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DIY Paint Job

It's time for another home repair job! This has bugged me since we bought this housed almost 17 years ago - the BBBAAADDD sponge painting job that the previous owners did on the stairwell to the basement! 1) They never masked/taped anything off 2) They used a square kitchen sponge 3) Instead of 2 shades of the same color family, they did a bright white on the blue background 4) They over shot their paint on the dark ceiling Just check out these photos: This job will be in stages also, but the timing is PERFECT as the weather is finally cooling down a bit and the house windows can be open to help with that "new paint smell" that is a tad overpowering. Remember all of that paint I got for $2 a gallon? This is one of the main targets that I had in mind. I also got new rollers for this job and have a little prep work to do before I start: **On the right, you can see the railing that I will have to remove. **On the left, you can't see the 6 peg coat rack that I have

Planning the next shopping trip!

I took a peek at to see what is hitting our ad this Thursday for Copp's...and,I wasn't really excited. (sigh) Between the new coupon book and the new flier, I see very little that screams "take me home". Our freezer is still full of meat, we have plenty of juice, cereal, canned goods, personal care items, etc. I really need to cook and use things up! =) They do have the cereal deal again where you get milk, eggs and $10 back when you buy 6 boxes...always a good deal! You can end up getting the cereal free! I did like the $1 chunk cheese (8oz) and will stock up as there is no limit (but not clear the shelves) is better for shredding and putting into soups than buying the already shredded, which never melts down nicely. I also like the "Meal Deal" that they are offering - it makes me think that it's time for some yummy beef stew! I might have to get 2 of these deals when I go to use up my coupons that are for FREE items and ex