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Today's Store Run...

Two stores for me today - Aldi and HyVee. Since they are within a block of each other, I have no problem hitting them both. :) First Aldi for produce: 5 packs Strawberries @$.99 5 peaches @$.25 8 plums @$.25 Olive Oil pan spray @$1.49 pack of sunflower seeds @$.39 Cantaloupe @$1.39 Total spent: $11.47 -- compared to HyVee's prices, I saved $11.61. At HyVee , I was all over the 15% off meat in the bag deal. I got three whole chickens (4 pounds+) @$2.98 4 Powerade @$.49 (normally $1.29) 1 gallon of milk @$2.97 (I think it's expensive, but it didn't make sense to hit yet another store....) and one Kandy Lemondrop melon for $2 - they were sampling it and WOW~ way yummy! I spent $16.00 and saved $13.17 My savings today weren't great - but I wasn't coupon shopping today ( gasp~!! ) Simply working the sales specials and planning on more super cheap jam for the family. $75 budget for the week: -$11.47 from Aldi $16 from HyVee $27.47 for the week, $47

Practically FREE at Walgreens This Week ( 7/10 - 7/14)

I zipped over to and scoped out the upcoming ad - here are the best deals of the week. GUM micro or super tip toothbrushes 2 pk or floss 200 yds $2 G et $2 RR Final price:  FREE! Hyland's Teething Gel .5 oz $5 Get $5 RR Use one of these coupons: -$1 hyland's teething gel (exp 12/31/11) -$1 hyland's teething gel (exp 10/31/11) Final price: MONEY MAKER! Women's 6 blade Razor $3.99 Get $4 RR Final price: FREE School Supply Deals of the Week (These are better prices than the Staples sale) corner office legal pad 50 sheets $.39 with in ad coupon index cards 70 pk $.39 with in ad coupon wexford index cards 100 pk $.39 w/ in-ad coupon penway filler paper 13 sheets $.50 w/ in-ad coupon penway folders 2 pocket w/ prongs $.13 (8/$1) w/ in-ad coupon ***NEXT week are deals on glue sticks, #2 pencils, 2 pocket folders (no prongs), crayons You can see this weeks full ad and deal list here

Whole Foods list 7/6 - 7/12

Here are the Whole Foods deals for the week of July 6 - 12, 2011. Remember…. Some stores allow you to stack manufacturer coupons with store coupons. Buy a case and get a 10% discount. Bring your bags for .10 cents off your order per bag. Prices and deals will sometimes vary by store. Check out the current Whole Foods Printable Coupons . Sales, coupon policies and available items will vary by store. Please call your store to confirm and/or check your local ad. Check out this weeks list here .  Thanks Your Green Helper!

Quick Giveaway!

I scored FIVE extra sets of the Proctor and Gamble inserts from last weeks paper -- who wants them? Here is how you can be the lucky winner: Reply to this post ON MY BLOG (Not Facebook or Twitter) = 1 chance Share on Facebook = bonus chance Share on Twitter = bonus chance Good luck, you have until 10 PM CST on Sunday!  (So I can mail them out on Monday!)

Fruit Fly Traps

I know. Gross. But, it is a fact of summer! You bring those garden tomatoes in to ripen on the window sill -- you forget about the bananas that family member "x" HAD to have, etc. All of a sudden, those pesky little bugger show up, uninvited. As savvy shoppers - we hate to spend any money that we don't have to - so this is a quick DIY for you. Take a bowl, add a little fruit (melon works best) and about 1/4 cup of vinegar (any variety).  Place plastic film over the bowl, or - as you see here, put it into a zippy bag. Make sure you cut a few small holes in the film/bag -- I mean SMALL. The fruit smell draws them in and then, they can't find their way out: as you see here: It works! Take the trap outside, and add to your garbage, making sure to save your bowl :) Now go get them........

