$1,000 Lunch Bag

As back to school time draws nearer and nearer, it's time to talk about how you can save a lot of money, painlessly! This is my $1,000 lunch bag set.
Sound impossible? It’s true-it can save your family $1,000 or more!

Just think about it, if you work outside the home and you buy lunch out almost every day. If you only spend $6.00 a day on lunch and a soda, get two weeks of vacation a year, that is 50 weeks at $30 a week...for a grand total of $1,500 a year!

If you were to bring your lunch from home, use up some leftovers and your own juice, you could easily save $1,000 or more a year. If you are married, that is times TWO! We haven’t even added in breaks or afternoon chocolate pick-me-ups…However, if you brown bag it and use plastic wrap, foil, zippy bags and so on, four of those items pus the brown bag is only about $.1.15 a day that you throw away,...that adds up to about $359 per person, ,per year in the trash!

That is about $4,300 over 12 years of school - per kid! Just think, investing in a Tupperware lunch set for under $40, can net you a profit of over $4,250! It's guaranteed for life, eco friendly and pretty stylish!

Check out my website for more ideas --> www.BuyCoolTW.com. I will let you know a secret: pretty hip "camo" ones are coming soon for boys and girls!


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