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Nutella Krispie Treats

You may have noticed that I have bought a few jars of Nutella over the last month. First of all - when you make a 4 year old a Peanut Butter and Nutella sandwich instead of using jelly - it's hard to get them back to jelly. (Shocker!) It's that chocolate hazelnut goodness that sucks you in...sigh. Here is another great way to use it - Nutella Rice Krispie Treats! It can be made Gluten Free if you use the GF Rice Krispies that recently came out. (for my big sissy!) It's as easy to make as the "normal" version -- but OOOOHHHH so yummier! You need : 4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) butter 1 package (10 oz.) regular marshmallows or 4 cups miniature marshmallows 1 cup Nutella 6 cups Rice Krispies cereal Directions for stove top: Melt butter in a large saucepan over low heat. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat and stir in Nutella until melted. Add cereal. Stir with a wooden spoon or spatula until well coated. It helps to wet the spoo

Children May Be Priceless, But They Are Expensive

This is a repost of mine - enjoy: I love when I leave church with my brain racing from the sermon of the day! Our awesome head pastor always feeds my brain and spiritual soul... Today, he referenced a family that had just had their third baby and was visited by an associate pastor when still in the hospital. Their three boys were the only grandchildren on each side of the family -- and the story came out during the visit that one set of grandparents weren't happy about the pregnancy. They tried to talk them into terminating it at one point, even giving them literature on how expensive it was to raise a child (from birth to whenever). Pointing out over and over again over the 9 months how they simply didn't have that $200,000 for a third child...and if they DID have it, that would provide a nice summer home. Makes you think, doesn't it? How people really let "stuff" get in the way of what is really important in life. A few years down the road, when they have

What to Watch For in July!

Everyone knows that produce is seasonal...we have had that talk before as I have stocked up on Easter Clearance items in April and currently, BBQ supplies! We know it's smart to buy the seasonal items at our local stores like when the fruit is in season, and that means it is at it’s lowest annual cost. A savvy shopper waits until a product is on sale and then stocks up! The idea is to create a stockpile that will last you 3-12 months, or until the product again reaches its lowest price. (Not that you can do that with fresh produce unless your process it!) Convenience/Packaged Foods are seasonal just like produce! Every month we have new things to look for. Here is what is "hot" for July - keep your eyes out for the sales and have your coupons ready! July is National Ice Cream  Month! That should translate into deals on toppings, cones and of course - Ice cream! I will also be sharing with you different recipes to MAKE your own and give away an Ice Cream Maker! W

6-26 Smartsource Coupon Preview

Sunday coupon preview Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected! (/X) after coupon = expiration date () before coupon = multiple of same coupon ETS = excludes trial sizes DND5 = coupon states Do Not Double, but barcode starts w/a 5 Smartsource coupon insert ACT Save $1/1 16.9oz+ (7/31) ACT Save $2/1 Dry Mouth bottle (7/31) Banana Boat Save $1/1 product 4oz+ (8/7) Barilla Save $.55/1 Piccolini (8/21) Bio-Oil Save $2/1 2oz or 4.2oz skincare oil (9/30) Blue Diamond Save $.60/2 6oz cans of almonds (9/30) Blue Diamond Save $.60/2 8oz jars of oven roasted almonds (9/30) Carefree Save $.50/1 (8/30) Cheerios Save $.50/1 original Cheerios (8/6) Colgate Save $.40/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush or Wisp 4ct (7/16) Palmolive Save $.25/1 ultra dish liquid 20oz+ (7/16) Colgate Save $.75/1 toothpaste 4oz+ (7/16) Cortizone-10 Save $1/1 (9/30) Cortizone-10 Save $2/1 Hydrasensitive lotion (9/30) Crystal Save $.25/2 single serve ice cream


Meat is one of those items that rarely has a, what do you do? Look for your grocery store selling cycle! Most stores have a 6 to 8 week cycle. What does this mean? This week ground beef is on sale for $1.69 a pound. It normally is $2.93 a pound. If you usually eat 1# a week, you need to invest in 8 pounds at that sale price. This will save you $9.92 on ground beef. $10 is $10 in my world, LOL! Just think of saving $80+ over 8 weeks on meat! The next week, whole chickens might be on sale for $.49 a pound when they are normally over $1.75 You can get a whole chicken for about $2.00, cook it off and harvest the meat. This should get you 2-3 pounds of meat which tastes a LOT better than the 8oz can of chicken for $3.00 **Just think of this: by using the sale pricing on whole chicken and cooking it off, that means the same amount of canned chicken would cost you $18 - you save $16!! (per chicken this week!!) We like chicken for tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, chicken chil