July Kwik Trip Specials

First of all - not every store participates in this program...sorry! Only ONE of our two Sun Prairie Stores does...which is kind of crazy, if you ask me. Most participating stores have extra copies behind the counter - all you have to do is ask for one :) This month it is called All-American Savings and all coupons are a limit of one (unless noted) ! Free Coupons: Free Buddy fountain drink Free Glazers Donut Free Apple or Orange Other Coupons $.50 off any roller grill item $.50 Dozen Grade A Large Eggs $.75 off 1# Grade AA butter $1 off a dozen cookies (normally $3.99) $1 off a slice of pizza (normally $2.19) $1 off any hot sandwich $1 off a smoothie, malt or shake (normally $2.39-2.79) Wednesday = $1 Deals! 13 - Chicken Sandwich 20 - Cheeseburger 27 - Cheese Mountain Pizza There are also more things in the 8 page booklet: Bake Shop Specials Cigarette Deals Beer Cave Specials Car Wash promotions Etc. It's fun to think "out of the box" when shop

Frugal Friday - Make Your Own Pickles!

It's just about that time of year that Cucumbers are rapidly overtaking your garden! This is a VERY easy and VERY yummy recipe that you can whip up - to make great use of them! Keep in mind that this recipe only works when you use your Tupperware, LOL! The Large Pik-A-Deli will be on sale pricing as of Saturday!   Dannelle's Awesome Fridge Pickle Recipe! Start with 7 cups sliced Cucumbers and 1 sliced Onion, placed inside your Pik-A-Deli. Mix together the following in your Quickshake (gravy shaker): 1 cup sugar ½ cup white vinegar ½ tsp mustard seed ½ tsp celery seed 2 tsp salt Pour it over the cukes & onions, then chill in fridge. Ready to eat after 24 hours! How much easier can that be??!!   They keep beautifully in the fridge - we like to make 4 to 6 containers and it lasts until just about Christmas for us...all snuggles in the bottom rail on the fridge door.   **Note to self: add mustard seed to the grocery list, I'm finally out!   Enjoy!

Pierces IGA Coupon Match Ups (7/7-7/13)

Here is this week's list of deals - remember, it's not ALL the items in the weekly ad, just the highlights. Happy Shopping! Produce Deals  Golden Pineapple $2 - weigh it to get a heavier one Cantaloupe $2 - weigh it to get a heavier one Green Giant Carrots $.49/# in a 2## package for $.99 California Broccoli $.99/# Meat Deals  Pork Butt Roast $1.79/# Pork Butt Steak $1.79/# Angus Chuck Roast $2.69/# Angus Chuck Steak $2.69/#  Dairy Deals Kraft Philly Soft Cream Cheese (8oz) $1.99 Use the $.55/1 from the Kraft Food and Family booklet Final price: $1.44 Organic Valley Milk $3.49 Use the $1/2 from here Final price: $2.99  WYB2 Kemps Cottage Cheese (24oz) $2 Kemps White Milk Half Gallon $1.25 Cedar Crest Ice Cream (48oz) $2.99 IGA Biscuits $.60 Grocery Deals Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats Cereal $2 Powerade Thirst Quencher $.79 Old Spice Deodorant $1.99 Use the $1/2 from the 7/3 P and G Final price: $1.49 WYB2 Charmin Basic Bath Tissue 12 roll $5 Us

Red, White and Blue Oops!

Some of you may have seen this gem of our family history on my personal facebook page a few days I apologize for the repeat. As Paul Harvey used to say "Here is the rest of the story..." We were at a small town Fourth of July parade as a family, enjoying getting squirted by the firetrucks, seeing the old cars and tractors and Miss Sarah was hauling in the free candy. Then came the Kemp's truck. Stupid is the name I give the person from Kemp's who thought up the idea of tossing their big Patriotic pops out to the crowd. Yup - kids got beaned like crazy - (sigh). One side of their truck had people handing them out to the crowd and on our side, both the driver and people on the back trailer were throwing them at the crowd. I had just seen a kiddo get nailed and turned to say something to my hubby when Miss Sarah got it. Right above the left temple. The plus side? We could use it like an ice pack -- then she could eat it when she was done crying. She

Back To School Items...

