Kill The Cable Bill

Cable rates have jumped and jumped over the years - we were actually surprised to see what basic cable actually runs right now!

Almost $600 a year to see bad reality shows, poorly written (and short lived) sit coms as well as channels designated to nothing but cooking shows all day long that promote the latest book or gadget. That almost seems like a crime, LOL!

We DO have an option. Digital TV for FREE. Get an attic antennae, set it up with your digi converter box and you now have 5-15 very viewable channels, 3 of them being full of really cool PBS shows for the kiddos.

If you find that you no longer get that "must see" show that you ALWAYS watch, then check out! They are adding more and more shows on there and you can watch for FREE! You don't need anything other than your computer - no dvd burner, no TiVo, no cable.

Figure that a good antennae will run about $40 and take that out of your $600. You have SAVED about $560 in just the first year!

You will also find yourself tuning in less - and doing other things, like game night with the family, playing outside, writing letters (not emails). Now THAT is a good thing!


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