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FREE at Walgreen's this week (10/9)

I zipped over to and scoped out the upcoming ad - Not a lot of FREE offers this week! We have been really spoiled the last few weeks with a lot of great deals - The next few weeks look a tad lean =) Cottonelle Deal found HERE Nature Valley Deal found HERE Arrid Deodorant or Arm & Hammer $.99 -use in ad coupon to get sale price AND -use $1/1 coupon from HERE Final price: FREE Halls Warm-Ups Apple Cider Lozenges 20 ct $1 Get a $1 rr Final Price:  FREE If anything else pans out  - I will let you know -- or, if YOU see another deal this week - please share! :)

This Weeks Target Deals (10/9)

You can find them here -- at Totally Target. A few things to add: There have been a lot of new toy mark downs 30-50% off, don't forget to check by the books and electronics! =) Back Packs and Lunch Boxes are now 75% off - some have a $6 coupon booklet in them, make sure it's inside if you buy one! Happy Shopping!

New Giveaway!

Yes -- my Bucky Book Promotion is still going on!  Here is a hint at what is coming next (starting at midnight!) :

10-9 Smartsource coupon preview

See it here - Sunday Coupon Preview Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected! (/X) after coupon = expiration date () before coupon = multiple of same coupon ETS = excludes trial sizes DND5 = coupon states Do Not Double, but barcode starts w/a 5 Similac Product Save $2/1 (11/30) Jergens Save $1/1 Jergens moisturizer 7.5 fl + or Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer excluding 2 fl oz body moisturizer (12/3) Ban Deodorant Save $1/2 (12/03) John Frieda Product Save $2/1 exclude trial size, radiant red or luminous color glaze (12/3) John Frieda Root Awakenig product Save $2/1 (12/3) ETS John Frieda Save $2/1 Precision foam colour (12/3) Curel Save $2/1 Itch Defense or sensitive Skin remedy Moisturizers 7.5oz or + (12/3) ETS Curel Save $1/1 any curel moisturizer 3.5oz + (12/3) ETS Dole Fruit Smoothie Shakers Save $1/2 (12/31) Dole Frozen Fruit Single-Serve cups Save $1/2 (12/31) Smart Balance Buttery spreads or Buttery sticks Save $1/2 (11/2

Sentry Run

I told you that these were on clearance at Sentry -- for 1/4 the price that you can buy them on Amazon!!! I got 2 flats -- 48 cans! It's all natural, fortified and pretty darned tasty. Miss Sarah gets 4 packed lunches a week - using 2 of these a week and milk the other 2 days, this should cover her for over 6 months -- almost through the end of the school year! Here is my Sentry Summary: 1 pack clearance wheat tortillas @$1 (was $3.25) 2 packs taco seasoning @$.50 48 cans Crayola Orange @$.33 $17.84 -- no coupons (sigh) My Monthly Budget: $100 - 6.83 Copps 10/1 $93.17 to go - $2 lunch at Lake Mills Fall Fest - $18.24 HyVee 10/6 $72.93 to go -$2.30 for Walgreen's (10/7) -$17.84 Sentry (10/6) $52.79 to go What else am I after this month? A few more baking items (brown sugar, sweetened condensed milk), farm pumpkins to can , and a few gallons of milk. I think I have more than enough of my budget left :)

I hit Walgreen's today

Two transactions (I wanted to roll my RRs) First the Ultra TP Cottonelle deal! 2 TP @$5 -wags coupon book $1/1 (took off $2) -$.75/1 (from 9/11 SS) -$6 RR Paid $1.80, got back $3 RR THEN I got in on the Nature Valley Deal! 4 boxes granola bars @ $2 (normally $4.29) 1/2 gallon milk @$1.50 - wags coupon book $1/1 (took off $2) -(4) $.50/1 from HERE -$3 RR from the TP deal paid $2.50 and got back $2 RR Grand total: $28.66 for $4.30 and I got back $2: a 91.9% savings! RUN there and do it yourself :)