If you have a little person going back to school, NOW is the time to start collecting back to school supplies! Starting 7/10 - you will see ads at all the places for back to school items. Here is the funny: We got a letter in the mail about pre-purchasing all of miss Sarah's items from the school. It even comes in a commemorative box that would be great to save her important papers of the year in! the kicker? It cost $22 !!! I KNOW I can do better than that! Just look at what I got last year at Walgreen's: -Legal pads - I like the smaller ones to keep in my purse for the ever occurring ideas. $.29 -10 pack Mechanical Pencils @ $.39 -Index Cards (100 plain or 70 color)@ $.39 -Pencil Sharpeners @ $.29 SAME COUPON as Rulers @ $.29***you can get SIX OF EACH at the sale price! -Mini Hi lighters @ $.09 -Crayons and colored pencils for $.49 a box -Erasers just $.49 in a two pack -Wood Rulers $.09 -2 pocket folders $.09 More great places to watch are Walmart, Target an

Copps / Pick N Save Coupon Match Ups

Here is part of the list from Pocket Your Dollars , I have it updated with OUR pricing and flier items as they vary by franchise My changes are in green. The Monopoly Bonus piece items are in BLUE. Sadly, prices are going up - and fast! The 6 pack of Roundy's string cheese that used to be $1 (sale price) just over a month ago is now $1.29 (sale price) in this ad. That is just one example (sigh). Happy planning! Produce Deals Blueberries $1.50 Red or Black Plums $.99/# Vidalia Sweet Onions $.79/# Green Beans $.99/# Roundy's Baby Carrots $1/# Mangoes $.88 each - weigh them and get the heavier ones HoneyDew Melon $2.50 - weigh them and get the heavier ones Summer melon variety $2.99 - includes Casaba, Crenshaw, Galia, Orange Honeydew, Canary and Golden Dewlicious. ***Cub Foods had these a few weeks ago for a lot less...again, weigh them and get the heavier ones Meat Deals Fresh Split Chicken Breasts or Jumbo Pack Drumsticks or Thighs ($0.99/lb) (Limit 2

7-10 Smartsource coupon preview

7-10 Smartsource coupon preview Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected! (/X) after coupon = expiration date () before coupon = multiple of same coupon ETS = excludes trial sizes DND5 = coupon states Do Not Double, but barcode starts w/a 5 Smartsource coupon insert Air Wick Freshmatic compact starter kit $4/1 (8/21) Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra starter kit $4/1 (8/21) Ball accessory item $1/1 (10/31) Ball canning discovery kit $2/1 (10/31) Bic Soleil disposable or Soleil system razor $3/1 (8/21) Biotrue multi-purpose solution 10oz+ $2/1 (9/10) Biotrue 2x10oz pack multipurpose solution $4/1 (9/10) Colgate toothpaste 4oz+ $.50/1 (7/30) Colgate Sensitive toothpaste 4oz+ $.75/1 (7/30) Fiber One 80 calories cereal $.75/1 (8/20) General Mills 4.5oz+ Sweet ‘n’ Salty Chex Mix $.50/1 (9/3) General Mills 5oz+ Bugles corn snacks $.50/1 (9/3) General Mills Lucky Charms treats, Golden Grahams treats, Chex Mix treats or Milk ‘n’ Cereal bars $.50/1 (9/3)

Piggly Wiggly Deals 7/6 - 7/12

**Remember, Piggly Wiggly stores are independently owned and their ads occasionally don't match up as prices may vary per store. (YMMV) check your store ad for prices and to see it's coupon policy There are a LOT of Food Club items this week - I only picked a few to put on this list :) Meat Deals Oscar Mayer Fully Cooked Bacon $1.69 - limit 3 Use the $1/1 from here (if allowed) Use the $.55/1 from the Kraft Food and Family booklet Final price: as low as $.69 Oscar Mayer Bologna $.99 - limit 2 Whole Fryers $.99/# - HyVee has them $.79/# this week Angus Boneless English-Cut Chuck Roast $2.99/# Angus Boneless Shoulder Chuck Steak $3.19/# Food Club Hot Dogs $2.99 for a 3# pack ($.99/#) Produce Roma Tomatoes $.99/# Romaine Lettuce $.99/# Golden Pineapple $2.99 (weigh it to make sure it is at least 3#) Jumbo sweet vidalia onions $.79/# California Fresh Carrots 3/$2 -- or $.66/# Red Potatoes $3.99 for a 5# BAG (weigh it to get a heavier bag) Plump

Free Fun and a Rambling Brain.......

