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Today's Grocery Run

Double Coupon Day...two transactions! I got: 4 12 packs of Coke @ $2.25 (4.79 normally) 15 Campbells Soup at Hand @$1 ($1.69 normally) 5 bricks of cheese at $1 ($2.45 normally) Coupons used: 5 for $1 off 3 soups (doubled), $4 Walgreens RR result: $57.26 for just $15.50 or 73% off Transaction #2: 3 Campbells Soup at Hand @$1 ($1.69 normally) 2 Kool Aid Fun Fizz @$1.84 (1.99 normally) Marcal Small Steps @$2.35 Wheat Bread at @ $1.50 ($3.39 normally) 2 Boboli thin pizza crusts @ $4.35 2# plums $1.84 2# peaches $2.37 2 cans pilsburry biscuits @$1.00 (normally 1.89) 2 packs Yoplait @$2 (normally 2.89) Coupons used: $1 off 3 soups (doubled), 2 $1 off fun fizz (doubled), $1 off Marcal (doubled), $.30 off biscuits (doubled) 2 FREE Bobolie coupons result: $38.58 for just $12.23 or 68% off Grand total : $95.84 for $27.73, 71% savings. Total for the month: $100.00 -27.73 (this week) -------- $72.27 to go Dear hubby has plenty of soup and soda for work, these $.18 cans keep him from spendin

Save a tree!

Penny Pincher Tupperware parties are becoming a hot item for hosts to choose - it's a simple demo where I show them how they can save over $3,000 a year, painlessly. Tupperware has the right tools to help with this - like our Fridgesmart Set that can save the average family of four over $600 a year in produce waste... What if I could you I could help you save over $125 a year in just paper? Paper that ends up in the garbage because it can only be used one time... The buzz word right now is "Microfiber". What is microfiber? Microfiber is an incredibly thin fiber made from blending polyester and polymide. This combination is woven into an incredibly soft, absorbent and durable product which is perfect for cleaning and polishing. Unlike the rounded fibers of ordinary cloths like cotton, our microfibers are split 16 times, creating wedges all around that draw dirt, oil and liquid into the core of the fiber. If you have a good set of microfiber towels - you can use them, and u

Shopping Sneak Peak

I checked out what the new sales will be for Copp's - Pick 'n Save as of this Thursday and here is what caught my eye for my next double coupon excursion - go to for the printable links: Paula Red Apples 3 lb. Bag $1.50 Sale price, no coupon needed Final price: $1.50 each ($0.50/lb)** This is a GREAT price on apples and it will be time to make some applebutter for holiday gifts! Meat Deals Johnsonville Smoked or Cooked Sausage Links $2.99 Buy 1 and use $0.55/1 Johnsonville Smoked or Cooked Sausage printable or Buy 2 and use $0.75/2 from 5/2 Smart Source insert Final price: As low as $1.89 after doubled coupon Dairy Case Deals Dean’s Dip $1.00 Buy 2 and use $1/2 Dean’s Dip printable Final price: Two free after doubled coupon This is great for Veggies and Chips! **UPDATE** Philadelphia Cream Cheese $0.98 (Limit 1) Use in-ad coupon to receive sale price Plus, use $1/1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese printable (click on “sign-up” and confirm your registration. This


I briefly mentioned this in a post and thought I would take time to further explain. ReStore is a byproduct of Habitat for Humanity! Decent shelter is a basic human need. As the costs of building materials rise, house maintenance and improvements become increasingly unaffordable. Habitat for Humanity's ReStore, a building materials recycling and retail center, addresses this problem by providing good quality building materials at reduced prices, as well as supporting the mission of Habitat for Humanity. Here is how it works: Houses or apartment building that are being torn down or renovated, the things they remove go, as donations to the ReStore. This keeps them out of landfills! The U.S. EPA estimated in 1996 that U.S. companies generate 136 million tons of building-related construction and demolition (C&D) waste per year. YOU go to the ReStore and buy something for your home, the money helps create a new Habitat for Humanity building in the area! How cool is that? What can yo

200 Posts!

When I started this just 6 months ago - who thought that I had so much to say? 200 posts later, I hope you have gotten at least one hint, tip or recipe that has helped you a little bit. I am almost at my 6 month mark and will update you in a bit with my total so far...we are making progress and just getting into my really busy season! September kicks off the fall selling season and I have 10 in home parties, a weekend mall cart, a craft show booth at the local Thresheree, things to sell at the fall children's resale event and am shooting for up to 30 Tupperware book parties! Can you just imagine what October will bring, LOL? So far I have averaged more than one post a day -- had two giveaways and gotten some nice feedback. I thank you! Here's to a productive, yet organized fall! =) Dannelle

Meal Plan Monday

I made MOST of what we had planned for last week - I kind of missed Saturday as I was recouping from my medical test fiasco. Only one thing added into this week - the rest is new. It's almost time to do a freezer inventory to keep myself on track! It's pretty full so we can eat for quiet some time out of it yet, LOL! Here is how I do my meal planning. 1) I grab the calendar and see where we are for the week and what we are doing so I don't plan a meal for a night we are at a friend's party or working. 2) I grab the freezer list so I know what ** and *** items need to be used. 3) I look at the last 2 weeks so I don't feed my family the same thing, week after week. That's it! Here is my plan of attack: Breakfast is usually the same: French toast, fruit crepes, Breakfast Cookies, cold cereal* or oatmeal* with a piece of fresh fruit (apple, strawberries, grapes or banana) or homemade cereal bars as we have a LOT of cereal right now. Lunch is either: leftovers, peanu

SUPER Easy Pot Roast!

This is one of my favorites to do and SUPER easy - you just need a great sale on beef roast and a crock pot. The sale this week for the "meal" deal was buy a roast, get carrots, celery and potatoes for free. THAT is a good deal when the roast is under $3 a pound! Start with the celery - roughly dice one stalk. I cheat and leave the celery all in the bunch and cut across the ends four or five times. Just toss those cuts into the crock pot. Now it is time for the carrots - peel 2 or 3 of them and then cut into "sticks" like you see here: Toss them into the crock pot with the celery and then take 2-3 good sized potatoes. Your Jr Assistant can help you by washing them Peel them and dice like you see here: Now that your veggies are in the crock pot, add a can of beer. My favorite brand is SALE. I only buy beer on SALE and use it for beer bread, pot roast, Cheddar/beer soup, white chicken chili, etc. After the beer, add a 3-4 pound beef roast and put a packet of onion sou

Extra Newspapers!

Today was a GREAT coupon day if you get the Sunday paper - THREE inserts! Redplum, Smart Source and a P&G brandSaver. As I flipped through the pages of coupons I looked for my favorites: Campbell's Soup ($1 off 3 - gets me 3 for $1), Kool-Aid Fun Fizz ($1 off ends up being FREE), V8 soups ($1 off), Ivory soap, Pringles, etc...I easily saw 10 different coupons that I would use! This meant a trip to the Dollar Store this morning! Our local Dollar Store carries the Sunday paper for $1 - which is half the price! Five papers later, I have spent $5 for fifty coupons that are a $1 face value, that when doubled, becomes $100. I spent $5 to save $100 -- so I am $95 ahead! Check out YOUR local dollar store and see if they carry the paper on Sundays -- it's worth it but I warn you, they are usually gone by 11AM -- you need to stop by BEFORE church to grab them :) Happy clipping!