FREE Casserole Recipes

We all get a ton of FREE pasta...casseroles are a great way to use it and incorporate other things like veggies and protien! I don't know about you, but I seem to fall into a rut and make the same ones over and over.. This recipe collection will keep that from happening! Best part? It's FREE! =)

High Value Candy Coupons

If you haven't figured out Halloween Candy yet -- here are some coupons to help you :) $1.40 off 1 bag of NESTLE or WONKA candy $1.00 off 2 Fun Size bags of NESTLE candy $1.00 off any two Fun Size bags of WONKA candy

Home Depot Garden Club

I have shared this before -- if you have a yard, you WANT to sign up for the Home Depot Email Newsletter!  I did it last year and have gotten a ton of great coupons from them like houseplants, bulbs and BOGO trees!  It pays to buy a cherry tree and get a pear tree FREE -- they really pay off ;) Just click on the picture to sign up! And, while you are at it - make sure you sign up for the Home Depot Pro too -- great if you have a DIY list to tackle!

10-9 RedPlum Coupon Preview

You can see it here -- Sunday coupon preview Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected! (x) before coupon = multiple of same coupon ETS = excludes trial sizes Save $1.00/1 20 oz la looks product (1-9-12 save $2.00/1 purchase of i-cool (12-31) save $2.00/1 garnier moisture 11-20) save $3.00 on IAMS sporting formula dry dog food 35 lb bag (12-31) save $2.00/1 centrum adult (12-4) save $2.00/1 centrum silver adult (12-4) save $1.00/1 childrens dimetapp product (11-15) save $.75/1 minute rice with the purchase 1 mrs dash (11-30) save $.50/1 minute rice (12-31) save $1.00/1 variety of land o frost bistro favorites (12-31) save $1.00/1 maybelline NEW YORK mascara (12-9) save $1.00/2 sparkle paper towels (11-19) save $2.00/1 listerine TOTAL CARE ZERO (12-31) save $1.00/1 listerine (12-31) save $1.00/1 listerine WHITENING (16 oz) (12-31) save $3.00/1 shade samy fat foam (12-31) save $2.00/1 nature smart ester-c (tablet or

Bread Outlets: Village Hearth

Today we are going to talk about the Village Hearth Bread Outlet in Madison! It's at 326 West Main Street, Sun Prairie Phone: (608) 834-2181 Monday - Friday 9:30 am-5pm Saturday 9am-2:00pm Sunday Closed Bread Outlets are a GREAT way to save money on bread! You can save up to 80% off the store prices but need to keep a few things in mind: Some is "old bread" that has been pulled out of the grocery stores when they do their restocking Some is "over run" that wasn't used to stock the store shelves as they stores hadn't moved enough Some is "irregular" that wasn't able to be used for the stores No matter WHICH outlet store you use, they all have their own different specials. Here are the one for this store: Mondays = Senior Citizen Day!! 25% off your order Wednesday and Saturday = Discount Day!! 25% off your order This store DOES have an offer about animal feed -- you can buy old bread, in bulk for feeding your livestock, while suppl

**Walgreen's Nature Valley Granola Bar Deal

There seems to be several new HOT deals at Walgreen's!! Here is how you get it: Purchase (4) Nature Valley Granola Bars, 6 pk – $2.00 and get $2 RR. Let's make this deal sweeter! -use (4) $0.50/1 Nature Valley Granola Bars printable coupon   OR $0.60 from here OR -use (2) $0.75/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars or Nut Clusters 10/2/2011 GM Insert (exp 11/26/2011) THEN -use $1/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars, 6 pack from the Walgreens October In-Store Coupon Book (it will take off $2 when you buy 4) Pay as low as $.50 each box, after coupons & RR Thanks !

Smart Ones Coupon is back!

Lean Cuisine seems to be on sale everywhere this week - That means SmartOnes should be in a week or so. Get ready! =)

HOT deal on Crayons drink!