We started off today going to the Kid's Rule Movies and seeing HOP for FREE. My Friend Donna (from the Madison Coupon Connection ) gave us some free passes. (Thanks Donna!) THEN we used a Pizza Hut Gift Card (A birthday gift from my Personal Assistant) and had lunch at the Pizza Hut Buffet -- and ate waaaaay too much. (Thanks Melanie!) Now Miss Sarah is at Karate with Daddy, my assistant and I are working in the office and a great pasta bake is going for dinner. I just realized that I FORGOT to hit the bread outlet today -- and won't make it in the next 10 minutes. (oops!) It looks like the hubster will have to enjoy my whole grain bread when his Cottage Bread runs out - until I hit the outlet on Saturday. So far - NO money spent on food this week!! I DO plan to shop on Saturday: 2 Whole chickens from HyVee's 2 day sale @$.79/# and I WILL get them both into the bag for an additional 15% discount! Roughly $6.50 Strawberries, plums and peaches at Aldi -- roughly $

Aldi Deals for the Week (7/6 - 7/12)

  Master Price List and Tips Here:   Aldi's prices are on the creep up, like everywhere else. The Master Price List has been updated! Great Produce Deals this week - I plan to hit Aldi when I hit HyVee on Saturday! Strawberries, 1 lb. package, $0.99 - you really have to check the packages over, about 1/3 of the ones we looked at last week had mold in them! The ones we brought home and topped/froze looked great! Cantaloupe @ $1.39 each - up $.40 from last week, but they were GOOOOOOD! Plums @ $0.25 each - GOOD! I missed them last time and still have the 4P jam in my brain!  Peaches @ $0.25 each - needed for the 4P jam too!   Nectarines @ $0.25 each Keep in mind that you can buy seasonal fruit NOW, when it's CHEAP, and freeze it for later! Simpley remove pits, stems, etc - lay flat on a cookie sheet to flash freeze for 15-20 minutes and then put into containers/baggies for the freezer. You have great fruit for fall canning, jam making, smoothies, etc!


I LOVE to get together with the gals and scrap/eat/chat/play!   What I found was: the crops were really expensive or really far away I had to bring EVERYTHING I needed (even bedding) I had to cook a dinner for the group while someone else got off just making a continental breakfast I had a regimented schedule to follow (games, contests, etc). There were crop organizers who sold some product line and insulted you if you weren't a "purest" to their product SO, I have been running a weekend crop, In Madison, for several years that covers all of that! It's only 4-5 times a year as we all have busy lives, but it lets me get my projects done without all the great "helpful" intentions of my five year old daughter, LOL!   Here is the info:   1) We keep it cheap - $35 for the weekend, hotel would be extra but you can get up to 6 in a hotel room with the pull out couch.   Your $35 Crop fee includes: (see below how to save $5!)   Six Foot Table to yourself Un

7-10 RedPlum Coupon Preview

Sunday coupon preview Regional coupon inserts & value differences are to be expected! (x) before coupon = multiple of same coupon ETS = excludes trial sizes RedPlum Coupon Insert Cheer product Save $1.00/2 (8/31) Cramp911 4.5ml Save $1.00/1 (7/31) Cramp911 21ml Save $3.00/1 (7/31) Era product Save $1.00/1 (8/31) Flex-a-min supplement Save $3.00/1 (8/23) Folgers coffee products 3 oz or larger excludes gourmet selections K-Cup portion packs Save $1.00/2 (8/14) Folgers Black Silk coffee 10.3 oz or larger Save $1.00/1 (8/14) Gain laundry detergent Save $1.00/1 (8/31) Gain fabric softener or sheets Save $1.00/1 (8/31) Grain Berry item Save $1.00/1 (8/31) Hefty One Zip bags Save $1.00/2 (10/31) Hillshire Farm lunch meat Save $1.00/2 (8/13) Jimmy dean D-light sandwich Save $1.00/1 (8/31) Jimmy Dean D-light bowls Save $1.00/1 (8/31) Keebler Granola Fudge bars 6ct only Save $.75/1 (9/4) Kellogg’s Special K multigrain oats & honey, Frosted Mini-Wheats touch of frui

