Sentry Coupon Match Ups (6/30-7/6) - Pork Week

You can now get State Fair tickets at your Sentry store for just $5 each.
Get them now and save a few $$ per person, if you are planning to go! (thru 6/30)

An updated local list of which stores double and which don't is coming soon!
Sentry Coupon Policy is here
*****The products that are on sale with the in-ad MANUFACTURER coupon as listed about can NOT be stacked with any other coupon.  Other than that, here are the deals:

They say it's the Summer Chicken Sale - but we have seen MUCH better deals on chicken lately!
Just this week Roundy's stores had split breasts for $.99/# -
and Sentry has boneless, skinless breasts for over $2/# (my magic price point).
Remember, Not everything in the ad is a good bargain, it's not all ON sale but is all FOR sale

Produce Deals

Ripe Seedless Whole Watermelon $3.99

Bi Color Sweet Corn 6/$1.98 ($.33 each)

California Strawberries $2.99 for a 2# pack (1.49/#0
Use the in ad coupon to get the sale price

Mini Carrots $.99/#

Sweet Vidalia Onions $.69/#

Meat Deals

They are putting at lot out for the 4th of July BBQ season -- hot dogs are more. Remember, not everything is a deal - some companies pay to be featured in the ads, whether there is a sale or not.  :)

Oscar Mayer Meat Wieners $1.00 - limit 2
Buy two and use the in ad coupon to get the sale price
Use the $1/2 from the
Final price: FREE after doubled coupon

Boneless Pork Tenderloin Tips $1.79/#

Pork Riblets $1.69/#

Farmland Jumbo deli style franks $1.25

Oscar Mayer Cotto Salami or Bologna $2

Dairy Deals

Dean's Dip $1.33
Use the $1/2 printable from here
Final price: $.33 WYB2, after doubled coupon

Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.50
Use the $.55/1 from the Kraft Food & Family
Final price: $.40 after doubled coupon

International Delight Creamers $1.49
Use the $.55/1 printable from here
Final price: $.39 after doubling

Dean's Sour Cream $1.49

Weight Watchers Yogurt $.60
Use the $1/6 from the May Weight Watchers Magazine
Final price: $.26 each WYB6 and Doubling

Minute Maid Ades or Punch $.99 each
Frozen Deals

Red Barron Pizza $3.33
Use the $1/1 Printable from here
Final price $1.33 after doubling

Old Orchard Lemonade concentrate $.75
Use the $1/4 printable from here (if included)
Final price: $.25 each WYB4 and double coupon

Grocery Deals

Lays BOGO offer
No coupons needed (or out there)
Final price: 2 bags for the price of one - $4?

Kruncher Chips $2.49
Use the $1/1 from the 6/26 SS
Final price $.49 after doubling

Milwaukee's Pickles $1.99
(no coupon but a great price)

Ritz Crackers $2.49
Use the $1/2 from the 5/15 SS
Final price: $1.49 WYB2, after doubling
***I don't like to pay over $1 for a box of crackers

Vlassic $1.99
Used the $.55/1 from
Final price: $.89 after doubling

C&H sugar $2.79 (4# bag)
Use the $.50/1 from the 6/26 RP
Final price: $1.79 after doubling

Creamette $.60
Use the $.55/1 from the 4/10 SS (if variety included)
Better than FREE

Jell-O gelatin or pudding $.75
Use the $.55/2 (tear pad)
Final price: $.20 WYB2 after doubling

Keebler Graham Cracker Pie Crust $1.49
Use the $.50/2 printable from here
Final price: $.99 WYB2 after doubling

(Why do I see a Banana Cream Pie in my future?)

General Mills Cheerios Cereals $2.50
Use the $1/1 from
Final price: $.50 after doubling

Scotties Facial Tissue $.99
Use the $1/5 from 6/19 RP
Final price: $.59 WYB2 after doubling

**There ARE four manufacturer coupons in the flier that you can use at other stores:
  1. Save $2 WYB 1 Honey Maid Grahams, 1 Kraft Jet Puffed marshmallows and 1 Hershey's Milk Chocolate 6 pack
  2. Save $5 on 1 8pc Deli Fried Chicken WYB1 Hormel Party Tray
  3. Save $3 WYB 2 Kingsford Charcoal
  4. Save $3 WYB 4 12 packs or 24oz 6 packs of Pepsi items
**Check the liquor department for wine tag coupons -- off of meat, watermelon, bottled water, etc. Make sure they are no other purchase necessary! The ad isn't clear and these are GREAT coupons to have!


  1. the $5 state fair tickets end today!!!! 6/30/2011


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