OK -- my kiddo LOVES this drink! It's just one of six different flavors that you can see on Amazon HERE . A 24 pack runs $26.95 -- or just over $1.12 a c an on Amazon. Sentry Foods, in Sun Prairie has CASES of them on clearance - at the front of their store for $.33 each! ($7.92 a case of 24). STEAL of a deal -- they have the Orange-Mango that Miss Sarah loves and the Fruit Punch Sports Drink...we saw about 20 cases between the two flavors, after we got two cases of the Orange-Mango. =)

HyVee Run Today

I had to stock up on sugar for the holiday baking season and, with their 2 day sale this week -- it was the perfect time =) I did two transactions after visiting Mom today at the ICU -- both the same. (3) 4# packages sugar @$1.49 (normally $2.57) (4) 2 cup packages HyVee grated cheese @$.99 (normally $2.28) (1) Dole Iceberg Lettuce @$.69 No coupons -- paid $9.12, saving $8.40 (times two --) My Monthly Budget: $100 - 6.83 Copps 10/1 $93.17 to go - $2 lunch at Lake Mills Fall Fest - $18.24 HyVee 10/6 $72.93 to go

Copps/ Pick N Save match up (10/6 - 10/12)

Carrie at Pocket Your Dollars has the list done -- as her ads come out on Sunday and ours on the following Thursday, giving us a "sneak peak".  Here is her list, and my changes/additions are in RED. Our ads vary a little bit - but run very similar. I am NOT including the price cap or coupon book items... The Kellogg's Cereal Deal coupons ONLY get you the  FREE milk, NO overage if you buy milk cheaper than $3.49/Gallon You can see the entire list here  . Double check YOUR ad to verify pricing. =) Keep in mind $1/# or less for fresh produce and $2/# or less for meat. They Introduced their PRICE CAP concept - where 470 items will stay the exact same price through the end of the year...included in that are Fresh Boneless Chicken Breasts for $1.98/# and Roundy's 1# bag of Carrots for $.48/#. Those are the prices to beat for "deals" through the end of the year. There is 73% lean ground been in there too for $1.96/# -- which isn't a huge deal at t

24 rolls TP for $3.50!

Yes! It's a cheap TP alert!! =) This starts on 10/7 -- at Walgreen's. (And I was worried that I wouldn't have anything to use my RR on...ha!) Here is how it works: Buy 2 ULTRA (purple pack) Cottonelle TP 12-packs @ $5 each -use the $1/1 Walgreen's coupon from the Walgreen's October coupon booklet (it will take off $2 because you are buying 2) -u se two $.75/1 from 9/11 SmartSource insert or $0.50/1 coupon HERE Final price:   $6.50 (plus tax) and you will get back $3 Register Rewards to make them $1.75 each after coupons and RRs !! -- I plan to add a $.05 piece of candy and then use a $6 RR to drop my out of pocket cost to $.55 (plus tax). (Thanks Coupons Make It FREE)

American Girl Dolls w/ book on Amazon for under $15 !!

We live close to the Pleasant Company -- just a few miles from it and have a lot of fun at their annual fundraiser sale for the Madison Children's Museum. If you missed the sale, or are too far away to attend it - here is the next best thing: Amazon has a Mini Doll and book for $14.93 with FREE Super Saver Shipping! My daughter has several of these dolls, and they are beautifuly made -- I just ordered two more to tuck away for her birthday! Check it out HERE ( Thanks Common Sense With Money !)

HOT: Rare Tombstone Pizza Coupon!

We don't see one of these often -- it should make for a great Double Coupon Deal! $1.00 off three Tombstone Large Size Pizzas Here area a few other hot new coupons too: $1.00 off any 12oz. bag of Seattle's Best Coffee $0.75 off a Gold Peak 59 oz. carafe any flavor $1.00 off (2) 11 oz bags of Raisinets $0.55 off on any Bagel-fuls (4ct) $1.00 off any 2 General Mills divisional cereals $0.50 off ONE BOX Lucky Charms cereal $1.00 off 10 Yoplait Yogurts $1.00 off ONE (1) Cranberry Naturals $1.00 off Gold Peak 18.5 oz bottle any flavor

$4 Allegra Coupon!

