meat deals. Meat deal #6 caught my eye in the Sunday paper - and there was a $10 coupon to make it only $90. Since that is almost my entire monthly budget, I had to find a friend to share this deal with! We EACH spend $45 and we EACH get: 5 - 5oz ground chuck patties 5 - 5oz beef cube steaks 5 - 4oz boneless pork center cut chops 5 - 5oz boneless rib eye chops 5 - 5oz boneless pork country style ribs 5 - 3.75 oz pork brats 5 - 3.75 oz Italian Sausages 5 - 5oz bacon wrapped turkey tenderloins 5 - 6oz boneless chicken breasts 5 chicken leg quarters See what I mean? YES, it is a little over the price per pound that I like to spend on meat but a lot of these are premium cuts. A large variety of different things that create EASILY over 10 different meals! I see just one Italian sausage being cook

Copps run today...

It was Double coupons today and I know next Wednesday is DOUBLE DOUBLE coupons so I only did two transactions and here is what I got: Transaction #1 2 Miracle Whip @ $3 (normally $4.29) Kraft Homestyle Mac n Cheese bake $2.29 2 Tender White Orville popcorn @ $1.75 (normally $2.49) Triscut Crackers @$2.59 (normally 2.99) 2 Chicken Kiev @$1.00 (normally $1.99) Gorton's Fish @$3.49 (normally $4.99) 3.66 # broccoli @$.69/# Coupons used: FREE Triscuts FREE Mac N Cheese, $1 off Gortons (doubled), two $1 off Miracle Whip (doubled), two $1 off Orville (doubled), $4 RR from Wags...that means $34.13 in groceries for $3.52, a savings of 90% Transaction #2 6 pouches Idahoan potatoes @ $1 (1.19 normally) Boboli pizza crust $4.39 2 FUZE drinks @$1 (normally $1.95) 2 chicken cordon bleu @ $1 (normally 1.99) Gortons fish @$3.47 (normally $4.99) 2 packs Kraft cheese @$2 (normally 2.99) Coupons used: FREE Boboli, $1 off Gortons (doubled), two $1 off 3 Idahoan(doubled), $1 off 2 Fuze(doubled), $

Walmart Run

Walmart isn't my favorite store to shop at - on principal. They are one of the leaders of the "Make it overseas" movement and part of the reason that a lot of manufacturing jobs have left this country. I personally think Sam Walton, the king of "Made in America", is rolling in his grave with what the board and his son have done to his business empire... That being said, I had a gift card to use up. I already had the All You magazine so I stocked up on a few groceries: flavored "bubbly" water for Ms Sarah 3 cans of french cut green beans 3 cans of corn 3 cans of chili beans 2 cans evaporated milk loaf of bread gallon of NON -Soy Milk (hubster having a small fit...) 1 pack of white cardstock (to print the tags for next weeks Just Between Friends sale) Etc - enough to use up that gift card and give my $20 of groceries for FREE! That about covers it - I had bread to make creamed chip beef over toast (yum!) and beans for another batch of chili. Now, off

Pocket Your Dollars

A Monday tradition for me has become checking out the Pocket Your Dollars website! They have the sales for Rainbow stores listed as their circulars start on is the same Roundy's Chain as my Copp's/Pick N Save but our ads don't come out/start until Thursdays. This gives me a chance to roughly plan out what I will be getting at the store on either Saturday or the following Wednesday for double coupons. Granted, their prices may be a little off of they had broccoli for $.99/pound and we got it for $.69/pound or they may have red grapes and we get green, etc. I use it as a rough guideline to make a plan and map out my coupons. Here is what caught my eye for this Thursday's add: Sweet Potatoes $0.49/lb Sale price, no coupon needed Final price: $0.49/lb after sale** **At Aldi’s lowest price last season we saw sweet potatoes for $0.33/lb; that said, this is a great price. Baked, then mashed sweet potatoes freeze well to use as a side dish Red Grape

Meal Plan Monday...

It's all about Freezer Fishing this week...I will need some room in that chest freezer for the HyVee meal deal that I am spliting with a friend =) Here is the list: Breakfast will include: -Ego sweet rolls -Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls -French Toast -Breakfast Egg Bake Lunches as normal and for dinner... Monday - Frozen Pizza! (I had 12!!) Tuesday - Red Beans and Rice with smoked sausage Wednesday - Beer can chicken, potaotes and green beans Thursday - Creamed chip beef over toast points, carrots Friday - Fridge clean out Saturday - Chicken a la king over biscuits Sunday - Bertolli Lasagna Rolls with garlic toast What's going to be on your family dinner table this week?

The Sunday Newspaper

What it is that holds the magic of Sunday mornings with the newspaper? When I was a kid, I couldn't wait for the pages of colored comic strips...if I found them particularly funny, I would clip and add them to my scrapbook. Around the holidays the color add inserts of everything from Toys R Us to the Farm & Fleet toys would get my attention. I would clip out the pictures of what I wanted and make a small poster so Santa couldn't possibly make a mistake on that important day! Now I live for the coupons and sale inserts! I got incredibly excited when I saw the Walgreen's ad this week: Butterfinger candy bars are $.29 each with a limit of 6. This is a HUGE money maker for me as I have a stack of coupons for $1 off 2. 6 candy bars will cost $.87 and I will get $3 off in coupons! I started flipping through their circular to see what kind of things I was going to buy with a combination of coupons that that amazing $2.13 overage. Here is what caught my eye, the items with