This Week's Diaper Deals

After a few of my Coupon Clipping 101 Classes, people asked me about Diapers. I will try to share weekly deals for y'all that are using them! Here you go: This Week's Diaper Deals CVS Pampers Cruisers or Swaddlers Big Packs – $18.99 -Use (2) $1.50/1 Pampers coupon (PG 7/3) -Get a $10 Gas gift card WYB $30 in select products Final Price = $34.98 for 2 + $10 off on gas Rite-Aid Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers – $8.97 -Use $1.50/1 Pampers coupon (PG 6/5) -Get $2 +UP Reward (Limit 2) Final Price = $5.47 Walgreens Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers – $10 -Use $1.50/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants coupon (PG 6/5) AND Final Price = $8.50 Walgreens Brand Value Pack Diapers – $16.99 Target Huggies Little Movers Jeans Big Pack Diapers – $19.79 -Use $1.50/1 Huggies coupon (SS 6/12) Final Price = $18.29 Pampers Value Pack Diapers – $29.99 -Use (2) $1.50/1 Pampers coupon (PG 6/5) -Get $5 Target gift card WYB 2 Final Price = $51.98 for 2 ($25.98 each) Amazon (same as last week  - prices

Recyclebank - new stuff!

If you have been to my coupon class - you have heard me talk about this site and how you can get coupons for BEYOND simple surveys! (Seriously, you get points when you get the answers wrong!) They have a new promo - -   their Green Your Vacation Contest for a chance to win a cruise around the Galapagos Islands with Linblad Expeditions or a trip to the Four Seasons Resort in Costa Rica.  Make sure you enter - join Recyclebank here!   (If you haven't already)

School Kits!

It's that time of year where we focus on gathering supplies for Luther World Relief School Kits! We try to make a few more every year than the year's basically just a bag full of basic supplies that would be needed for anyone. It's fun to involve Sarah in this - she helps me pack the bags and take them to church. We really are SOOOO blessed in this country - compared to so many that it really seems our duty to share the wealth. It can be pretty painless on your pocket book if you watch the sales carefully this time of year - I have another post about a huge Walgreen's score for you tomorrow! A school kit may provide the only supplies for children returning to school after the disruption of war. School kits help parents continue their children's education, even while living in a refugee camp, for example. A school kit may also be used in adult literacy classes. Your group can also help LWR get school kits to the people who need them by donating a bric

Sentry Coupon Match Ups (7/7-7/13) - Beef Week

Enter to Win a trip for a family of Four to see the Brewers take on Houston September 2-5, 2011. Go to to enter this week's code: triple An updated local list of which stores double and which don't is coming soon! Sentry Coupon Policy is here *** **The products that are on sale with the in-ad MANUFACTURER coupon as listed about can NOT be stacked with any other coupon.    Other than that, here are the deals: Check to see if your store takes IPs (Internet Printable Coupons) before printing some of the matched up deals...not all do. Remember, Not everything in the ad is a good bargain, it's not all ON sale but is all FOR sale :) Produce Deals Green Giant Idaho Potatoes $1.99 (5# bag) - weigh them and get a heavier bag. Use in ad coupon to get sale price Cantaloupe $1.50 Southern Peaches $.99/# Meat Deals FINALLY - a beef week at Sentry! It seems like it has been a long time since they have had one....woo-hoo! The first few are BONELESS --

East Towne Mall - Sidewalk Sale!

Semi-Annual Sidewalk Sale Thursday, July 7 through Sunday, July 10 Treat Yourself to a Big Sale! Find great deals on clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, electronics and much more! ***If you are like me and have a mall GC to use up - this can be a good time to go! I plan on hitting the mall Wednesday night as many stores have their sale items ready and let you shop early. (He he he he........)

It's July 5th!

