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A Day Of Remembrance...

A lot of blogs/facebook communities will take a Moment of Silence 8:46amEST to 10:03amEST. For one hour and 17 minutes on Sunday they will not be posting on their Facebook pages or blogs to commemorate the 10th anniversary. We know a lot of Police Officers and Fire Fighters...and have both in the family. We know someone who was in the tower that day...and find it hard to see that video of the planes and towers, over and over again. We will post our normal Sunday items on Monday morning...please understand the entire day of silence here. Blessings to you, and your family. Dannelle


Giveaway: Back to School CA$H !!

Piggly Wiggly Stores That Double

Here is the list of all Wisconsin Piggly Wiggly's that have been doubling they are all independently owned and operated, always check your ad =) I am jealous - NONE are anywhere near me! Appleton Piggly Wiggly Store 520 E Northland Ave, WI 54911 Howards Grove Piggly Wiggly Store 714 S. Wisconsin Drive, WI 53083 Kenosha Piggly Wiggly Store 2215 80th St, WI 53140 Kenosha Piggly Wiggly Store 2801 14th Place, WI 53140 Kenosha Piggly Wiggly Store 7600 Pershing Plaza, WI 53142 Menasha Piggly Wiggly Store 1151 Midway Road, WI 54952 Muskego Piggly Wiggly Store W189 S7847 Racine Ave, WI 53150 Oak Creek Piggly Wiggly Store Tower Square 2201 E. Rawson, WI 53154 Racine Piggly Wiggly Store - everyday thru 7/20! 3900 Erie Street, WI 53402 Racine Piggly Wiggly Store 4011 Durand Rd, WI 53405 Racine Piggly Wiggly Store 5201 Washington Avenue, WI 53406 Racine Piggly Wiggly Store 5600 Spring Street, WI 53406 Sheboygan Piggly Wiggly Store 2905 N. 15

Chili Beans At Cub Foods!

This week - not a whole lotta deals at Cub Foods - but thanks to Rhonda for the alert on the S&W beans! They are on sale for $0.69/can in their new coupon book, print the coupon from their website for $1/5 to take them down to $.49 each. Just in time for chili season!!

SUPER Cheap Cat Food At Petsmart!

Authority cat food is on sale at Petsmart for $5.99 for the 4-lb. bag and use the $5/1 coupon on  (bottom right hand corner). It gets better! There are tearpads in the store for 2 free cans of Authority cat food wyb any bag of Authority cat food! Bottom line:   Get 4 lbs. of cat food and 2 6-oz. cans of cat food for $0.99! ***This makes a GREAT donation item! You can get over 20 pounds of cat food for under $5!!!

Target Issues...

Some people have had issues with their Target stores telling them that they can't use coupons on trial sized items - that it is a NEW policy of the company. This is not true. First of all, it is always a good thing to have a copy of the store policy with you, if you are shopping there. You can get the Target policy off their website HERE . If you DO have a problem, you have every right to request that they call customer relations regarding the dispute so that the matter can be rectified immediately. **Apparently, there was SOME discussion of a new policy that came down through the grapevine incorrectly...but the bottom line is that stores do NOT have the power to add to or adjust the corporate coupon policy. I hope that helps you eliminate any possible frustration at the registers...happy shopping!

FREE Vicks Cough Drops at Walgreen's!

Get the small box for $.99 (either by the register or the main area by the chapsticks) and use the $1/1 from the 8/28 P&G for ANY Vicks! (limit 4 per transaction - per the coupon) Stock up for the winter season for FREE! =)

9/11 Smartsource Insert #1

Several Game coupons in this one - if you didn't get a chance to print them off off last week or that Hasbro Facebook page. These make for nearly FREE games when you buy the travel versions at Target or Walmart! Activia Selects Save $1.00/3 (10/1) Allegra Childrens Allegra Save $2.00/1 (12/31) Allegra Any 24hr 30/45 ct or 1 Allegra D Save $3.00/1 (12/31) Benefiber any Save $2.00/1 (10/15) Benefiber stick pack Save $2.00/1 (10/15) Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Memory, or Cooties game Save $3.00/1 (10/9) Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste 4.0oz or larger Save $.35/1 (10/1) Colgate 360 Sensitive Pro-Relief toothbrush Save $.35/1 (10/1) Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste 4.0oz Save $1.00/1 (10/1) Colgate Optic White toothpaste 4.0 oz larger Save $1.50/1 (10/1) Colgate 360 Optic White toothbrush Save $.35/1  (10/1) Connect 4 Launchers, Monopoly Crazy Cash, Monopoly eBanking, Scrabble Turbo Slam or Scrabble Alphabet Scoop game Save $5.00/1 (10/9) Earth Wise