6-26 RedPlum Coupon Preview

Sunday coupon preview Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected! (x) before coupon = multiple of same coupon ETS = excludes trial sizes RedPlum Coupon Insert 3 Musketeers Save $.50/2 (7/31) Best Foods Save $.40/2 16.5oz+ products (7/24) Body Fortress Save $3/1 powder (8/17) C&H Save $.50/1 4lb or 5lb granulated sugar product (9/30 )***great to stock up on for holiday baking sales! Clemmy’s Save $1.50/2 sugar free ice cream products (9/1) Coppertone Save $1/1 2oz+ (7/31) Dove Save $.75/1 anti-perspirant/deodorant or body mist ets (7/24) Dove Save $.75/1 beauty bar 6 pack+ (7/24) Dove Save $.75/1 hair care product ets (7/24) Dove Save $1/1 body wash 10oz+ (7/24) Dove Save $2/1 Men+Care antirperspirant 2.7oz or deodorant 3oz ets (7/24) Dove Save $4/1 Men+Care body and face bar 6 pack+ (7/24) Dove B1G1 free Men+Care body and face wash 13.5oz+ or active clean shower tool up to Save $5.99 ets (7/24) ***Why can't they be for Dove CHOCOLATE?

Walgreen's Rebate Program

walgreens rebate program submit your rebates online @ no clipping upc's & no mailing Every product that has a rebate offer will be available for online submission or MAIL TO: Walgreens Rebate Offer Code W0711 P.O. Box 540055 El Paso, TX 88554-0055 check your rebate status @ choose from the following Reward Options: Walgreens Gift Card receive a 10% bonus when you choose this option! gift card does not expire No fees Walgreens Prepaid Card available for rebates totalling $10 or more Can be used everywhere that Visa® debit is accepted, including the web push credit and sign for purchases You will not be able to use your card at an ATM or to receive cash from a bank a monthly maintenance fee of $3 applies, but is waived for the first twelve months after the card is issued. No additional fees will be assessed once the card balance reaches zero transactions that you make with your card and card balance can be checked @ www.walgreen

Pierce's IGA Coupon Match Ups (6/23 - 6/29)

A lot of store brand items featured this week -- I am not including any of those in this list as they have no coupons to match up with. Produce Deals Cauliflower $.99/# Washington Red Delicous Apples 3# bag for $2.50 Washington Gala Apples 3# bag for $2.50 Cut Seedless Watermelon $.395/# Meat Deals   IGA lunch meats $1.29/# Surefine Pork Sausage Roll $1.50 (/#) Surefresh Hotdogs $.79 Quarter Loin Pork Chops $1.99/# Value Time Fresh Chicken Breasts (2.5#) for $3.99 Fresh Ocean Perch $4.99/# Dairy Deals Kemps Yogurt, 10/$.4 or $.40 each Kemps Cottage Cheese $1.25 IGA Cream Cheese $.99 (Original or Neufchatel) Pillsbury Grands Biscuits $1 Use the $1/1 from here Final price: FREE   Grocery Deals   A LOT of store brand items, no coupons - sorry!  Frozen Deals  Cow Belle Creamery Ice Cream (48oz) $2.50  IGA Frozen Veggies (1#) $.99  

Practically FREE at Walgreen's This Week (6/26 - 7/2)

I zipped over to an scoped out the upcoming ad - here are the best deals of the week. Carefree pantiliners 36-60 pk or or ultra 16 pk $1.99 -$3 off 2 Carefree Pantiliners 16-60 pk (coupon code 5532) july coupon book AND one of these : -$1 Carefree Product, 18-22 ct (exp 6/30/2011) 5/8/2011 SS -$.50 Carefree Products (exp 8/30/2011) 6/26/2011 SS -$.50 Carefree Product -$.50 Carefree Product (exp 6/30/2011) 3/27/2011 RP As Low as FREE after stacking coupons! Dove or Degree get $6 RR wyb 3/$18: Cream oil lotion 13.5 oz Clinical Protection Deodorant 1.7 oz Body wash 18/24 oz bar soap 6 pk Use three $4 Dove Men+Care body and face bar 6 pack+ (exp 7/24/11) 6/26/11 rp Final price on three after Coupons and RR = FREE  Mail In Rebate Offers: Mueller Kinesiology Tape 2" x 16.4' $6.99 get $6.99 mir Mycocide NS Antifungal Treatment 1 oz $9.99 get $9.99 mir Use the $3 Mycocide NS Antifungal Treatment   (exp 12/31/11) Final price: $3 MONEY

The Frugal "Bible"...

