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November Shopping Summary/Update

Here is my shopping summary for November:   $100.00 Monthly Budget -$8.20 Miss Sarah's School lunches -$26.44 Target (Halloween Clearance) -$35.45 Copps last week -$33.53 Copps 11/17 -$3.99 Menards (Black Friday, Klement's sausage) -$10.00 Hostess Outlet (Good Bye Twinkies!) -$7.53 ALDI 11/27 (produce run: celery, apples, bananas, avocados (-$25.14 over budget) I was $42.87 UNDER last month so I am $17.23 under budget for the year so far. That gives me $117.24 until New Years Eve!!!! :) Now, what put me over? 1) Thank you Hostess for closing. {sigh} We RARELY bought any of that stuff and had to hit the outlet that day it closed for a few boxes of things. 2) I also got those pot roasts... I didn't need them as I had a few in the freezer but they were under $3/pound and I know beef prices will be jumping soon.   A quick review of what I bought this month: At Target I got enough pretzels, chips, popcorn and fruit roll ups to help out Miss Sarah's

Walgreen's Deals This Week

Thanks to CouponDad75 for this week's list! I t looks like there is a Senior Discount day on Monday, Dec. 3rd - 20% off Wags, W Brand & Nice! products, plus 15% off everything else, even sale items. Other RR deals: Colgate Total (4 oz) - $3 get $2.50 RR Colgate Optic White full toothbrush, Sensitive Pro Relief 360 toothbrush or 360 Optic White toothbrush - $3.49 get $2 RR Revlon Color Stay Long Lasting (.4 oz) or Scented (.5 oz) , or regular (.5 oz) nail enamel or Revlon Nail Art (.26 oz) - $4.99 get $3 RR Loyalty Point offers: Point Bonus for this weeks ad are as follows: 1,000 points when you spend $25 5,000 points when you spend $50 10,000 points when you spend $75 Colgate or One Direction products – Buy 2 get 1,000 points One Direction Power battery toothbrush - $6.99 Centrum or Caltrate – Buy 2 get 3,000 or Buy 3 get 5,000 points More expensive items - $4 off Colorsilk – 2/$6 – Buy 2 get 1,000 points Complete or Revitalens multi-purpose

Reminder: Cookie Exchange Party

The time is almost here -- my annual Cookie Exchange Party! Do you LOVE holiday cookies? Do you HATE making 7-8-10-12 different kinds during the holiday season because you are so busy? Do you like to have a variety of treats for host plates/gift baskets, etc but find it a little expensive to stock all of the different baking ingredients? Enjoying homemade Christmas baking is highlight of the season for many families, but making everything from scratch can be time consuming and a lot of work. So how do you stock your freezer with a delicious assortment of cookies and bars without spending several days in the kitchen? By coming to an old-fashioned holiday cookie exchange! This party is for you!!!!!! It saves valuable time during the busiest season of the year. It is much faster to make multiple batches of the same cookie, than to track down ingredients for 7 or 8 different recipes and prepare each one. Provides you with a wonderful selection of homemade baked goods to ser

CVS Deals This Week

~Pink=Facebook Coupon , you'll have to have a Facebook account to print these IPs! ~Light Blue = Scanner coupon or CVS Retailer Coupon, you'll know it's a CVS coupon because the barcode will always start with the number 4! ~Red=these are general coupons , they could be from an insert, a tearpad, a booklet, peelie, or an IP and start with the number 5 or 9. Scan your ExtraCare Card at the Coupon Center to receive your savings today! $5 off any $25 Fragrance purchase - your choice! ECB DEALS Spend $25 Get $5 ECB wyb Toys (excludes red hot deals, ASTV, RC helicopter, ROBO fish and electronics) Limit 1 Spend $30 Get $10 ECB wyb these Hallmark products: Limit 1 Peanuts Sound Book or Hallmark Book $7.99 Hallmark Jingle Interactive Story Buddy $24.99 Hallmark Grab-N-Gabs $14.99 Hallmark Happy Tappers reindeer, elf, Santa or snowman $14.99 Spend $50 Get $10 ECB wyb iTunes or App Store Cards Limit 1 $5 off any iTunes Purchase of $25 or more, scanner

Fun Stuff at Kohl's!!

The store is dangerous, but I LOVE their Kohl's Cares For Kids Line! Right now, a lot of PERFECT things for little people - and, all just for $5 each. Check it out: The book The Velveteen Rabbit Velveteen Rabbits!  The Night Before Christmas  A BEAUTIFULLY illustrated Aesop's Fables - think Baby Showers! A classic - The Wizzard of Oz Check out your local store, these displays are usually at the front, by the registers. It lets you pick up something for a decent price and give back at the same time. Awesome - right? Blessings - Dannelle  



Target Deals This Week

You can find them here -- at Totally Target. Make sure you thank Kerry for her great work! :) Happy Shopping!

Emergency Prep: Food

I had started a series on Emergency Preparation and it's been a while since I added to it. So far we talked about WHY you need to think about it, having a water supply just in case you can't use the faucet and quick "bug out bags" if you need to leave your home. Today, we are going to talk about food. I have seen different things on Pinterest, like 3 Day kits, etc that are full of items that are loaded with sugar, preservatives and have a relatively short shelf life. I know, any port in a storm, so to speak. However, I would rather have quality food for my family that is easily portable, easy to prepare and has a decent shelf life. Enter Wise Food Storage! Wise Food Storage’s ready-made meals carry a shelf life of 25 years, with absolutely no rotation needed. That's 25 years without the stress of wondering if your family will have enough good, usable food when emergency strikes. They have things like multi grain cereal, fruit, veggies, chicken ala

Welcome Reedsburg Coupon Class!

Welcome to my site! I LOVE helping people save money at the stores so they can put it to a more effective use for their families! I saved $40,000 in less than one year from just making a few simple changes in our family budget - you can too! Couponing and Meal Planning are just the tip of the iceberg - but account for about 50% of my savings! You will find where to get coupons , printable coupon links , SavingStar info, Swagbucks info and All You deals , along with the local stores' coupon policies and Ad Match Ups . I also have a lot of recipes posted, information about Coupons For The Military and online deal shopping sites info posted. I am on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook too (under Operation 40K) if you want to schedule a class or have any questions, please just shoot me an email at . Blessings, Dannelle