Smartsource Coupon Preview #2

There are FOUR inserts this weekend -- great week to get bonus papers! Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected! (/X) after coupon = expiration date () before coupon = multiple of same coupon ETS = excludes trial sizes DND5 = coupon states Do Not Double, but barcode starts w/a 5 Smartsource coupon insert Aveeno Save $1.00/1 (10/31) Aveeno Save $3.00/2 (10/31) Bausch + Lomb Soothe Eye Drops Save $4.00/1 (12/31) Bausch + Lomb Alaway Eye Drops Save $4.00/1 (12/31) Bausch + Lomb Opcon-A eye drops Save $1.00/1 (12/31) Bausch + Lomb Ocuvite Save $5.00/1 (12/31) BenGay Cold Therapy or Bengay Pain Relief Massage or Bengay Ultra Strength 4 oz Save $5.00/1 (12/31) Claritin non-drowsy 4oz or 10 ct or larger Save $2.00/1 (10/9) Claritin 24 ct or larger Save $4.00/1 (10/9) Claritin-D non-drowsy 15 ct or larger Save $4.00/1 (10/9) Covergirl Save $1.00/1 (10/31) Dulcolax Save $1.00/1 (12/31) Dulcolax Save $3.00/2 (12/31) French’s Dijon Mustard Save $.7

Menard's Rebate Deals This Week (9/11)

I shared info about their Rebate program last year ... see here. This is kind of like the Register Rewards at Walgreen's but you have to mail in the form to get your perks back...even though you can still roll them along. What is nice is the simple fact that these do NOT expire, so you can be patient and roll them over when you find the right deal. I LOVE the FREE after rebate items, but will settle for less than free, if I can use up old rebate checks to make up the difference. =) This is NOT all the deals in the flier - just the ones that are FREE or practically FREE: Did I miss one? Let me know! Sally Hansen Beauty Tools $2.49 - $2.00 MIR -use $1/1 coupon from the 7/31 RP = $.51 MONEY MAKER!!!!!!!!!! (Limit of 4) ***This can be a great donation item if it is nail clippers, etc Halloween Window Clings $.98 (no MIR - but fun!) Post Frame Buildings Book $3.00 - $3 .00 MIR = FREE (Limit of 1) Window Insulator Kit $1.49 -  $.50 MIR = $.99 (Limit of 4) **You migh

This Week's Target Deals (9/11)

You can find them here -- at Totally Target. A few things to add: Not everything in the flier is ON sale, it is all FOR sale. The Market Pantry Milk for $3.49 is a great example of that - VERY expensive (IMO) If you have the Cascade $1/1 coupons - look for the trial packs = they will be FREE! If you have been playing with Recyclebank - they have the $1/1 Kashi coupons that make a GREAT deal for you this week when stacked with the $1/3 from! If you printed those $5/1 Mossimo Target Qs, they will make for $1 shirts this week! Pharmacy Coupons seem to be a thing of the past .... sigh. Happy Shopping!

FREE At Walgreen's This Week (9/11)

I zipped over to and scoped out the upcoming ad - here are the best deals of the week. Not a lot of FREE offers, but some nearly FREE =) Crest Toothpaste $1.99, get $1 RR -use the $1/1 from the 8/28 PG Final Price: FREE Playtex Gentle Glide or Sport Tampons $3.99 Get $1 RR -use the $2/1 from the 8/14 SS Final Price: $.99 Bugles, Gardettos, Chex Mix $.99 -use 50¢ off when you buy Chex Mix® OR Chex® 100 Calorie Snack  or 50¢ off when you buy Bugles® Corn Snacks Final Price: $.49 (I'll be stocking up on Bugles and Chex MIX!) Airwick freshmatic or neutra air freshmatic Kit $7.99 get $3 RR -Use $4 Airwick Ultra Freshmatic or compact freshmatic kit (exp 10/23/11) 9/11/11 ss Final Price: $.99 -Use $1.50 Colgate Optic White toothpaste 4oz+ (exp 10/1/11) 9/11/11 ss Colgate optic white $3.99 get $2 rr Final Price: $.49

FREE BMI from Nutrisystem

If you noticed my ticker at the bottom of the blog, I am on a mission to loose weight. It's kind of like saving money - you record what you eat/do so you know what you need to change. Here is a tool to help you see if YOU need to make a can get your FREE body assessment! Take an important step toward living healthier by determining your BMI (Body Mass Index) score today. Knowing your BMI can help you set a healthy weight loss goal... Now, I need remember how to change my ticker - I am down another two pounds! =)