This is a repost of mine, enjoy:   When I was newly married, someone suggested this book to me and I added it to my gift "wish list". Dear hubby was the one who got it for me and, almost 20 years later, I still read through it! Way ahead of her time, Amy Dacyczyn had a newsletter that shared hints and tips to live a less expensive lifestyle. Eventually, they were put together and turned into several books, then a final "complete" one. The index in the back lets you check out things by topic, although the first time I went through it, I read it from cover to cover and used post-it type tags for the things I thought I would try or use...some of those are still there today, LOL! It's a book I occasionally grab and review...when I feel I am needing a fresh idea. My suggestion to you, if you are serious about getting your finances in shape, get your own copy! You can start by checking it out at the library (another whole topic!) but it is a treasure trove

Piggly Wiggly Deals Through 6/28

**Remember, Piggly Wiggly stores are independently owned and their ads occasionally don't match up as prices may vary per store. (YMMV) check your store ad for prices and to see it's coupon policy Sale Items: Split Chicken Breast $.99 per lb. Chicken Wings $.99 per lb. Country Style Pork Ribs $1.89 per lb. Pork Spare Ribs $1.99 per lb. Pork Sirloin Roast $2.29 per lb. Chuck Roast $2.79 per lb. Klement's Brats (2.5 lb box) $4.99 Peaches $.99 per lb. Cantaloupe $1.50 Mangoes $.79 each Crystal Farms $1.49 (limit 3) Piggly Wiggly Gallon Milk $2.49 or $.99 with 3000 Pig Points Food Club Cream Cheese $.99 Food Club Premium Ice Cream (48 oz) $1.99 Food Club Whipped Topping $.99 ValuTime Frozen Veggies $.69 Roma Pizza for One $.99 Food Club Baked Beans $.99 (28 oz) Era Detergent $1.99 (limit 2) ValuTime Paper Towels (8 pk) $3.99 ValuTime Toilet Paper (12 ct) $3.99 ValuTime Bleach $.99 ValuTime Paper Napkins (200 ct) $1.09 Food Club Facial Tissue $.99 Val

Make Their Day.

This is what she will wake up to. She knows her little pitcher of milk is in the fridge - The Roar-a-Saurus is holding her spoon and the cereal she asked for is sitting out. I used her school place mat for effect and a birthday card she got for a place marker. This should crack her up and set the pace for a good day. Have you done something goofy for those you love lately? It's worth it :)

Here is what happens...

When I ask my daughter to put the dishes in the sink. She is now 5 and has a very mathmatical mind. It just cracks me up!

Aldi Deals for the week (6/22 - 6/28)

Master Price List and Tips Here: Aldi's prices are on the creep up, like everywhere else. The Master Price List has been updated! Some great deals on produce and fun ice cream items this week : Cantaloupe $.99 each - this is a GREAT price on them as most are 3 to 4#!! Plums $.29 each Nectarines $.29 each Peaches $.29 each Strawberries $.99/# I have a GREAT recipe for 4P jam (peach, pear, plum and pineapple) and it looks like I might have to pick some plums and peaches up next week! No worries - I will share the recipe! I got it from my God Mother before her Alzheimers took it away from her...and treasure it, as I am sure you will, once you try it! We would get it every Christmas and look forward to it over freshly toasted Enlish muffins - that had a tiny bit of butter melted into the nooks and crannies :) Sundae Shoppe Red, White and Blue Ice Cream Cake $9.99 ***These are similar to a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake and half the price! Benton's Ice Cream Cups (co

Copps and Pick N Save Deals (6/23-6/29)

Here is the list from Pocket Your Dollars, I have it updated with OUR pricing and flier - my changes are in RED. It's all about the DOUBLE DOUBLE coupon day this Saturday, where they will double TEN coupons up to a $1 value, when you spend at least $25 - you can do SIX transactions, so you could score up to $120 in FREE stuff~ All final prices will reflect the DOUBLED coupon. Monopoly BONUS items are in BLUE Happy planning!   3-Day Early Bird Specials (Exp Sat 6/25) Magnum Ice Cream Bars $1.98 (Limit 1) Use in-ad coupon to receive the sale price Plus, use $1/1 from 5/22 Red Plum insert Final price: FREE after coupons Roundy’s Fresh Chicken Wings Jumbo Pack $0.98/lb Use in-ad coupon to receive the sale price Final price: $0.98/lb after coupon Gatorade (8-pack) or Propel (12-pack) $3.98 (Limit 1) Use in-ad coupon to receive the sale price Final price: $3.98 each after coupon Week-Long Deals Produce Deals Premium Strawberries (1 lb) $1.50 Use $0.50/1 Driscoll’s printa