With allergy season in full swing -- here is a coupon to help ease your symptoms. =)

Logli Ad Match Up (10/5)

They double coupons every day, up to $.55 - how fun! This doesn't cover everything in their add, just the bargains. Just remember that everything in their ad is FOR sale, not ON sale...  Keep in mind my price points for produce ($1/# or less) and meat ($2/# or less)  There is 10 for $10 sale this week -- remember, you can also get 1 item for just $1 =) Produce Deals Schunucks Peeled Baby Carrots $1/# Jumbo Head Iceberg Lettuce $1 -- weigh them and get a heavier one Fresh Express Coleslaw 16oz bag Johnathan Apples 3# bag for $2 ($.66/#) Meat Deals Pride of the Farm Pork Butt Roast $1.19/# Pride of the Farm Pork Shoulder Country Spare Ribs $1.79/# Schnucks Boneless Skinnless Chicken Breasts $1.79/# Gorton Breaded Fish $3.99 (they were 2.99 two weeks ago...) - use the $.50/1 from the 9/11 SS #2 Dairy Case Deals Yoplait Original, Delights, Parfaits or Fiber One Yogurt, 2-4ct, $2 -use the $0.75/1 from the 9/11 GM Grocery Deals Campbell’s Condensed Soups $1 -use the

Aldi Deals (10/5-10/11)

The rare - Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts are featured this week! I know it's a seasonal favorite of a lot of people -- you can get them for $2.69 a box, keep in mind NO COUPONS allowed. :) Here are this weeks produce specials: Gala Apples $.66/# - sold in a 3# bag for $1.99 Pears $.49/# - sold in a 2# bag for $.99 Large Pumpkins $2.49 each Affy Tapple Caramel Apples $.99 for a 3 pack They are now saying that Wednesday is "Meat Special Buy Day" - each Wednesday, they will have a featured item. Check out your store's Wednesday deals!

Piggly Wiggly Ad Match Up (10/4-10/10)

Some Pigs have an ad that starts on Tuesday and some on Wednesday,  but both sales fliers are very similar. As always, keep an eye on YOUR sale flier and watch for the magic "doubling" coupon. =) **Remember, Piggly Wiggly stores are independently owned and their ads occasionally don't match up as prices may vary per store. (YMMV) Check your store ad for prices and to see it's coupon policy --Keep in mind that not everything in the ad is on sale, it is FOR sale! =) FC = Food Club, their store brand Price guidelines: $1/# or less for fresh produce $2/# or less for most meats. (chicken, pork, ground beef, ham) Coupons for Wisconsin did a great match up this week Double check YOUR ad - to verify pricing. HyVee has a better price on the shredded cheese this week- Thursday and Friday, on their 2 Day sale a 2 cup bag is only $.99 **the Hormel Compleats get even cheaper if you find the BOGO tear pad coupon out there - either the regular or the kid's versi

Fall Fests...

To me are Idea Fests! I see so many creative and crafty ideas that I keep ideas added to my notebook for future possible gift ideas for my family. Just look at these cute ideas from last week: The "Just read my bag biography" sign made people check out and see that she made the bags from women's shirts, sheets, kid's jammies and more -- all well made and super cute!  It reminds me of a stand a few years ago where bags were made from place mats. Just look at these "flowers" for the garden -- all plates, bowls and votive holders that she glued together - with a bent over fork glued to the back so it would stay in the hollow green pipe "stem" when planted. That sunflower/crystal one really draws the eyes to it! People are SO creative -- isn't it fun? =)