CVS Store Policy

I don't really talk about CVS as I never shop there. It's a long drive for me (18 miles) compared to the closest Walgreen's (1 mile). They DO have a great program, actually - better than Walgreen's with their Extra Care Bucks (ECB)!   The place to go, to see the deals a few weeks in advance is  .This is a site that helps do some of the work for you: pointing out the deals of the week and matching up the coupons/ECB offers!   There offical coupon policy is here  for you to print off and keep in your coupon box/binder.   General guidelines to further (ExtraBucks Rewards and ExtraCare Coupons) • Coupons and their face value cannot be exchanged for cash or gift cards. • Competitor coupons are not accepted at CVS/pharmacy. • CVS/pharmacy does not accept coupons for items not carried in our stores. • CVS/pharmacy does not currently accept coupon bar code images displayed on a Smartphone,iPhone, Droid, etc • The total value of the coupons may

Disney Princess Call

You have seen this all over the blogs this week - the FREE Disney Princess call! You have a short series of questions like which princess, what kind of call and then, when you want the was fun to let Miss Sarah know that she has been doing a good job by her favorite princess (Tiana) - she got a kick out of it! Keep in mind, you can only get two calls per phone number -- so you might need to use the Cell if you have more than two of your own little princesses at home! Just go HERE to get started - it's FREE and sponsored by Target!

I went Shopping...

First, comes Walgreens. 3 Transactions: (I did the first one twice) 1 Mitchum$2.99 (normally $3) 1 Hershey's Kiss $.05 (filler item) Coupons used: $1/1 Mitchum $1.50 Wags RR (Last week's Carmex deal) Cost OOP $.70 , got $2 RR back THEN, I did the one for the cookies: 12 boxes Nabisco Cookies @$1.99 that were on a BOGO special Coupons used: 6 $.75/2 (exp on 9/5) the $4 in RR from trans 1 and trans 2 Cost OOP $4.09 Grand total $34.84 for $5.40, saving $29.44 (85%) The Lorna Doone Cookies will be used when our daughter has to bring snacks for her class - they are shortbread cookies that have no peanut/allergy concerns. **Donation Alert: the deodorants go in the weekly food pantry bag - remember, people can no longer use food stamps on any personal care items - pantries NEED this kind of thing along with toothpaste, tp, shampoo, etc. Then Came Copps! 4 boxes Golden Grahams Treats @$2.50 (normally 3.19) Triscuits @$2 (normally $3.25) 4 Wheat Thins @$2 (nor

Cub Foods - saved 101% (you read it correctly...)

I LOVE shopping at Cub Foods!! A lot of people forget that they take expired coupons for up to 3 months...that can get you some really great deals, as you will see below. I had BIG plans for Cub Foods today - and their extra box tops promo: I was going to play the "grocery game" where I check out, leave the store and go back in to shop again. I couldn't do it because after coupons, my total was $.07 - the cashier was so excited that she called over the other cashiers to see.   (sigh) They all knew me and there was no way I could back in and shop again. Here is what  I got today (27 items): For the Box Tops deal (I got a bonus 35 box tops) 6 Betty Crocker Boxed Potatoes 1 can corn 3 cans refried OEP bean then I added: 2 boxes Purina One cat food 1 # ground beef 1# grapes 5 can Red Gold Tomatoes 1 Loaf Cub White Bread 4 Simply Single OJ Uncle Ben's Ready Rice Coupons Used: Store coupons for FREE Grapes, 10/$5 BTFE items, Red Gold Tomatoes $.69 (l

Pampers Gifts To Grow

If you use Pampers, you probably have noticed the points... We no longer use them but have gotten fun tings from Miss Sarah when we did...all because of those codes and their Gifts To Grow Program. It's FREE (one of our favorite words) !! I also use Pampers when I make diaper cakes for baby showers...buying them off Amazon with super saver shipping and subscribe & save (that I cancel) Here are more points you can add to your account, if you’ve not added them yet: •WELCOMEGTGPTS10 = 10 points •GTGREWARDS4MOMS = 10 points •WELCOME2PAMPERS = 50 points •JOINNOW4REWARDS = 50 points •2BEGINEARNING50 = 50 points •GIFTSTOGROW4MOM = 50 points •pampers4momjfm1 = 10 points •CONGRATS2NEWMOM = 10 points •GTGWELCOME10PTS = 10 points •PAMPERSGTG10PTS = 10 points •10PTSFREECODE4U = 10 points •CAREFORNEWBORNS = 10 points •GTGCOUPONPOINTS = 10 points •WELCOME2VILLAGE = 10 points •GETSTARTEDNOW10 = 10 points

FREE Wiggles Music Sampler

There has been a lot of great music for kids lately - Here is another: The Wiggles Summer 2011 Sampler album – 5 songs Still available: FREE Sesame Street 5 song sampler album FREE VeggieTales 5 song sampler album FREE Native American Flute Lullabies (and a few more that you will see at the bottom of the page)! (Thanks Mama Cheaps!)

