Meat is one of those items that rarely has a, what do you do?
Look for your grocery store selling cycle!

Most stores have a 6 to 8 week cycle.

What does this mean? This week ground beef is on sale for $1.69 a pound. It normally is $2.93 a pound. If you usually eat 1# a week, you need to invest in 8 pounds at that sale price. This will save you $9.92 on ground beef.

$10 is $10 in my world, LOL! Just think of saving $80+ over 8 weeks on meat!

The next week, whole chickens might be on sale for $.49 a pound when they are normally over $1.75 You can get a whole chicken for about $2.00, cook it off and harvest the meat. This should get you 2-3 pounds of meat which tastes a LOT better than the 8oz can of chicken for $3.00 **Just think of this:
by using the sale pricing on whole chicken and cooking it off, that means the same amount of canned chicken would cost you $18 - you save $16!! (per chicken this week!!)

We like chicken for tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, chicken chili, chicken ala king over biscuits and more so we need to buy at least 8 chickens when they are on sale.

8 chickens x $16 savings is $128 savings over the 8 weeks that we add to the $80 you saved on ground beef. See how this adds up? 2 weeks of buying meat on sale has saved you $208 so far and we haven't seen pork, turkey, ham or beef roasts go on sale yet!

If you are not keen on this -- just keep this rule in mind...meat for under $2 a pound is usually a great deal, unless it is chicken.

Happy shopping!


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