Menard's Run This Week

I LOVE the Mail In Rebate (MIR) program from Menard's They PAY you to take things out of the stores!! -- seriously! Here is the break down: Ten Colgate Wisp @$.99 with a $.99 MIR - limit of 10 Two black crates @$2 each Six Spic And Span Car Wipes @$1.50 with a $1.50 MIR Hunts Ketchup @$1 - Six Window Kits @$1.49 with a $.50 MIR A pack of Ball Canning lids with rings @$2.25 ( I was running low from canning all those apples!) Grand total $35.09 (before tax) - I used a $35 MIR check for $.10 OOP (the rebate checks come off PRE-TAX totals) AND we are getting back $21.90 -- to give us a $21.80  Profit! (Yes, I love that store!!) The ketchup wasn't on my list but I needed about $1 to hit that $35 so I could use that rebate check and I KNOW we will go through it. :) **Donation alert - the Colgate Wisps are GREAT items if you make bags for a homeless ministry! . I am NOT going to add this into my monthly budget as only one item was food -- the $1 ketchup was FREE :)

Don't You Wish...

that it was always this easy? I couldn't belive that the Caller ID came up with "PHONE SCAM" as the caller! Just a little funny for today...

New Blu-ray Movie Coupons!

It looks like a Halloween/Horror theme this month! $3.00 off Wrong Turn on Blu-ray™ $3.00 off Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Blu-ray™ $3.00 off Mirrors on Blu-ray™ $3.00 Off The Hills Have Eyes on Blu-ray™ $3.00 off Donnie Darko on Blu-ray™ $3.00 off Silence of the Lambs on Blu-ray™ $3.00 off Alien on Blu-ray™ $3.00 off Day The Earth Stood Still Blu-ray™ $3.00 off Rocky Horror Picture Show on Blu-ray™

New Gerber Coupons!


A little favor...

Sunday night, my mom had a heart attack -- they kept her at the hospital and ran tests on Monday which showed massive blockage to six different arteries. Her heart surgery is tomorrow (Wednesday). She has a great team of nurses - and an amazing surgeon. =) If you wouldn't mind saying a little prayer for her -- she is so scared. She seriously thought it would be a quick, routine thing and that she would be home on Monday night... Thank you. I might be a little MIA this week -- you should see the posts that I had already done and lined up -- but I might not be able to update much more for a few days. Thanks for understanding :) Blessings-- Dannelle

Home Education Part Three: Dollar Stores!

**This is the third part of a four part series I am doing on how you can accelerate your child's education. So far we have talked about teaching little people how to read -- and using Learning Posters ! This week we talk about Dollar Stores! There is an unlimited amount of educational materials you can find just walking around the local Dollar Store...or even looking at the popular Dollar Bins at stores like Target! What kinds of things can you find? Posters, foam clocks, cut outs, flash cards, word cards, phonics charts, write on - wipe off boards, work books and more! All sorts of fun things to back up your lessons on your learning poster or let you branch into something new. I know several teachers who said - if a child can understand money before first grade - math will be easier for I worked on that, and telling time, like you can see in the pictures below.       I also found great United States Flash cards so we created our own leaning poster to cover s

HyVee Match Up (10/2)

***Keep in mind my guidelines: $1/# for fresh produce and $2/# or less for meat Another 2 day Sale this week -- with some AMAZING deals! Thursday and Friday (Oct 6th and 7th) There is also a General Mills Mix-and-Match promotion! If you go and something is out... , GET A RAIN CHECK - HyVee in Madison: rain checks have NO expiration date! You can check out the store coupon policy here    Produce Deals Dole Iceberg Lettuce $.69 - limit of 2 ( This is a 2 Day sale item ). Weigh them an get a heavier one New Crop Washington Golden Delicious Apples $.78/# Fuji Apples $.78/# Acorn Squash $.59/# Butternut Squash $.59/# Spaghetti Squash $.59/# Buttercup Squash $.59/# California Bartlett Pears $.88/# Del Monte Fruit Naturals $1 (the peach is EXCELLENT!) -use the B1G1 from Full Circle Organic Yellow Onions $.96/# (in a 3# bag for $2.88) Meat Deals Hormel Always Tender Whole Boneless Pork Loin $1.99/# - limit of 2 ( This is a 2 Day sale item ). Blue Ribbon Value P