Double Double Days!

Copp's has DOUBLE double coupons next Wednesday...that means you can score HUGE with up to $20 off your $25 minimum purchase! I know you are smarter than the average shopper who will put everything in their cart and hand over only 10 will be like me and break things down into 2-3 or 4!

Last time around there ware some pretty poor sales specials - this time there are some GREAT things on sale! Here is my plan of attack:

transaction 1
$7 in Deli -- I get $3 off instantly and LOVE their rotisserie chicken salad!
2 packs deli deluxe slices $2/4 and I have $1 off coupons
2 Betty crocker cake mix @ $.88 and I have $.75 coupons
---Kellogg's deal - $10 off instantly and get Free milk on your next purchase...I like to work this backwards start with $10 and then add the double coupons in for the 6 items and that gives you the target price for all items. $10+10 in coupons means I can hit $20 and be FREE!(plus get a free milk)
-2 cheeze its crackers ($1 off 2)
-2 cinnamon corn flakes and I have two $1 off one
-2 cinnabon cereal and I have two $1 off one
4 Select Harvest soups and I have two $1 off 2 coupons
avocado (one FREE from FB)
take off $6 wags RR for an almost free cart!

transaction 2
milk (free from trans #1)
5 Hormel chili master cans @ $1.25 and I have five coupons for $.75 off 1
2 Betty crocker cake mix @ $.88 and I have $.75 coupons
4 sweet moments at $2.50 and I have 4 $1 off 1 coupons
avocado (one FREE from FB)
$4 wage RR should make this almost free and I get $5 back from Hormel for the next transaction

transaction #3
Repeating the cereal/milk deal---
-2 Raisin Bran
-4 Cocoa Crispies
more Select Harvest Soups
2 more Betty crocker cake mix @ $.88 and I have $.75 coupons
4 more sweet moments ($2)
2 Pillsbury grands @$1 and I have $.30 off 2 coupons..
avocado (free)
$5 off from Hormel and the $1 off from last this week's Idahoan potatoes should make this almost free too!

transaction #4
milk (free from transaction number 3)
10 nestle Toll house cookies @$2.50 and I have ten $1 off 1 coupons..
avocado (free)
This should run $4-5.

What am I going to do with all of those avocados? I think some guacamole is in my families future! Let's do a quick summary of what I will get next week for about $5 (or less) :

2 gallons of milk
4 avocados
10 packs of Nestle Toll House cookie dough
10 boxes of cereal
2 boxes of crackers
5 cans chili
6 cans of Campbell's Select soup
2# of rotisserie chicken salad
2 packs of Kraft single cheese
2 cans Pillsbury grands biscuits
8 packs Pillsbury Sweet Moments
6 boxes of cake mix

Maybe I should add a bag of nacho chips for that guacamole, LOL!

Remember - it IS important to have "back up coupons" with you in case one item you are planning on is sold out! It has happened to me before -- it just killed me to walk out of the door with 2 potential coupons not used/doubled!!


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