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Target Score

I grabbed my coupon box and kiddo and got the following today: 1 slushie $1.25 (keeps the kid in the cart while I shop...) 8 jars of Ovaltine @ $3.03 each I Kikkoman soy sauce @ $1.29 1 loaf wheat sandwich bread @ $1.29 1 Simply Apple Juice @ $1.22 Coupons used: eight $1 off Ovaltine, $1 off Target brand bread, $1 Simply juice, $1 off Kikkoman ... and $.50 off that slushie. Grand total $17.83. I know this looks high but Ovaltine was $4.53 at the grocery store - for the same sized jar and I haven't seen it go on sale for a long time...that would be $36.24 for 8 I look at this trip as spending $17.04 and getting $41.29, saving 57% or $23.50. He now has 10 jars of his treat and that should hold him a while =) Ms Sarah and I shall have that apple juice at snack time today...yum! Here are the figures for the month: $100 -9.92 - first Target run ------- $90.08 -17.83 - second Target run ------ $72.15 to go Now this will shock you -- we are going to go out to eat over the next w

Meal Planning...Why do it?

Flylady has it as the monthly habit this month...and what I am sharing with you is her introduction to focus this month. You know that I do it - it really helps the budget knowing what you have in the house and really avoids the time crunch at dinner time. Check it out =) Dear Friends, This month's new habit is menu planning. Now don't go running to the closet and hide. This is quite simple when you take just a few minutes each week to do this. First, I need to explain to you why menu planning is so important to us. You can't eat what you don't have in the house. Just the simple act of sitting down and thinking about what to fix for the next week then going to the grocery store and purchasing the food will give you more freedom than almost anything. This will save you time and money and put good food in your pantry. When you have nutritious food in your home you will feel better about what you and your family are eating. With the extra cost of heating our homes and driv

Heading back to Target...

The Ovaltine was on sale - that I mentioned from our last visit. HOW one jumped into my cart without having a coupon for it is beyond me, but we will go back with 6 coupons and get a stock up going on this as it's my hubster's favorite. I will also get more bread with my 2nd bread coupon, Strawberries for $1.25 with that produce coupon and maybe, a slushie from the snack bar as we got a coupon for $.50 off any order when we checked out the other day. Toss a gallon of milk in the cart and we are all set for the week as we chose to skip Copps! It's all good! Put the kiddo in the cart, get her a slushie and get shopping - I know this will put me up to over $20 so far for the month - but I have the comfort of knowing I have a TON of food and can splurge a little =) I will update you with the actual receipt this weekend...what fun little things do you like to indulge yourself with? Ovaltine is my hubby's and I occasionally like a good "fountain Coke".

Kids can swap candy for FREE Noodles!

WHO doesn't love Noodles & Company? Awesome noodle to choolse from, great sauces, incredible mix ins...yum! They have a promo out this weekend where kids under 12 can turn in their extra candy for a FREE bowl of noodles this weekend - my Sarah thinks their mac n cheese is TO DIE FOR! We are "donating" 75% of the haul and getting a free meal! DH and I can eat pretty cheaply as we split an entree, they are HUGE and, after you add chicken or meatballs, are quite filling with just half a portion. Sort thru the candy and hurry - it's a one day only offer! Sunday the 7th, 11AM - 9PM

Staring the new month with the grocery budget...

We did really well last month and have a very well stocked house! It means I can really be picky this month with my deals and keep rolling the savings - who doesn't like that?! The month has started and the coupon printer sites have all restocked! I printed off the $1 off produce and $1 off bakery (along with a few other coupons)just in time for a quick trip there yesterday. Here is what we got: Purina Cat Food $7.49 (switching the kitty over to dry...) House brand water bottle flavor packets $2.06 loaf of french bread $1.39 5 bananas @$.15 ea Ovaltine @ $3.03 - dh LOVES a glass of this when he gets home and it's on sale - I have to go back for more of it this week with my coupons! Coupons used: $2 cat foot, $1 drink mix, $1 bananas, $1 bread Grand total $9.92 I know, a high total compared to what you are used to seeing from's hard to save on cat food and that $3 Ovaltine really bumped it up too! It will look a lot better at $2 a jar (instead of the norma

Beginning of the Month reminder...

Update your freezer inventory list! Here is my system -> What is YOURS?

Emergency Fund

All financial experts agree that, in times like these, you should have an "emergency fund". This is a great article from that tells you a little more: Financial emergencies can come in the form of a job loss, significant medical expenses, home or auto repairs or something you’ve never dreamed of. The last thing you want to do is be forced to rely on credit cards or a loan which could simply compound the problem. How Big Should Your Emergency Fund Be? Most experts agree that you should keep between three and six months worth of your living expenses set aside in your emergency fund. Depending on your specific situation and whether or not you have children, carry substantial debt and types of insurance coverage will determine what amount is best for you. The reason you want to have three to six months of expenses saved up is that the most common reason for the need of an emergency fund is due to a sudden loss of income. If you or your spouse loses a job you still have

It's the first of the month!

That means Printable RESET day! Keep an eye on your printable sites...they should be turning over today and adding fresh ones. and Happy printing! :)

Meal Plan Monday

It's all about Freezer Fishing this week...I have several things on month four that need to come out and get used before they get "old" =) Here is the list: Breakfast will include: -Ego sweet rolls -Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls -French Toast -Breakfast Egg Bake Lunches as normal and for dinner... Monday - Red Beans and Rice with smoked sausage Tuesday - Italian Night: build your own pizza (I have 8 cheese personal pizzas in the freezer!) Wednesday - teriyaki pork tenderloin, potatoes and green beans Thursday - turkey noodle soup (homemade) Friday - Fridge clean out Saturday - Brats, baked beans Sunday - steaks, baked potatoes, corn What's going to be on your family dinner table this week?


It's that time of year when our church sends out "Stewardship" notes and asks for a financial pledge for the upcoming year...and I am now looking at it differently than I did in the past. I always pledged the same amount and we usually made it over the year...if we did food pantry donations, helped with the Circle of Love program, put in money for things like alter flowers or school kits we always considered it part of the pledge. We knew it wasn't a huge amount but always figured out that by volunteering in the nursery or helping with different functions that we were more than doing our part. Even though the "experts" say the recession was over last's still hitting a lot of people hard. We are really entering the third year of this recession and church communities have been hit hard too. If they had invested funds, they took a hit like our personal portfolios... If they do a lot for the community (food pantry, support groups, etc) they need ad