Woodman's Update

I had to run in and pick up some make up applicators today -- they are the ONLY kind my husband's aunt likes and she is already at the location of the wedding this weekend and apparently, Woodman's is the ONLY place that carries them. (sigh) There is a new sign on the front door - printed, not handwritten this time - that says "Hanging coupons are for immediate use only. Thank you." It was fun while it lasted -- either people were taking entire tear pads full or a lot of us little people added up. I DO use coupons when I shop there - but I like to match them to a sale price instead of to a FULL price. I consider this a dried up source for fun coupons - sorry!

I went back to the store...

I had forgotten that Oscar Mayer meat Catalina deal and had to go back. My husband had been whining asking for me to add sandwich meat to the grocery list and this seemed the time to do it! This trip isn't stellar, but not all of it counts for the magazine challenge as they only count FOOD. Here is my summary: 4 packs OM sandwich meats, different varieties $3.49 Mrs T Perogie @$1.99 (normally $2.69) 2 packs Chicken Of the Sea Sardines in Mustard Sauce @$1 Hair color kit $3.59 (was $6.99) Roundy's Parm Cheese $3 (was $3.79) 2 cans Friskies cat food @$.51 ---coupons used: $.05 bag refund, two $1/2 OM meats (doubled), $1/1 Mrs Perogie (doubled), two $.50/any chicken of the sea (doubled), B1G1 Friskies Final total: 27.25 for $17.25 - And I got a $3 Catalina back from the meats! I realized when I got home that they meat would be $2.50 as of tomorrow and called the store and they will give me a $3.96 credit! That sandwich meat went from $3.79 to $2.79 with the Q, then

This Weekend's City Wide Garage Sales

Here is a list of this weekend's city wide garage sales for Wisconsin-- Keep in mind the gas prices: It may or may not be worth it to you to drive too far to hit a sale where you drive around that town. Make your list of desired items, pack your snacks, get their map and GO FOR IT! Livingston - June 24-25 Stoughton - June 24-25 Mercer Lake Tomohawk Don't forget to use Yard Sale Treasure Map - A Yard Sale Planning Tool  to help you make your plan of attack!

My Copps Run Today: $128.32 for $9.81

I stayed pretty close to the plan I shared with you- a lot of Crystal Light, baby carrots, milk, eggs and chicken - only a few small surprises: I found Kool-Aid fun fizzes on clearance for $1.09 (normally $2.19) and got the last four. Miss Sarah LOVES watching those in her water bottle and I hadn't bought any since I got them FREE last summer.  I also found Advil Pocket Packs for $.99 and used a $4/2 coupon -- they are NOT trial sizes, but a new configuration and normally $1.99 (I got 3 and kept the $1 overage) The chicken deal is no longer a Limit of ONE at my store - the crossed it out and put down "no limit". Here is my summary: Transaction #1 1 gallon Milk @$2.65 1 dozen eggs @$1.09 5 Crystal Light @$2 (normally $2.79) 1 Kool Aid Fun Fizz @$1.09 (normally $2.19) 2 bag baby carrots @$1.09 1 pack Split Chicken Breasts @$3.04 (down to $.99/# - was $8.87) -----Coupons Used: 5 $1/1 CL (doubled), $.36 milk Q from the ad, $3.75 Milk voucher and $1.50 egg voucher

Sentry Coupon Match Ups 6/23-6/29 - Chicken Week (kind of)

You can now get State Fair tickets at your Sentry store for just $5 each. Get them now and save a few $$ per person, if you are planning to go! An updated local list of which stores double and which don't is coming soon! Sentry Coupon Policy is here *** **The products that are on sale with the in-ad MANUFACTURER coupon as listed about can NOT be stacked with any other coupon.    Other than that, here are the deals: They say it's the Summer Chicken Sale - but we have seen MUCH better deals on chicken lately! Just this week Roundy's stores had split breasts for $.99/# - and Sentry has boneless, skinless breasts for over $2/# (my magic price point). Remember, Not everything in the ad is a good bargain, it's not all ON sale but is all FOR sale :) Produce Deals Asparagus $1.99/# **I know it's higher than my target price, but that's about as low as we see it and it IS in season  :) Juicy Southern Peaches $.99/# Red or Green Leaf Lettuce $.89 EACH - wei

Dells Pass Winners!!

