Prescription Medicine...

We have a prescription plan with our medical insurance, but have a co-pay on every bottle of pills we get. It pays to look at options!

I have Acid Reflux (GERD) and have to take a cute little pill every day so the acid in my stomach doesn't damage my esophagus. The pill I take is called Omeprezole. With my insurance, it is $30 a month for 30 pills -- which saves me 4/5 the real price sticker.

I noticed at Walgreen's that they carry Omeprezole on the shelf and often have Register Reward deals on it! Staring Sunday, they have a 42 count package on sale for $19.99, with a $6 RR. This means that I can get the pills for less than half of what I pay. Instead of $1 a pill, I will get them for $.47 each.

YES, I will make a few trips to WAGS over the next week to stock up on my pills -- 3 of these deals will set me up with 4 months of pills and save me $60.78 - basically getting 2 months worth for FREE!

What will I do with that $18 in RR? Most of my personal care stash is still doing really well - so there isn't much of a need to roll them over to the following week unless I see something really cool come out - I might just use them at the grocery store... we will see!

Have you seen a way to get anything you take for less?


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