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Frugal Vacations...

We had a wonderful vacation in Branson with the family - for almost a week! I know what you are thinking...HOW? How can you go on a vacation when you are trying to save money? Easy! First of all, you have to have a place to stay. Hotels can be simply insane in trendy touristy spots like that so it's nice to find an "out of the way" option that gives you a lot more for your money. We found a great place to rent, with three bedrooms and all the bells and whistles you could ask for! This cabin had everything from a washer and dryer to a dishwasher in the kitchen! Seriously, I could live in that cabin, LOL! When you split $650 more than one way, you get a GREAT deal on a room! Now, let's talk food. They have these neat things called grocery stores. They are in every state - and pretty cool! You should check it out, LOL! Mom and I figured that things *might* be a tad more expensive in a touristy place so we brought a lot from home!

New Diabetes News

Both my mother and mother in law have diabetes so I try to keep current on all the available information. I even sat in on the classes with my mother, who is now diet controlled. I am a big girl, but keep an eye on what my Mom deals with, so I can make sure that I don't get the same thing! The free magazine from the Pharmacy department at Walgreen's, called "diabetes and you", had a very interesting article in it. (summer copy) It says what we eat may be the key, more so than the risk facto of being overweight or inactive! The paragraph I found the most interesting is: The researchers who did the study found that people in these two groups who ate a lot of fats, meats, eggs and refined grains, had a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. The study also showed that vegetables help protect some people from getting type 2 diabetes. Diets rich in fruit, milk and yogurt were found to be very helpful, especially in women. The first thing that came to my mine was &quo