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Quick Accounting

I thought I would quickly crunch a few numbers for you (and me)! This month, after getting paid by Tupperware and finishing fair booth fees and a team challenge payout, I had another $1,150 to add to my fund. I got $195 back from the first children's resale event (Just Between Friends) and $225 from the second one (Half Pint Resale). Add that to my total and I have $4,100 in the bank! Not too shabby -- 1/10th the way to my goal and I started on March 1st -- so we are talking only eight weeks. My summer fair/event stuff is all paid off and I will be collecting shift fees back from participating team members so more of my monthly bonus checks will be added to the account as the year progresses. :) Saving money?? I have kept with in my grocery budget for the month so far -- under $100! 4/7 - $7.53 just a few basics (milk, bread, eggs) 4/14 - $31.06 and I have $25 coming back! (canned goods, yogurt, etc) 4//21 - $35.44 and I stocked up on chicken and beef roast! So far that is $74.03,

Coupons in This Sunday's Paper

It's a sneak peak at what coupons are coming out in the paper this weekend -- two different inserts! I know what I usually buy and like to scope the coupons out in advance so I can pick up an extra paper or two if I want multiples. I hope this helps you plan ahead too! :) Dannelle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4-25 Smartsource coupon insert Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected! (X/XX) after coupon = expiration date () before coupon = multiple of same coupon ETS = excludes trial sizes DND5 = coupon states Do Not Double, but barcode starts w/a 5 Smartsource coupon insert Air Wick Aqua Mist Save $1.00/1 (6/6) Air Wick Freshmatic Compact i-Motion Starter Kit Save $4.00/1 (6/6) Air Wick Scented Oil i-Motion Starter Kit Save $4.00/1 (6/6) Air Wick Scented Oil Twin Refill Pack or any 2 single refills Save $1.00 (6/6) Archway Brand Cookie Variety Save $1.00/1 (5/31) DND5 Aveeno Ageless Vitality product Save $

The Frugal "Bible"...

When I was newly married, someone suggested this book to me and I added it to my gift "wish list". Dear hubby was the one who got it for me and, almost 20 years later, I still read through it! Way ahead of her time, Amy Dacyczyn had a newsletter that shared hints and tips to live a less expensive lifestyle. Eventually, they were put together and turned into several books, then a final "complete" one. The index in the back lets you check out things by topic, although the first time I went through it, I read it from cover to cover and used post-it type tags for the things I thought I would try or use...some of those are still there today, LOL! It's a book I occasionally grab and review...when I feel I am needing a fresh idea. My suggestion to you, if you are serious about getting your finances in shape, get your own copy! You can start by checking it out at the library (another whole topic!) but it is a treasure trove of knowledge! Between her and the letters subm

I Love Walgreens

I do, really! They have sales specials, their own coupon book and Register Rewards! I have already shared the link with you on my blog for my source of Walgreen deals - it's on the right side of my blog, and love it because they do sneak peeks for a few weeks ahead of time, list RR (Register Reward) offers and have coupon match-ups. One thing I do NOT like is the new link to BUY coupons from her that she recently added. You do NOT need to buy coupons! That being said - here is what I am watching/stocking up on this week. ♥ Kotex U Tampon $3.49 Get $2.50 RR , LOL- not glamorous but a fact of life! There were coupons for $1 off on 4/18 so these become FREE. I have four coupons but, I have $16 in RR to use up from 2 weeks ago...what am I going to add? They have an in-ad coupon for Mandarin Oranges bringing them down to $.50 a can, limit of 4. This means four transactions over the week that look like this: 1 pack tampons, 4 cans oranges, use coupons and bring total down to $4.68. Use $

Today's Grocery Run...not too shabby!

This week, Copps let your double TEN coupons (up to $1 each) at the checkout. You still needed the $25 minimum purchase before they let you double them. Quick math -- 10 coupons x $1 - that are doubled = $ only need to add $5 more or a few more coupons that they wouldn't double. Here was the problem...the sales weren't that hot, LOL! THAT is how you maximize the deals - matching coupons to the sales specials. I still ended up with 2 transactions and $112.12 for $31.06, saving 72% Here are the details: Transaction #1 -One "meal deal" - a 4# chuck roast that gave me free carrots*, potatoes* and dinner rolls*. -3 Ronzoni pasta* - on sale for $1 each -2 boxes Riceland Rice @ $1.15 each -2 boxes TGIF potato skins @$2.50 -2 Deli Creations (for DH's lunch) @$2.00 each -2 packages split chicken breasts ($.89/pound)! -2 pounds fresh strawberries @$1.88 -Skim Milk @$1.99 -4 packs Fiber 1 yogurt* (B1G1) -2 YoPlus yogurt* (B1G1) Now for the coupons... $.75 off Ronzoni

Paying for Convenience...

I was on the run this morning and never had breakfast -- once I hit the road, I spotted a McDonalds (or should I say my grumbling tummy did...) and hit the drivethru for a quick bite. Egg McMuffin and blended coffee thing --> to the tune of $7. (sigh) Now, if you read about last week's grocery run where I got $142.78 of groceries for just $10.44, you can understand why I almost had a heart attack I as passed that $10 bill thru the window to the young lady. $7 for one, not so healthy, meal is what I get for clowning around this morning! (double sigh). It reminds me of something I shared with my Tupperware team a few years ago...and it still applies today - grab your cup of coffee (home brewed, I hope!) and enjoy the article, I would love to give credit for it, but it was in my piles of files from over 20 years of Tupperware :) Would you pay someone $75 an hour to slice apples for you? How about $160 an hour to shred cheese? It may sound outrageous, but according to Linda Vaughan

Pasta Machine Giveaway and More from Bertolli

Pasta Machine Giveaway and More from Bertolli Pasta is yummy and such a frugal meal! Just toss in a little meat and veg, then a simple sauce and you have a meal fit for a king! Good luck on the giveaway...

Summer Fun

We just registered Ms Sarah for some activities this summer through the parks and recreation department in our town. Every season then send out a publication packed with tons of recreational programs for all ages. From youth craft classes to adult fitness to their ever popular swim lessons! There really is something for everyone. They even list the FREE things that will happen like concerts in the park or Fire Station open houses. How does this save money? It lets you test drive activities at a HUGE savings before you choose to invest in real ones. Example: Ballet. They have a ballet class that runs for a few weeks and is a LOT less expesive than a year at a local dance studio. You can let your kiddo try it out and, if after a few weeks, they don't like it - you haven't got a year long contract that is hundereds of dollars staring you in the face. Sarah LOVED dance last year and is at a real studio now. (Grammie is paying for it!) We picked eight things over the three months a