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ConAgra Foods Offer

If you got your November All You magazine - there was a tear out that said : Spend $25 on ConAgra foods, mail in the receipts and get $30 in coupons AND a $5 Walmart gift card. Your receipts can show the original prices and you can still take your coupons off! I LOVE Orville Redenbacher's Tender White corn...they have a coupon out for $1 off one. Buy ten at a sale price of $1.50, use ten coupons (that double) and you have $15of your required $25 so far! Hunts, Rotel, Orville, Marie Callendars, Swiss Miss, Reddi Whip, Parkay, and Pam are all part of this company - I got my 11 cans of Hunts sauce this past week for $1 so I am about half way there. How cool is it to spend $25 and get $35 back?

What drives grocery prices - a quick economics lesson

It's amazing how something as simple as bio-diesel can cost us money at the store. When we have to compete with our food source for things like fuel, the prices go up. You can see the direct results in things like bakeries. Around here, a famous wedding cake shop had to close up his store because he had quoted brides a certain price per slice and the cost of the ingredients more than ate up his profit. He had contracts and couldn't go back and raise the price...a problem when you pre-sell a service 1-2 years in advance. Now add the fact that fuel costs are rising again. Our gas pumps jumped $.15 in one day! The cold winter and predicted heavy snow fall are going to add more to the bill and that effects transportation costs for food. Now add the commodities markets - they are going up and all the "experts" are predicting food price increases too. This means a serious OUCH for us at the stores! All of these costs will add up and be passed on to us, the consumers. I pred

Things to Stock up on right now

Just passing on some great info from Hot Coupon World's newsletter... Brands to Watch This Week The Thanksgiving holiday sales are here. Watch for the following brands to be on sale: Stove Top - Although I make stuffing from scratch, Stove Top at less than $1.00 a box is handy to have around. This is the only time of year I buy it, and this week and next are the best prices of the year for stuffing mixes of all brands. Broth - Swanson and store brand - It's canned and it has almost a 2-year shelf life. This is the time to stock up on beef and chicken broth. Generics can be had for as cheap as 3 for $1 and the Swanson will come on for 2 for $1, and with coupons and doubles, you can bring that down further. It takes at least four cans to make enough soup for a family of four (with leftovers) so plan accordingly and buy now. Gold Medal Flour - Fall is filled with bake sale items, and the best deal is going to be on 5-pound bags of flour. Right now, the price of wheat is climbin

Today's Copps Run

No surprise that I did well today - I had a mitt full of Register Rewards that I had to use or loose...and I still have a $6 one left! Two transactions... #1 10 cans Hunts Spaghetti sauce @ $1.00 (normally 1.59)** 2 Ocean Spray Cranberry juices @ $2.50 (normally 3.09)- for holiday punches 2 Mentos mint gum @ $1.59 10 Buddig chipped beef packs @ $.62 ea (normally $.69)- nothing like creamed chip beef over toast on a cold day! **These can be used in the Contadina mail in offer! Coupons used: 2 Ocean Spray for $1 (doubled), 1 Mentos for $1 (doubled), 2 Budding $1 off 5 (doubled), two $6 RR and one $3 RR $31.86 for $.51 -- a $31.35 savings (98.4%) #2 1 can vanilla frosting $1.25 - time for peanut butter fudge! Gold Medal flour #5 - $1.99 (was $2.39) 1 can Hunts Sauce $1 (was $1.59) 2 Ocean Spray Cranberry juice @ $2.50 (normally $3.09) Chips Ahoy Cookies @ $2.50 (normally 2.99) Nabisco Vanilla Wafers @ $2.50 (normally $3.99) 2 Pepperidge Farms garlic toast @$2.69 (b1g1 special) 1 Pomegrana

Share I have a few people who have asked why I haven't talked about this program. Easy. I do better at the grocery store! The concept of the plan is great - it's a buying club basically where everyone gets at least one share a month of food for $25. By buying in bulk, everyone gets a discount on the prices. You preorder and prepay for the following month Let's look at what is on the current order form for this month (for December delivery) Split chicken breast, lemon herb crusted salmon, pork tenderloin, chicken breast strips, pre cooked brats, deli shaved roast beef, bulk pork sausage, baked beans, chicken rice mix, 8 inch apple pie, 1 can of fruit cocktail and nine pounds of assorted fruit and veggies. All of this for $25. Let's break it down by my standards. The pack has seven pounds of assorted meat. My target price is $1.99 a pound or less so that would be approx $14 for the meat (max). I would get the baked beans, fruit cocktail and rice free (chicken fl

Walgreen's Roll Overs...

I had someone ask me HOW can I keep getting WAGS stuff, basically for free each week. Easy. Work the deals. I kind of do the same thing that I do with groceries - cherry pick sales specials, match with coupons and get the Register Rewards. Once you start, it is easy to maintain. I got $6RR for getting my acid reducer medicine when it was on sale last week, paying with two $8 $RR from the week before. I used that $6 RR to get the Zarbee's children's cough syrup this week that is $5.99. I added a few canned goods, used a $3 coupon and the $6 RR, got it all for FREE and then, got another $6 RR. - it was a pure money maker this week! (Gotta love that!) I am currently sitting on $30 in RR that I have to start using by November some might come off my grocery bill at Copp's on Wednesday as I don't see something in the new fliers that I want/need at Wag's. If it hurts your head to figure out the deals - just check out that site I keep telling you about --> Ihea

Meal Plan Monday

It's STILL all about Freezer Fishing this week...I have several things on month four that need to come out and get used before they get "old" =) Here is the list: Breakfast will include: -Ego sweet rolls -Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls -French Toast -Breakfast Egg Bake Lunches as normal (sandwiches, soup, left overs, tappas plates) and for dinner... Monday - Fridge Clean Out! Tuesday - Italian Night: build your own pizza (I have 5 cheese personal pizzas in the freezer to use as a base!) Wednesday - Dinner out before the Rockette show! Thursday - Shredded BBQ chicken on a bun, green salad Friday - Mac N Cheese, mixed veggies Saturday - Brats, baked beans Sunday - teriyaki pork tenderloin, potatoes and green beans (we didn't make it last week) What are you going to feed YOUR family this week?

Creative Shopping

Who doesn't love hitting the stores after a holiday for seasonal items that are then marked down to 50% off, 75% off or even 90% off as they are trying to free up shelf space for the NEXT holiday? I hit the ShopKo store today to pick up some Halloween clearance...not candy, but a few other things. First of all, we are having a "Princess" birthday party next summer -- and Ariel is her favorite princess. I can't see spending $29.99-39.99 for a princess dress up outfit but a mermaid Halloween costume at 90% off makes it a STEAL! The costume you see pictured cost me $3.99 today and should be a perfect fit in about 6 months. It is the last thing I wanted for her party - and will share more on that another time. Here is the other big score. Oreos. (thanks to my friend Kelley for the tip!) Instead of candy, they have fun things like pretzel, teddy grahams and mini oreos bagged up for the little tick or treaters. A bag of 18 mini packs was on sale for $5.99 and not a huge bar