What does this mean? Hit the Independence Day Clearance Sales! You can get holiday home decor items, patriotic edible treats and fun things for the kiddos at 50% off or more and then tuck them away for NEXT year. OK, not the edible treats...LOL! Who cares if the Oreos have a red or blue center? They still taste the same! Red, white and blue marshmallows still melt the same for a S'more...Patriotic confetti cake mix or frosting will still be tasty when you whip it up. Red, white and blue goldfish crackers still light a smile on a little person's face. Just because you are getting these at sale prices, doesn't mean that coupons aren't allowed! Maximize your savings with your coupons and take things home for almost FREE. Happy shopping!

More Proctor and Gamble Coupons!

Didn't get the insert in today's paper? No worries, send for your own booklets! Use the links below to sign up for a free $35 Proctor and Gamble coupon booklet. You can sign up for one every 30 days...from each site! :) Dawn P and G Organize in Style Coupon Book Cascade P and G Organize in Style Coupon Book Cascade P and G Organize in Style Coupon Book Mr. Clean P and G Organize in Style Coupon Book Febreze Pand G Organize in Style Coupon Book Swiffer P and G Organize in Style Coupon Book Olay P and G Organize in Style Coupon Book

New Menard's Rebate Deals

I shared info about their Rebate program last year ... see here. This is kind of like the Register Rewards at Walgreen's but you have to mail in the form to get your perks back...even though you can still roll them along. What is nice is the simple fact that these do NOT expire, so you can be patient and roll them over when you find the right deal. I LOVE the FREE after rebate items, but will settle for less than free, if I can use up old rebate checks to make up the difference. =) Drywall Saw 6″ $3.50 Get $3.50 MIR = FREE!! (Limit 2) Roller Shade 37"x60" $2.00 Get $2.00 MIR = FREE!! (Limit 3) Blacktop Crack Filler Tube $4.00 Get $4.00 MIR = FREE!! (Limit 4) Carpenter Pencil Sharpener $1.50 Get $1.50 MIR = FREE!! (Limit 4) Fan Bulbs 4pk $3.00 Get $3.00 MIR = FREE!! (Limit 2) Spic and Span Lint Rollers 3pk $5.00 Get $5.00 MIR = FREE!! (Limit 2) 4 Zone Timer $5.00 Get $5.00 MIR = FREE!! (Limit 3) Go Green Cat Pan Liner 8-15ct $3.50 Get $3

Meal Plan Monday

It's the beginning of a new week! OK, during the All You Magazine Challenge, it's really Meal Plan SUNDAY! (Sorry!) In my coupon class, I teach people how to save money at the stores. That is half of the equation for saving money on food, meal planning is the other half to it. You have to USE the food you have brought home and not let yourself make the "fast food run" - those add up fast and kill your budget! Meal planning also saves you time - no more getting home and playing "open up the cupboard doors, what falls out is for dinner" game. You KNOW what you are going to make/eat and have the recipes and ingredients handy. THIS saves you both time and money, two great things! Last week we did great - WAY under budget and there will be more of the same this week! With the holiday in there - we are going to a cookout, yet bringing tings from the stock pile: crackers and hot dogs. Here is the plan for the week: Any time you see ** it means it was some

Happy Independance Day!

Parades, fireworks and fun food - have a GREAT day with your family and friends!

All You Magazine Challenge Week 2

We came home from the wedding celebration and got back into every day life: I had a little altitude sickness to recover from and we house sat one night. Still, we managed to basically live off our stockpile - with an infusion of fresh fruits! We did MUCH better than week #1 - and might even beat that this coming week! In case you are curious, here is what we ate over the week: Sunday B- Strawberries, Mango, Pineapple, Cantaloupe, lemon pistachio poppy seed scones, broccoli egg scramble L- (none - it was brunch, not breakfast) D- Pizza at Bonni Brae (treated) Monday B - granola bars, juice (flying home) L-  more granola, Emerald breakfast to go mixed nuts, juice D - turkey and dressing, potatoes and corn Tues B - waffles L -  PbJ sushi with baby carrots D - grilled chicken breasts, wild rice, baked beans Wed B Special K with Strawberries, milk L baby carrots, shredded grilled chicken D Creamed Chipped Beef over toast, baby carrots Thurs B - granola bars and the last o