It took me a bit as I had to go through the blog, our Facebook page and the Wisconsin Coupon Clippers group - but we have two winners, thanks to! Lynelle Boado Harrison  and   Kathy Schlosser! Kathy, I know your address, but I need Lynelle (and ONLY Lynelle) to send me hers at so I can mail them out today. I say ONLY Lynelle because my last giveaway had 2 winners and I had 11 people send me their mailing address... Congrats ladies and a special THANK YOU to Karin from KouponKarin  who made this giveaway possible~!!!

Mots for Tots Sample on Vocal Point!

We know you love to treat your readers to tasty tidbits. How 'bout this one: Mott's for Tots ® has 40% less sugar than 100% apple juice and a great taste kids love—it's an easy and healthy way to spoil 'em.  

$5 cats.

Today we went to the Humane Society to drop off the boxes of cat food and packages of cat treats that Miss Sarah collected. I have to say, they were MUCH better to a little person than they were last year, when we took in the items from her Puppy Party ( you can read about it here ). She had a nice chat with an employee and we were able to give hem a picture for their website. I know it's not about doing it for the recognition - but I think positive reinforcement is SOOO huge for little kids as we teach them life lessons and life skills. :) While we were walking around, we learned that June is Cat month - all adult cats are only $5 to adopt!  There were a TON of lovies there from 18 months to 4 years...all looking for a place to call home. Our cats averaged 17 year lives because we did everything down to cleaning their teeth -- you can have a long time friend for just $5 - most are declawed, fixed and all are healthy! As couponers, you know you can feed him frugally -- chec

FREE Nestle Drumsticks!

‎Nestle Drumstick is giving away a coupon for a free cone to the first 100,000 facebook friends that enter - hurry! (Thanks Katie Jung!)

Pawn America

Ok -- this is not a post about going to pawn things and make money! It's about what that place SELLS! I kept seeing the adds about Tuvies Tuesdays -- where you could get two DVDs for $5. Miss Sarah was SOOOO good at the dentist today that we stopped there. $15 for 6 DVDs and a quick walk around the place let us see things like bread machines for $9.99, coffee makers for $4.99 and more! If you are not wanting to hunt around at garage sales (this is the last week of the spring season) then you might want to stop in and check it out. The have THOUSANDS of DVDs, sorted by children, comedy, sci-fi, horror, drama - and they all looked brand new when I opened the box to peek at them. I know there is one on the east side of Madison, check here to see if you have one in your neighborhood.

$.75 Red Gold Tomato Coupon has reset!

Go here to get it (Thanks Coupon Dad)

My plan for Copps on Wednesday

I am going to MISS Double Double days on Saturday (6/25) where they let us double ten coupons per transaction, so I have to make Wednesday work for me. (sigh) I have a bunch of milk and egg vouchers left from the cereal deal - so that is 4 dozen eggs and 3 gallons of milk to get. I also picked up 20 Crystal Light coupons off of Ebay for $1.50 (free shipping) and will be getting FREE CL with the doubling. Add the $6 or so in Register Rewards that I have to use up - my trips will look something like this: 1 gallon milk (overage) 1 dozen eggs (overage) 5 Crystal Light (free) That takes me to $17.59 shelf price so far...for a negative $1.97 (in overages) 1 pack split breasts ($.99/#) - great price! I want to see how large a package of these I can get - and what the NON sale price would be, to see if I can hit the $25 without adding anything else. The first two pounds would be FREE from the overage! Two or Three 1# bags of baby carrots. We go through them quickly and, they are a Mon

Dinner Tonight

If you have taken my coupon class - you know that I live next to a family right out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Seriously. Yesterday, we went to their teenage son's high school graduation party and enjoyed an appetizer buffet of hummus, Greek olives, lamb and chicken build your own Gyros and some killer Feta cheese. Guess what she sent over today? A big red bag full of this: The only thing we needed was the Greek Gyros sauce - Tziki. The Greek restaurant is closed on Mondays so I called the local Pizza Pit - which now carries Gyros. I got a 10 oz cup of it from them for just $1. This starts my spending for the Grocery Game Challenge: a cup of sauce for $1 and we ended up with killer Gyros plates for dinner. Yes, life is good, LOL! What I don't show is the baby carrots and onion dip that we had with it - to kinda cut the salt a tad...but what a way to go! Tomorrow's lunch will work in the hummus - but there is enough Feta to last me all month!  We DID get a second

Father's Day - what did you do?

