Clothing for the munchkin...

I have a little girl and yes, that means she is a fashion junkie! Little people grow so fast that what fit them LAST summer no longer fits THIS summer...everything from sandals to swimsuits needs to be replaced. Granted, stores have sales, but resale events and garage sales are SOOOOO much cheaper!

When your kid is only 3, they grow so fast that things don't really have time to wear used clothing is usually in pretty decent shape. You can SELL your outgrown items and then take that cash to invest in new things to wear.

This weekend is the Half Pint Resale event in Madison. It is like a children's consignment store that is only around 2x a year - and just for the weekend. I hang and tag a bunch of Sarah's outgrown toys and clothes to sell (this year, five bins full!) and refresh her wardrobe with larger sizes.

When you sell something, you are letting the organizers have 25-35% of the purchase price. Keep in mind two things: you can price things higher than you would for a garage sale AND they have a 50% off sale the last few hours of the event.

They all usually have different shopping "times". The first group is those that volunteer to help during the event, then comes the time for the the people that consign things (sell their stuff),then the general public for two days...that last day, has the 50% sale at the end of it. I usually volunteer so I can get in on the beginning of the sale - where you are getting first crack at everything!

Before you shop, you need to do an inventory. If you don't know what you have, you can't possibly know what you need! Check your wardrobe for shorts, T-shirts, dresses, jeans, jackets, raincoat/slicker, sweaters, socks/tights, sandals, dress shoes, etc. What do you need to fill in the holes? Make a list! If you are shopping for shoes, it's also a great idea to trace your child's foot on a piece of paper so you can quickly see if the potential new shoe at the sale would be too small (most sales don't let ya bring the kiddos in).

This time around I was looking for dresses, sandals, black dress shoes, a slicker, and a few T-shirts. I *DID* add a couple of shorts/Capri pants and toys to my final haul. I got 25 pieces of clothing, 2 pairs of shoes, 3 toys and all for under $100! The only thing my daughter needs through Christmas is undies!

When you volunteer, you also get a feel for what the other people price their things at AND if your stuff is selling or not. I already know that my kid's rocking chair, tricycle and most of the toys have sold...but I might be picking up that pack N play at the end of this weekend...

Enjoy a sampling of what I bought, I will update you with what I got back in my check for selling things - it usually comes about a week after the sale is over.
Some more dresses for church and the red one for the holidays!

A little Gymboree...

Some new swimsuits for the backyard pool this summer...

And a red, perfect condition, Lands End slicker that was only $5!!

Until next time...look around your home, can you turn some of your stash into cash?


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