Multiple Transactions

I have had a lot of questions about this -- how do I do them? Rainbow/Pick N Save/Copp's has a normal double coupon policy where you have to spend $25 and then, you can double (on certain days) 5 coupons that have a value up to $1 . There way of thinking is you spend $25, they will give you up to $10 back.

Insider tips:
1) The $25 is ORIGINAL SHELF PRICE, not sale price - SO, it could be $25 of items that are on sale for $7 less... you are now at $18 and get to take that $10 get it all for $8, almost half of their "plan".

2) DOUBLE DOUBLE coupons occur every 6 weeks or so for ONE DAY. They let you double TEN coupons that day, with the same $25 transaction! Try taking $10 off that $8 balance...he he he!

3) Multiple transactions. It benefits you to split up your grocery shopping into multiple transactions: if you do it all at one time you can be buying 40 items that all have coupons, but only 10 would double. If you plan it out, you can do FOUR 10 item purchases and ALL coupons are doubled~!

How do I do it?
It would be a pain to buy 10 items, give 10 coupons and then run to the car and repeat that 3-4-5 times! I draw an imaginary line down the center of my cart and make left = transaction #1 and the right = transaction #2. I come to the store with my coupons/list pre-figured from sale prices and my price book, adding 3-4 coupons on the back side for "an oops". An oops is when they are sold out and I can't get that item, I have a "plan B" for that transaction to make sure I hit my $25 threshold and maximize my coupons.

I put left cart on the checkout belt, add a rubber divider after it and then add right side of cart and another divider to keep my stuff separate from the person behind me. They scan left cart items, run my card, take my coupons, I pay. Bags are put into my cart. Repeat. To the car I go with my goodies and I return to the store if I have a 3rd or 4th transaction planned.

If you plan more than 2 transactions, save the cold stuff for the last trip to the car so your ice cream isn't sitting in a hot car for an additional 30 minutes~!

If you have a little "helper" with you, you can still do this! I LOVE the carts that have the little cars on them...and so does my 4 year old! I have her steer in the store, honk, sometimes and empty aisle let's us "floor it" (please don't picture me running down the aisle while pushing the cart - it isn't pretty, LOL)!!! It is a quick way to entertain and make it special for them...and gives you an easy excuse when you go back in for the second round "my cart basket was simply too small...

I hope that helps explain it!
Just holler if you need something clarified!


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