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Is it Healthy?

I got a GREAT question from someone who read one post on my blog this week - here is what my AWESOME bud said: Ok girl, you know I love you but I have to say this..... When I was doing this couponing thing I found that I was buying all junk and going to your blog you don't have to much healthy stuff either from your last shopping spree. Not that I eat healthy all the time because I don't but what I do know is that by having all the "junk" in the house, I ate it all. I had to stop. Cleaning supplies and things like that are what I like to save money on. You cant find to many coupons for veggies, fish, chicken and things like that and that is what I need to force myself to eat. Here was my reply: Of course I love you! You can't go off of my one day - I work a stock pile system ;) Two weeks ago I got 10 bricks of assorted cheeses and 22 bottles of fruit/veggie juice...kind of a strange weekly list! You CAN find coupons for veggies - Frozen all the time and o

Follow Up post to HyVee Meat Deal

I mentioned last week that there was a coupon for $10 off the $100 HyVee meat package (#6) that includes: 10- 5oz ground chuck patties 10- 5oz beef cube steaks 10- 4oz boneless pork center cut chops 10- 5oz boneless rib eye chops 10- 5oz boneless pork country style ribs 10- 3.75 oz pork brats 10- 3.75 oz Italian Sausages 10- 5oz bacon wrapped turkey tenderloins 10- 6oz boneless chicken breasts 10 chicken leg quarters OK - the meat deal IS a good deal...if you can get it, LOL! Sunday when I went, they were out of 1/2 the things and were substituting chicken and brats. As these are the two LEAST expensive items, I declined and took a rain check and was assured that my $10 - 1 day only coupon would be valid when I could redeem my rain check. I was told that Tuesday, everything should be back in stock...but DID notice that the package was a savings of $18.86. NOW the $118.86 meat package for $90 seemed even better a bargain, as it is a 25% savings! I went today and guess what? No c

Homeade Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a staple in your home, if you are like us and have a little person. Rich in good fats and high in protein, it is a great way to encourage healthy eating. Add it to celery sticks or apple slices, make a quick sandwich, spread it on crackers...SOOOO many uses! At $4 a jar, it can be expensive to pick up that Skippy or Jiff! Even watching the sales and looking for one of those rare high value coupons is frustrating. A great option is to make your own! Tupperware finally has the PERFECT tool for this - the Chop n Prep Chef! There are several reasons you may want to try making it on your own; It doesn't require many ingredients, and making it yourself can be a fun activity for your family. You can also use your creativity and make it special. Finally, it is healthier, as you wont put in all of the preservatives that are in the store bought variety. Keep in mind that it will have a short shelf life. You will definitely have to keep it in the refrigerator and use up wi

Holy Buckets!! I never went NEGATIVE before...

Copps run today... It was DOUBLE Double coupons today and I really scored! Transaction #1 was a lesson for me...I handed all my coupons over and didn't think until I was $3.16 in the negative. I had to add a few packs of mint gum (good to keep in the car) to bring the total over the zero balance. It came to just under a dollar. I DID have some Walgreen's register rewards in there and could have held on to one $3 on to put on another and learn. I will hand over RRs AFTER the other coupons have gone through from now on. (sigh) I would have hit $.47 and then used the $3 off later instead of the gum. Here is what I got today, pretty close to what I told you I was going to do - transaction 1 From the Deli - 1 pound rotisserie chicken salad From the Deli 1/4 pound broccoli cheese salad 2 packs deli deluxe slices 2 betty crocker cake mix 2 cheeze its crackers- I got the new scrabble ones, how cool for a bunch of kindergartners at snack time??? 2 cinnamon corn flak

Disney DVD deals

I grew up looking forward to Sunday night television - the Disney movie of the week! It was always magical, and right after Marlin Perkins, LOL! Today, there are so many options that the kiddos don't have to wait for the special showing - media is amazingly available that lets them tap into the magic of Disney 24/7. Let's talk DVDs. You can usually score a Disney DVD at a garage sale for $2-3, but it might need a little scratch repair and isn't the best gift presentation... Here is how to get the NEW Beauty and the Beast DVD release for $2.99 AND score a deal on Toy Story 3 (which should be out for holiday release!) This is how you can get Beauty and the Beast Blu-Ray/DVD Combo for $2.99. This scenario will also give you $5 toward Toy Story 3 Combo Pack when it is released. 1.) Print the Beauty and the Beast $10 coupon on the Disney Website. 2.) Head to Toys R Us and Pre-order Toy Story 3 Combo Pack. Put down $5 and get $10 off a Blu-Ray of $19.99 and up coupon. 3.

Homemade Soups

I know if seems like I buy a lot of soup but we are a huge soup eating family! Homemade is SO MUCH better than canned, but canned travels better for my husband's lunch and canned is a lot faster when the munchkin wants a snack! Last week I made a bunch of things - chicken chili, Autumn Chowder and California I made Cheesy Broccoli. When I make soups - I portion it into smaller sizes and like to freeze it as well as send some over to my in-laws. Today I used the $.39 a pound broccoli that I got this week, some chicken broth, curry, and an eight ounce brick of sharp cheddar cheese. This pot of soup came to about $1. Granted I get my cans of soup for almost nothing too - it's just a great way to warm the body on a cold day and fill the tummy! As I flipped through my recipe book - I have a few more on the list to make over the next several weeks: -Chicken Dumpling -Cheddar Beer Soup -French Onion -Cheeseburger Soup -Paul Harvey Wild Rice Soup -Butternut Squash So

Meal Plan Monday

It's still all about Freezer Fishing this week...I will need some room in that chest freezer for the HyVee meal deal that I am spliting with a friend and we pick it up on Tuesday =) Here is the list: Breakfast will include: -Eggo sweet rolls -Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls -French Toast -Breakfast Egg Bake Lunches as normal and for dinner... Monday - Frozen Pizza! (I had 12!!) Tuesday - roast pork, green beans adn apple sauce Wednesday - spaghetti w/ Garlic toast Thursday - baked chicken breasts, carrots, mashed potatoes/gravy Friday - Fridge clean out Saturday - bonfire night! Sunday - Chicken ala king over biscuits What's going to be on your family dinner table this week?


They are fantastic! They hide all the dirty dishes until you run the cycle and they are clean enough to put back into the cupboard. They save your hands from the hot soap water...and your time, which we all seem to have such little of now a days. Then comes the detergent. It can run a pretty penny as it doesn't go on sale often and the coupons are usually a small denomination. Here is a recipe you can use to make your own! Homemade Dishwasher Detergent 1 Cup Borax 1 Cup Baking Soda (or washing soda....find in the laundry detergent isle. Some ladies find the Washing soda works better....Baking soda has worked great for us!) 1/2 Cup Kosher Salt 1/2 Cup Citric Acid** **this can be 15 packs of unsweetened lemon flavored KoolAid or "Fresh Fruit" produce protector...which you can find it in the canning isle Put all ingredients into a container with a tight fitting lid, and shake up! I prefer a Modular Mate Square 2. How to use: 1 TB per load in one compartment and some