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My Next Grocery Trip

I have already looked over the new sale flier and planned what I will get either Saturday or Wednesday for double coupon day! You can make your own list, complete with coupon match ups, by visiting the Rainbow page at I have added 1 thing to the list: Vigo Red Beans and Rice are 2/$4 and we LOVE this this pan fried smoked sausage. =) Here are the other things on my list besides Milk and the boneless, skinless chicken breast that I am getting at Sentry tomorrow: I will get four of these (2 and 2 free) Hormel Always Tender Marinated Pork Fillets – Buy 1 Get 1 Free at $5.99 Buy 2 and use $1/1 from 8/1 Smart Source insert (Roundy’s corporate policy prohibits using a coupon on the second item in a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion) Final price: $1.99 each after doubled coupon** **I looked up the weights of these on Hormel’s website and was struck that the Lemon Garlic weighs 1.7 lb and the Teriyaki weighs just 1.15 lb Kraft Sandwich Shop Flavored Spread $2.29 Buy 1 and

The Truth About Juice

It is no secret that there is a lot of sugar in juice...that is why I always bought 100% juice. Then V8 Fusion came on the market - it was 100% fruit AND veggie juice in a glorious variety of flavors/colors. It is so wonderful that even books like "Eat This, Not That" recommend it. Then they came out with "light" juice... which is simply a watered down version of the original juice and they add artificial sweetener to it for flavor. ICK! I take the Original juice and cut it with water (50/50) and have done so ever since my peanut started drinking it. Her 1 8oz serving a day (as recommend for small fry) is really 16 oz because it is half water so she gets "two" glasses a day =) It still counts are fruit and veggie, is less sweet and saves money! That $3 bottle of juice is now TWO bottles of juice for the same price. Ocean Spray has jumped on the Fruit/veggie juice bandwagon and has two flavors out there...hopefully more are around the corner as it is

Multiple Transactions

I have had a lot of questions about this -- how do I do them? Rainbow/Pick N Save/Copp's has a normal double coupon policy where you have to spend $25 and then, you can double (on certain days) 5 coupons that have a value up to $1 . There way of thinking is you spend $25, they will give you up to $10 back. Insider tips: 1) The $25 is ORIGINAL SHELF PRICE, not sale price - SO, it could be $25 of items that are on sale for $7 less... you are now at $18 and get to take that $10 get it all for $8, almost half of their "plan". 2) DOUBLE DOUBLE coupons occur every 6 weeks or so for ONE DAY. They let you double TEN coupons that day, with the same $25 transaction! Try taking $10 off that $8 balance...he he he! 3) Multiple transactions. It benefits you to split up your grocery shopping into multiple transactions: if you do it all at one time you can be buying 40 items that all have coupons, but only 10 would double. If you plan it out, you can do FOUR 10 item purchase

Today's Grocery Run - 6 transactions~!

What a score - bags and bags of stuff for a fraction of the cost! I ended up with $227.23 in groceries for just $15.22 today! I hope that sentence alone was enough for you to keep reading this VERY LONG POST (sorry!) I LOVE double double coupon days at Copp's and this time, finally, there were great sales to go with it! SIX different transactions meant 3 trips inside the store: for the first two, it was all about cereal. I got 20 boxes today. I know what you are thinking: "TWENTY BOXES??? Is she NUTS?" You haven't seen my husband eat cereal, LOL. 20 boxes will last MAYBE two months. (sigh)Transaction 3 was about the conagra deals and #4 was all about Lawrey's Marinades. I had to go back for a 5 and 6 as the Ocean Spray version of V8 Fusion was on sale for $3.09 - and I had $1 coupons. We now have 22 bottles of juice...which I KNOW we will go through and you will see a separate post about later. I did have $9.50 in Walgreen's Register Rewards that I used this

And the winner is...

Michelle! Her winning post: Mom 2 Many said... facebooked! July 26, 2010 4:28 PM ******************* Congrats Michelle! - Please send me an email to with your mailing address so I can send your prize to you. =)

Back in the Saddle Again!

I have a confession: I haven't gone grocery shopping in almost three weeks! The week before vacation I didn't want to stock up on stuff that we wouldn't get to while we were gone...during vacay I had packed a lot of stuff to take with us for breakfast/lunches and we were treated to dinner every night. We are home and, after cleaning out the fridge - it looked a bit empty! What a perfect time to get back in the saddle - and routine of pouring over the sales specials, matching up with coupons and making a list! It doesn't hurt that tomorrow is DOUBLE double coupon day - so they will double TEN $1 or less coupons with a $25 purchase...since they work on original shelf price, I am ready to SCORE tomorrow! Here is an example of one of my four (yes, four) transactions for tomorrow: Lawrey's marinades are on sale for $2.39 (from 3.49). I will get ten of them for a total of $23.90 - THEN, I will hand over ten coupons for $1 off, that will be doubled and my total comes do

A school supply list

So we come back from vacation and what is in the mail? A list of school supplies that my peanut will need for kindergarten! They couldn't send it out a month ago when I had time to watch the sales and stock up on things - NNNNOOOOoooo.......that would be to easy, LOL! I do happen to have about half of the things on the list but need a few things and have to figure out what Crayola Pipsqueakes are, LOL! Here is a great tip from my friend Sara on the ScrapFreak boards: grab a list for the next year up while you are working on the list for this year! They don't change that much from year to year and it will give you a great start for that round of early supply hunting when places like Walgreen's have all the fantastic bargains going every week. In my case, I will grab the lists for first grade and file it in my control journal. Come next July, I will have a great idea of what I will need to hunt for and can be tucking it all away inside her backpack until they release the