Johnsonville Coupon

In my TV segment that airs on Tuesday, you might see me refer to the Johnsonville Sale at Copp's (and Pick N Save) : $3.88 for a 1# pack of brats or Italian Sausage. I mentioned the $1/1 coupon on their website and how it brings it down to $1.88, after doubling, on a Wednesday. I say you MIGHT as they shot almost 2 hours with me and I have NO idea how they will pare that down to a 3-4 minute segment, LOL! HERE is that coupon - print it NOW before it's out of prints...I plan to get the Italian Sausage - it only takes 2 cooked and crumbled ones to make a super tasty lasagna!

Kellogg's Coupons

Have you signed up yet? They have new coupons every month. You get some fun ideas in an occasional email. It's FREE   What are you waiting for? =)

New SavingStar Coupons!

Have you signed up with them yet? You don't see an instant drop at the register, but get it back AFTER the fact. Think of it as a 5th layer on the coupon shopping cake 1 = buying at sale pricing 2 = using a store coupon 3 = stacking with a manufacturer coupon (hopefully it gets doubled) 4 = mail in rebates 5 = SavingStar -  cash back! You can actually get PAID to take things home from the store -- Make MONEY on them!! Here is an example: Hormel Compleates $3.39 On sale for $2.50 Store coupon $.50 (when you buy 10) Use $.55 manufacturer coupon (doubled) and use 5 BOGO $3 rebate when you buy 5 $.75 SavingStar I buy 10 and pay $2 at the store. I get $3 back from the Rebate offer and then $7.50 from SavingStar. This PAYS me $.85 each to bring them home! Keep in mind that this is a "dead" deal that I just shared ...but you can see how it works! $3.39 x 10 = $33.90, I MADE $8.50, so it is a $42.40 credit in my favor...and that is JUST ONE ITEM! What are you waiti

Almost FREE Pro Plan Dog Food at Walmart!

Walmart has the small bags for $3.57 -- use this coupon for $3/1 and get each bag for just $.57!   $3/1 Purina Pro Plan Dog Food coupon . **This makes a GREAT donation item - food pantries and pet shelters are hit hard by this economy too - this lets you turn $5 into 30# of food for them =) Thanks The Thrifty Couple  and Kansas City Mamas !

Logli Ad Match Ups (9/7-9/13)

They double coupons every day, up to $.55 - how fun! This doesn't cover everything in their add, just the bargains. Just remember that everything in their ad is FOR sale, not ON sale...  Keep in mind my price points for produce ($1/# or less) and meat ($2/# or less) They have a 10 for $10 promotion this week - remember, you can also buy ONE for just $1 Produce Deals Schnucks Peeled, Baby Style C arrots $1 (1#) Del Monte Fruit Naturals $1 (that's it, sorry)   Meat Deals Oscar Mayer Franks $3 -use the FREE OM hot dog coupon (if you got it from Facebook in the mail) Farmland Franks $1.25 (16oz) -use the $.55/1 from their Facebook page here Ocean Eclipse Fish 4oz packs $1 (that makes salmon $4/#) Assorted Loin Pork Chops $1.99/# Oscar Mayer Bologna and Salami $1 (12 oz) Dairy Case Deals (none, sorry) Grocery Deals Purex Laundry Detergent $2.50 Newman's Own Pasta Sauce $2 -use the $.50/1 from the 8/28 SS Simply Lemonade or Juice $1 -use the $1/1 Simply coupon from

Sentry (8/8-8/14)

Sentry Coupon Policy is here Check to see if your store takes IPs (Internet Printable Coupons) before printing some of the matched up deals...not all do. Remember, Not everything in the ad is a good bargain, it's not all ON sale but is all FOR sale :) Labels for Education time! Buy 10 items and get 250 bonus points Buy 15 items and get 500 bonus points! See in ad coupon for redemption information Produce Deals Head Lettuce $.99 each - weigh them to get a heavier one -use in ad coupon to get sale price - limit 2 Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti Squash $.49/# Michigan Paula Red Apples $.66/# (in a 3# bag for $1.99)  - weigh them to get a heavier one California Valencia Oranges $.76/# (in a 4# bag for $2.99) - again, weigh them Green Cabbage $.39/# Large Beefsteak Tomatoes $.99/# Meat Deals Angus Beef Boneless Rump Roast $2.99 Pork Shoulder Blade Roast or Steak $1.99/# Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.59/# -use in ad coupon to get sale price Dairy Deals Dannon F

Quick Giveaway!