We picked up this shirt and Miss Sarah used the enclosed paint to decorate it. If you want to know where I got it - send me an email at and I will tell you where - it should be on clearance now and you can plan for next year! We also took him to lunch -- after letting him sleep as late as he wanted. Dinner was on the grill - his pick: Smoked Pork Tenderloin, yum! He proudly wore his shirt - it looked great!

Sara Schultz

Please send me an email at so I can mail out your coupon envelope - thanks!  :)

NEW GIVEAWAY: Wisconsin Dells Passes!

I got a ton (50+) of "coupons"/"passes" to the Dells good for anytime between now and June 30th and is FREE admission to: Chalet Lanes & Lounge Circus World Dells Boat Tours Lower Dells Dells Raceway Park H.H. Bennett Studio Knuckleheads Bowling & Indoor Amusement Park (3 small rides or upgrade to all day wristband for 50% off) Mt Olympus (water only pass, but upgrade to the all day pass for only $10) Noah's Ark (Adventure pass only that includes admission to 5 rides or upgrade to an all-day pass is available) Original Wisconsin Ducks Paint It! Pottery Shop Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf (One 18-hole round of mini-golf) Pirate's Cove Family Fun Center (One All-day unlimited use pass) The house on the rock (free admission to 1 section or upgrade to all 3) Timber Falls Adventure Park (1 free ride or upgrade to all day pass at 50% off) Tommy Bartlett Exploratory Interactive Science Center Tommy Bartlett Show (bleacher seating only or u

Free Jiffy Peanut Butter Sample!

Head over to Target's Sample Spot  to get a sample of Jiffy To Go! WHY do we like samples? They usually come with high value coupons :) (Thanks Frugal Coupon Living!) 

New Target Coupons!

It's mid month and they added a bunch! Hurry and print off what you will use as they go fast! I haven't been to Target in FOREVER as the Double Double Days  at Copps has been so good to me. :)

Pierce IGA Markets doubling coupons on 6/21 and Coupon Match Ups

They will: Double up to 10 coupons Up to $1 value They WILL take IPs (up to $2, nothing for FREE) No more than three of a like item No cash back given ALL Locations: Portage, Muscoda, Madison, West Baraboo Here are their deal for the week (thru Wednesday, 6/23): Produce Deals California Cantaloupe $2 - weigh them to get a heavier one Roma Tomatoes $.99/# Mangoes $.89 each - weigh them and get heavier ones Russet Potatoes 5# bag for $1.49 ($.30/#) BI Color Sweet Corn for $.25 an ear Meat Deals Ball Park Franks $2.00 Use the $.75/1 Ball Park Franks from the 6/5 SS Final price after doubling: $.50 (sorry, there was a 1 day meat sale that had the good bargains and it was Friday) Dairy Deals Grade A Large Eggs $.99 8th Continent Soy Milk $2.50 Use the $1/1 from the 6/5 RP Final price: $.50 after doubling Grocery Deals Nabisco Oreo Cookies $2.50 Use the $1/1 WYB Milk from Facebook - or there are some tear pads out there Final price; $.50 after doubling, WYB mi

Meal Plan Monday

It's the beginning of a new week! In my coupon class, I teach people how to save money at the stores. That is half of the equation for saving money on food, meal planning is the other half to it. You have to USE the food you have brought home and not let yourself make the "fast food run" - those add up fast and kill your budget! Meal planning also saves you time - no more getting home and playing "open up the cupboard doors, what falls out is for dinner" game. You KNOW what you are going to make/eat and have the recipes and ingredients handy. THIS saves you both time and money, two great things! This is the first week of my All You Magazine Grocery Challenge!! I can spend up to $75 a week (no more) and will share what we are actually eating. I get judged on budget (50%), creativity (25%) and how healthy (25%). I have a fairly well stocked house -- and a weekend wedding in the mix that is out of town . THAT will be my biggest challenge! I know the hotel

Walgreen's List This Week

I know I didn't get my list out this week - it was the double birthday party that took my time! Here is a great list of what's available this week at Wild For Wags -- check it out here! It looks like some great deals from the Mail In Rebate (MIR) items - enjoy!