Whole Food deals for 6/29 - 7/5

Here are your Whole Foods Match Ups for the week thanks to Healthy Life Deals. Note, prices will vary from store to store so please be sure to check the prices at your store.  Also, be sure to check with your Whole Foods to be sure they will allow you to stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon. You head over here to print Whole Foods Printable Coupons PRODUCE Organic Vidalia Onions $0.99lb Organic Zuchinni $0.99 lb Luna Bar $0.75 Buy 15 10% case discount= $10.12 use 15- $0.50/1 Luna bar  Mambo Sprouts Printable or Mambo Sprouts Spring Booklet $0.17 each after coupons and case discount Lightlife Smart Dogs $3.00 use $1/1 Ligthlife  Mambo Sprouts Spring Booklet and use $1/1 Lightlife  Whole Deal March/April $1.00 Ben and Jerry’s  Ice Cream $3.00 use  $1/1 Ben and Jerry’s Whole Foods Printable or Whole Deal Booklet and use $1/1 Ben and Jerry’s RedPlum 6/12/11 Total Price= $1.00 Kashi 7 Whole Grain Flakes, Indigo, Simple Maize  $3.00 Buy 2 use 2- $1/1 Kas

Pierce's IGA Coupon Match Ups (6/30-7/6)

I am a slacker this week - I totally missed doing the list for this store! Check it out here - she did it. I will make sure I don't miss you this week! 

HyVee Ad Match Ups this week!

***Keep in mind my guidelines: $1/# for fresh produce and $2/# or less for meat They have a 2 day Sale Again! (Friday and Saturday) If you go and something is out... , GET A RAIN CHECK - HyVee in Madison: rain checks have NO expiration date!   Produce Deals Red Ripe Strawberries (4# pack) $4.99 -  (a 2-Day Sale Item) **ALDI has them for just $.99/# Homegrown Green Cabbage $.49/# Artisan Sweet Red Onions $.88/# Green Giant Klondike Baby Red Potatoes $1.88 for a 3# bag (weigh them and get a heavier bag!) Meat Deals 2 Day sale items:   15% off all the meat, seafood, lunch meat and deli items you ca fit into one of their grocery sacks. That doesn't mean it is ALL a great deal - take your calculator with you and do some basic math :)   All Week Long: Blue Ribbon Pork Loin value Pack Country Style Ribs $1.99/# (included in the 15% off sale!) HyVee 100% Natural Fresh Whole Chicken $.79/# (included in the 15% off sale!)   Other Notables     2 Day Sale Items: Bakery Fres

Cub Food's List for the week!

It's July - which is National Ice Cream Month! ***Keep in mind my guidelines: $1/# for fresh produce and $2/# or less for meat They have a FREE Summer Coupon Booklet called Fresh Summertime Fun with over $20 of money saving offers and Exclusive recipes - available at the store. They also have manufacturer's coupons that you can use at Copp's / Pick N Save! Get a coupon to save $5 off your next purchase of $25+ by signing up for their email list at There is a two day sale this week at Cub's -- still, I didn't see ANY decent produce deals this week in the ad!  Cantaloupe twice the price of the super yummy ones I got at Aldi on Thursday, high apple prices and more. Even the meat deals are lack luster - we have seen that same ground turkey at Copps / Pick N Save for just a dollar a's just not an ad that I am really excited about! You can still get that $5 off $25 purchase coupon but -- I think I will pass. Check it out

Walgreen's Deals of the Week

Check out this post from -- Not a lot of freebies this week, sorry!

Target deals for the week -

Check out this post from Totally Target!

New DVD and Blu-ray Movie Coupons!

There are several new DVD & Blu-ray movie coupons available to print. ou can sort by the “Hom Entertaiment” categoy on the left to find them fast. $3 off All That Jazz Music Edition on DVD $3 off Crazy Heart on Blu-ray™ $3 off History of the World Part 1 on Blu-ray ™ $3 off King and I 50th Anniversary Edition $3 off Moulin Rouge on Blu-ray ™       $3 off Oklahoma! on DVD       $3 off Rocky Horror Picture Show on Blu-ray ™       $3 off South Pacific on Blu-ray ™       $3 off The Sound of Music on Blu-ray ™       $3 off Walk the Line on Blu-ray™