Not by me - my CA$H giveaway doesn't start until Sunday - but my friend Micki from Midwest Coupon Clippers is giving away a few things for her new website! Her giveaway includes: a $10 Target Gift Card, coupon inserts and Mela Laundry Pack! Tell her I sent ya - and good luck!

9-11 General Mills Coupon Insert

***There are FOUR inserts this weekend, I would get extra papers =) Sunday coupon preview Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected! (x) before coupon = multiple of same coupon ETS = excludes trial sizes General Mills Coupon Insert Betty Crocker Save $.50/2 boxed potatoes except Potato Buds and Pouch (11/5) Betty Crocker Save $.50/2 fruit shapes, fruit by the foot, fruit gushers or fruit roll-ups (11/5) Cereal Save $1/3 19 listed (10/22) Chex Mix Save $.75/1 10.5oz+ muddy buddies snack mix (11/5) Fiber One Save $.40/1 chewy bars, 90 calorie chewy bars or 90 calorie brownies (11/5) Fun da-middles Save $.75/1 cupcake mix (11/5) Green Giant Save $.40/1 Just for One (11/5) Green Giant Save $.50/2 Valley Fresh Steamers frozen vegetables 11oz or 12oz only (11/5) Green Giant Save $.60/3 frozen boxed vegetables (11/5) Hamburger Helper Save $.75/3 home cooked skillet meals (11/5) Nature Valley Save $.75/1 granola thins (11/5) Nature Vall

9-11 RedPlum Coupon Preview

There will be FOUR inserts this weekend - great time to get extra papers! =) Sunday coupon preview Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected! (x) before coupon = multiple of same coupon ETS = excludes trial sizes Aquafresh Premium Toothpaste 5.6 oz or larger Save $.75/1 (11/30) Aquafresh Extreme Clean Pure Breath Action product or any iso-active products Save $1.00/1 (11/30) Bayer Aspirin product Save $1.00/1 (12/31) Bayer Advanced Aspirin product Save $2.00/1 (12/31) Body Fortress powder Save $3.00/1 (10/28) Carolina White, Brown, Jasmine, Basmati Rice or River White or Brown rice Save $.50/1 (12/31) DiGiorno Large Pizza Save $1.00/1 (10/31) Emerald Nuts or Breakfast on the go! product 7.5 oz or larger Save $1.00/1 (10/23) Johnsonville Smoked Chicken Sausage Save $1.00/1 package (1/31/02) Garnier Moisturizer any Save $2.00/1 (10/22) Kellogg’s Raisin Bran, Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch, and/or Raisin Bran Extra Cereals 15 oz or larger Save $1.0

Amazon Alert: GoGo SqueeZ Apple/Strawberry $.60 each, Free Ship!

GoGo SqueeZ Apple/Strawberry, Applesauce on the Go, 3.2-Ounce Pouches , 48 pack for $29.25 - with FREE Super Saving Shipping when you do Subscribe and Save! Can you tell I am on a lunch box kick? Seriously, it is SO easy to pack lunches when you can get things in bulk, at a great price (better than the wholesale clubs!) and they deliver to your door! Tip: Just make sure you cancel the Subscription after you place the order...or you might be surprised when the next box comes, LOL! The GoGo SqueeZ AppleBanana, Applesauce on the Go, 3.2-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 48) is just $28.53 -- and is NOT a Subscribe and Save option, you save $15.51 off the retail price!

Copp's / Pick N Save Ad (9/8-9/14)

Carrie at Pocket Your Dollars has the list done -- as her ads come out on Sunday and ours on the following Thursday, giving us a "sneak peak".  Usually, I update it with OUR prices and deals, but I didn't have access to the ads while on vacation. Here is her list, and what I am planning on getting on Wednesday is in RED. You can see the entire list here  . Double check YOUR ad to verify pricing. =) Keep in mind $1/# or less for fresh produce and $2/# or less for meat. Produce Deals Green Onions $0.50 Sale price, no coupon needed Final price: $0.50 Roundy’s Carrots (1 lb.) $0.79 Sale price, no coupon needed Final price: $0.79** **This beats Aldi’s everyday price of $1.19/lb. Mangoes $1.00 Sale price, no coupon needed Final price: $1.00 Strawberries (1 lb. package) $2.00 Use $0.50/1 Driscolls printable available after registering (if your store carries this brand) Final price: $1.00 after doubled coupon Granny Smith, Red or Golden Delicious Apples $1.