Frugal Vacations...

We had a wonderful vacation in Branson with the family - for almost a week! I know what you are thinking...HOW? How can you go on a vacation when you are trying to save money? Easy!

First of all, you have to have a place to stay.
Hotels can be simply insane in trendy touristy spots like that so it's nice to find an "out of the way" option that gives you a lot more for your money. We found a great place to rent, with three bedrooms and all the bells and whistles you could ask for! This cabin had everything from a washer and dryer to a dishwasher in the kitchen! Seriously, I could live in that cabin, LOL! When you split $650 more than one way, you get a GREAT deal on a room!

Now, let's talk food.

They have these neat things called grocery stores. They are in every state - and pretty cool! You should check it out, LOL! Mom and I figured that things *might* be a tad more expensive in a touristy place so we brought a lot from home! Everything from soda and juice to pasta and pasta sauce. That means we (as a group) spent under $70 for food for the week! Again, this gets split a few ways...

We DID plan on a few shows - like the Sons of the Pioneers. This came with a FREE dinner and the kids were FREE too! Beef Brisket, corn on the cob, baked beans, apple cobbler, roasted potatoes and 1/4 chicken. Now tell me, how bad is this? We all saved our chicken for later - it became yummy chicken sandwiches the next day! You ate first and then enjoyed the music. Were they ever fantastic! (Think Roy Rodgers...)


We drove...all 9 hours and add about 2 more for potty stops along the way. Of course we packed drinks, sandwiches and munchies to avoid costly fast food runs. We also used our Fuel Perks rewards to fill up -- over $1 off a gallon! Gas was split three that really kept cost down.

Adding it up...

All in all, we had a nice family vacation (multi-generational) and it didn't cost us very much. I would have to crunch the final numbers but I want to say it was under $350 out of our pockets and that includes the few souvenirs we brought home!
--->Now here is the funny part...while I was gone, I got an order for over $190 on my website. Their home address was from Branson! I had left the Tupperware Car Magnets on for our trip and someone saw it - they ordered! I made $65 for vacation pay, LOL! That takes our trip cost down to under $300. That is a pretty good price for a week of fun, family memories, good food, silliness and great music.

What is YOUR favorite frugal vacation?


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